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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2013-2014 Season
Saturday, 22 January 2022
Intermediate Division 1 :  Fixtures & Results for September October
21 in list
Saturday, 07 September 2013
0 2 Balham v Project Clapham
Wimbledon Common Extension
 T. Rogers
 A: J.Mant  R.Mulley  T.Edney  R.Algar
0 4 Battersea v Old Rutlishians
Richardson Evans Playing Fields
 P. Brooks
 A: J.Boxall  D.Fraser  O.Hicks  K.Swain  A.Ricketts
0 0 Cheam Village Warriors v Old Plymouthians
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 D. Odujinrin
0 1 Crescent Rovers v Old Boys Clapham
 D. Merrick
 A: J.Kubik  J.Kubik
5 1 Trinity v Oxted & District
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
 D. England
H: G.Andrew(2)  C.Kebbell  B.Rivers(2)  A: J.McIlwraith  B.Rivers
0 3 Westminster Casuals v South East London
Richardson Evans Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
 M. Reilly
 A: G.Brown  C.Jackson  W.Walker  J.Clifford  G.Pannell
Saturday, 14 September 2013
5 1 Balham v Oxted & District
Wimbledon Common Extension
 A. Goodrich
H: D.David  E.Luchford(2)  J.Townsend  T.Wocial  A: J.McIlwraith  J.Fuller
3 3 Old Plymouthians v Crescent Rovers
Croygas Sports Ground
 K. Horn
H: C.Tendi  E.Wood(2)  A: J.Ottaway(3)  C.Tendi
5 5 Project Clapham v Battersea
Tolworth Court Sports Ground
Project Clapham +2 points

Battersea -1 point

Battersea played a suspended player, 1 point deducted, 2 points awarded to Project Clapham
 P. Chandler
H: C.Benham  G.Josling(3)  J.Lambert  A: Y.Lawal(4)  D.Zadeikis  Y.Lawal
1 3 South East London v Old Rutlishians
Wimbledon Common Extension (Pitch 8)
 D. Sanford
H: S.Fakoya  A: R.Moore(2)  K.Swain  R.Moore
0 1 Trinity v Cheam Village Warriors
Trinity Mid Whitgiftian Association
 D. England
 A: D.Fullerton  C.Kebbell  R.Griffin
Saturday, 21 September 2013
1 3 Cheam Village Warriors v Project Clapham
Goals Deckers Tolworth
 M. Coughlan
H: C.Hastings  A: R.Algar(2)  M.Malton  C.Hastings  D.Jones
3 3 Crescent Rovers v Old Rutlishians
 D. England
H: N.Heavens  J.Matthias(2)  A: J.Boxall  M.Jones  P.Taylor
2 3 Old Plymouthians v Old Boys Clapham
Croygas Sports Ground
 A. Flynn
H: P.Fernando  E.Wood  A: R.Price  A.Zagajewski(2)  M.Macdonald  A.Zagajewski
2 2 Westminster Casuals v Trinity
Richardson Evans Playing Fields (Pitch 4)
change of referee/ AGAIN
 M. Thomas
H: R.Hughes  J.Tovey  A: B.Rivers  A.Zandu  J.Clifford  D.Malcolm
Saturday, 28 September 2013
1 0 Old Plymouthians v Westminster Casuals
Croygas Sports Ground
 J. Godfrey
H: J.Baldwin  J.Stacey  T.Ralph
2 4 Old Rutlishians v Old Boys Clapham
Old Rutlishians Association
12:00 PM

2.30pm kick off
 C. Griffith
H: S.Berry  D.Riordan  A: M.Fairbrother  E.Labi(2)  K.Varley  S.Berry  M.Fairbrother
1 4 Oxted & District v Cheam Village Warriors
Master Park
late result
 K. Horn
H: J.McIlwraith  A: L.Barnard  J.Detheridge  T.Larkin  OG
4 2 Project Clapham v Crescent Rovers
Tolworth Court Sports Ground
 G. Bird
H: C.Benham  J.Evans  J.Forrester  R.Mulley  A: N.Heavens  J.Matthias
3 1 South East London v Battersea
Colliers Wood Utd F C (Pitch 2)
late result
 V. Ninkovic
H: C.Allotey  M.Dakin  C.Jackson  A: T.Taylor  C.Allotey
3 4 Trinity v Balham
Croydon Postal Sports Ground
 J. Wilkins
H: S.Davison  D.Jenkins  B.Rivers  A: D.David  C.Holland  E.Luchford  T.Wocial  D.Jenkins  S.Machirimba