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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2009-2010 Season
Thursday, 20 January 2022
Premier Division :  December Fixtures & Results for January February
26 in list
Saturday, 02 January 2010
0 3 Ascot United v Reading Town
Attendance 149

Ground passed morning inspection and is ON.
 B O'Toole  S Reading  E Saleh
 A: M.Buck  J.Clark  G.Lewis  D.Lyons  D.Williamson
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
1 2 Bicester Town v Shrivenham
Attendance 32
 R Partlett  M Evans  A Bayliss  P. Montague
H: N.Hallam  A: B.Fitzgerald  R.Saunders  N.Hallam  R.Sproule
1 1 Fairford Town v Flackwell Heath
Attendance 36
 D Leach  C. Clarke  S Jacques
H: J.Magani  A: R.Cannon  J.Magani  J.Jamil
2 0 Shortwood United v Reading Town
Attendance 80
 S Jack  M Carter  R Ashman  G. Howells
H: a.Axton  M.Collins  L.Bennyworth  G.Riccio
4 0 Wantage Town v Malmesbury Victoria
Attendance 38
 K Howick  J Barlow  K Fry  J. Chappell
H: T.Austin  R.Claydon(2)  E.Langford  T.Rowe  D.Beck
5 1 Witney United v Highworth Town
Attendance 92
 B Boyle  I Hamilton  P Daly
H: A.Odhiambo(2)  G.Wickens(3)  A: OG  G.Wickens  D.Stroud
Saturday, 23 January 2010
1 0 Abingdon Town v Bicester Town
Attendance 58
 I Douglas  M Carter  T Sharkey  T. Munt
H: OG  G.Walker  D.Thomas
3 0 Kidlington v Flackwell Heath
Attendance 128
 A Piggott  M Hawkes  A Bayliss  P. Scott
H: M.Baker  M.Flanagan  J.Quainton  J.Parker  C.Coull
2 1 Old Woodstock Town v Shrivenham
Attendance 36
 S. Lee  C Ludlow  J Wood  M. Asplen
H: L.Ball  L.Ingram  A: R.Sproule  L.Gabbidon  R.Saunders
1 2 Pegasus Juniors v Ardley United
Attendance 49
 B Whitty  P Cobby  A Davies  G. Howells
H: A.Mowen  A: S.Bridges  T.Bryan  S.Gwynne  T.Green
2 0 Reading Town v Fairford Town
Attendance 58
 R Hey  D Burns  D Foulks
H: I.Brooks  J.Clark  M.Buck  J.Morse
2 1 Wantage Town v Carterton
Attendance 41
 P Humphrey  D Colman  J Hunt  K. Clarke
H: T.Austin  M.Biddle  A: M.Duerden  G.Jones  J.Wood
Monday, 25 January 2010
0 1 Binfield v Flackwell Heath
Attendance 67
 J. Richardson  C Chard  Craig Boyles
 A: S.Maclellan  S.Nebbett  A.Paget
Tuesday, 26 January 2010
1 1 Abingdon Town v Ardley United
Attendance 33
 K Bailey  M Wild  S N Smith  P. Turner
H: G.Edney  A: W.Blossom  L.Williams  G.Tucker
1 1 Carterton v Pegasus Juniors
Attendance 20
 P Hitt  J O'Neil  P Smith
H: R.Pratley  A: A.Mowen  J.Domm  A.Robbins
3 1 Wantage Town v Ascot United
Attendance 31
 B Whitty  S Dolton  M Evans
H: T.Austin  R.Claydon  G.Swann  A: S.McIntyre  R.Durrant  J.Keough
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
1 2 Old Woodstock Town v Hook Norton
Attendance 30
 S Glyde  S. Piret  S Reading
H: R.Denton  A: T.Beckham  D.Buckwell  A.Doyle  D.Buckwell
Saturday, 30 January 2010
2 2 Ascot United v Oxford City Nomads
Attendance 49
 K Howick  R Cross  M Hall
H: J.Lamb  A.Lunn  A: M.Blenford  A.Morris  D.Lyons  A.Morris
2 2 Fairford Town v Marlow United
Attendance 42
 P O'Hare  D Colman  T Cleasby
H: N.Hodgkins(2)  A: J.Flint  O.Flint  N.Hodgkins  O.Flint
2 0 Flackwell Heath v Malmesbury Victoria
Attendance 41
 C Boyles  S Parbery  S P Smith  P. Greenhill
H: P.Shone  L.Thompson  J.Tripp  C.Oke
0 1 Highworth Town v Almondsbury Town
Attendance 83
 R Cox  I Whelan  P Cobby
 A: N.Dunn  A.Joyce  S.Kabba
2 1 Kidlington v Shrivenham
Attendance 95
 J Livingston  C. Christodoulou  L Scott  P. Scott
H: M.Baker  L.Holden  A: C.Flanagan  M.Baker  L.Alford
0 2 Old Woodstock Town v Reading Town
Attendance 42
 O Dolton  S Shannon  B Piggott
 A: M.Buck  M.Hughes  D.Smith  M.Hughes
1 6 Pegasus Juniors v Bicester Town
Attendance 39
 K Norris  P Robertson  P Smith
H: A.Robbins  A: D.Green  C.Johnson  K.McCoy(2)  M.Spaull  J.Umney  L.Ferneyhough  J.Simmonds
1 0 Shortwood United v Carterton
Attendance 60
 E Turner  C. Clarke  D Edmunds  G. Howells
H: C.Cole  M.Green  K.Lewis
1 1 Wantage Town v Witney United
Attendance 124
 C Kidd  C Chard  S Williams  M. Jenkins
H: E.Langford  A: B.Thompson  C.Copp  J.Mills