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United Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2009-2010 Season
Monday, 14 October 2019
Premier Division :  July Fixtures & Results for August September
37 in list
Saturday, 08 August 2009
2 0 Cogenhoe United v Holbeach United
Attendance 59

Match Report
H: B.Baines  J.Russell
0 2 Daventry United v St Neots Town
Attendance 70

Match Report
 A: L.Harrold  P.Okai  D.Black
2 3 Deeping Rangers v Stotfold
Attendance 97

Match Report
H: D.Jacob(2)  A: P.Garrett  L.Gutzmore  S.Lochhead
3 6 Desborough Town v Sleaford Town
Attendance 74

Match Report
H: I.Blaikie(2)  B.Greasley  A: S.Bolland(2)  M.Hunter(3)  G.Walters
4 3 Long Buckby v Blackstones
Attendance 48

Match Report
H: D.Chilton  G.Ling  D.Quigley(2)  A: K.Down  D.Fountain  R.Thompson
1 1 Newport Pagnell Town v Boston Town
Attendance 108

Match Report
H: D.Dykes  A: M.Stares
0 2 Northampton Spencer v Bourne Town
Attendance 70

Match Report
 A: K.Gray  N.Stainfield
1 3 Raunds Town v Rothwell Corinthians
Attendance 89

Match Report
H: C.Long  A: R.Drain  L.Thomson(2)
0 2 St Ives Town v Daventry Town
Attendance 230

Match Report
 A: D.Nelson  J.O'Grady
2 0 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Yaxley
Attendance 102

Match Report
H: J.Hazell  W.Richardson
Tuesday, 11 August 2009
4 0 Boston Town v Blackstones
Attendance 87

Match Report
H: M.Foster  L.Lovas  J.Palmer  J.Rowan
2 1 Cogenhoe United v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 79

Match Report
H: D.Holman  D.Thomason  A: D.Lynch
0 0 Desborough Town v Daventry Town
Attendance 67

Match Report
2 1 Rothwell Corinthians v Northampton Spencer
Attendance 78

Match Report
H: S.Johnson  L.Thomson  A: P.Cassidy
2 0 Sleaford Town v Deeping Rangers
Attendance 132

Match Report
H: M.Hunter(2)
0 1 St Ives Town v Holbeach United
Attendance 143

Match Report
 A: L.Nimmo
3 1 St Neots Town v Wellingborough Town 2004
Attendance 235

Match Report
H: L.Bassett  L.Harrold(2)  A: D.Grainger
0 3 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v Long Buckby
Attendance 36

Match Report
 A: C.Herbert  D.Quigley(2)
1 0 Stotfold v Raunds Town
Attendance 88

Match Report
H: L.Taylor
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
6 0 Daventry Town v Stewarts & Lloyds Corby
Attendance 83

Match Report
H: T.Berwick(2)  R.Byrne  R.Dunkley  M.Hutchcox  R.Wesley
5 0 Long Buckby v Daventry United
Attendance 115

Match Report
H: C.Herbert(2)  C.Kelly  L.Pilgrim  D.Quigley  A.Knight
2 1 Newport Pagnell Town v St Neots Town
Attendance 80

Match Report
H: D.Lynch  V.Shrieves  A: L.Harrold
1 0 Northampton Spencer v Desborough Town
Attendance 64

Match Report
H: P.Cassidy
0 2 Rothwell Corinthians v Yaxley
Attendance 48

Match Report
 A: J.Darlow  O.Odain
1 4 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Stotfold
Attendance 94

Match Report
H: W.Richardson  A: C.Donnelly  P.Garrett  S.Lochhead  M.Payne
Saturday, 22 August 2009
2 0 Blackstones v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 61

Match Report
H: D.Fountain  D.Glover
3 2 Boston Town v Cogenhoe United
Attendance 81

Match Report
H: G.Bull  J.Palmer  J.Rowan  A: J.Ainge  B.Baines
1 5 Bourne Town v Long Buckby
Attendance 50

Match Report
H: I.Dunn  A: R.Bunting  C.Herbert  G.Ling  L.Pilgrim  D.Quigley
4 0 Daventry Town v Deeping Rangers
Attendance 86

Match Report
H: T.Berwick(2)  R.Dunkley  R.Howell
0 1 Holbeach United v Daventry United
Attendance 96

Match Report
 A: A.Platt  I.Waldock
0 2 Rothwell Corinthians v St Ives Town
Attendance 55

Match Report
 A: W.Fordham  C.Washington
0 0 St Neots Town v Yaxley
Attendance 249

Match Report
0 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v Raunds Town
Attendance 20

Match Report
 A: K.Bates  OG
3 2 Stotfold v Desborough Town
Attendance 81

Match Report
H: R.Aldrin(2)  S.Lochhead  A: C.Di Fante  J.Mitchell
0 1 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Northampton Spencer
Attendance 103

Match Report
 A: A.Bradshaw
Saturday, 29 August 2009
1 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v Stotfold
Attendance 14

Match Report
H: C.Noble  A: C.Donnelly  P.Garrett
1 3 Yaxley v Daventry United
Attendance 54

Match Report
H: A.Thomas  A: L.Hynes  T.Liversedge(2)