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United Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2009-2010 Season
Thursday, 21 November 2019
Premier Division :  March Fixtures & Results for April May
67 in list
Thursday, 01 April 2010
2 1 Long Buckby v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 41

Match Report
H: D.Holman(2)  A: V.Shrieves
Saturday, 03 April 2010
2 1 Daventry United v St Ives Town
Attendance 46

Match Report
H: N.Bailie  L.Vince  A: J.Blackwell
3 1 Deeping Rangers v Holbeach United
Attendance 123

Match Report
H: S.Bettinson  A.Stevens  M.Stevenson  A: L.Nimmo
0 0 Desborough Town v Yaxley
Attendance 67

Match Report
2 2 Newport Pagnell Town v Daventry Town
Attendance 89

Match Report
H: R.Macdonald  V.Shrieves  A: J.Blake  T.James
2 1 Raunds Town v Blackstones
Attendance 56

Match Report
H: J.Kamau  D.West  A: M.Doyle
2 5 Rothwell Corinthians v Stotfold
Attendance 40

Match Report
H: C.Chinkhumba  A.Farrell  A: G.Brinkman  P.Garrett(2)  S.Lochhead  L.Taylor
0 1 Sleaford Town v Northampton Spencer
Attendance 120

Match Report
 A: K.Slinn
2 0 St Neots Town v Cogenhoe United
Attendance 292

Match Report
H: D.French  L.Harrold
0 2 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Stewarts & Lloyds Corby
Attendance 85

Match Report
 A: M.Byrne  D.Pownall
Monday, 05 April 2010
6 2 Daventry Town v Daventry United
Attendance 210

Match Report
 R. Moss  P. Evans  P. Wilson
H: J.Blake  R.Dunkley  R.Howell(3)  T.James  A: R.Crinigan  OG
2 0 Deeping Rangers v Blackstones
Attendance 161

Match Report
 P. Mcvey  N. Manolescu  N. Smith
H: D.Hussey  A.Stevens
1 2 Desborough Town v Rothwell Corinthians
Attendance 90

Match Report
 D. Jarrett  A. Denton  S. Wills
H: D.Wheeler  A: S.Johnson  N.Shterev
1 1 Holbeach United v Boston Town
Attendance 99

Match Report
 A. Wilson  T. Woolley  N. Perry
H: A.Beck  A: L.Lovas
0 0 Newport Pagnell Town v Long Buckby
Attendance 84

Match Report
 s. millar  D. Stones  B. Billson
1 0 Northampton Spencer v Cogenhoe United
Attendance 96

Match Report
 W. Bright  S. Tweedale  L. Kowalewski
H: K.Slinn
4 2 Sleaford Town v Bourne Town
Attendance 102

Match Report
 S. Beswick  C. Giles  C. Senance
H: T.Sergeant(2)  J.Shaw  G.Walters  A: R.Masters  L.Orrey
1 1 St Ives Town v St Neots Town
Attendance 401

Match Report
 M. Wardell  E. Fitzpatrick  S. Dempsey
H: D.Newman  A: L.Webb
2 1 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v Yaxley
Attendance 32

Match Report
 N. Smith  M. Allen  S. Watson
H: D.Sheridan(2)  A: O.Odain
2 0 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Raunds Town
Attendance 127

Match Report
 B. Doherty  T. Whenham  K. Seckington
H: S.Cross(2)
Wednesday, 07 April 2010
4 0 Cogenhoe United v Rothwell Corinthians
Attendance 41

Match Report
 M. Connolly  G. Parker  A. Row
H: D.Burke  A.Taylor(3)
1 0 Daventry Town v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 145

Match Report
 G. Kinnear  K. Worrall  V. Collins
H: T.Berwick
1 5 Desborough Town v Blackstones
Attendance 48

Match Report
 M. Wardell  S. Glendenning  C. Senance
H: D.Kitching  A: D.Bates  A.Boome  J.Stead  A.Vieira(2)
0 1 St Ives Town v Boston Town
Attendance 62

Match Report
 D. Pike  L. Parnham  G. Rabatin
 A: G.Bull
1 3 Yaxley v Stotfold
Attendance 37

Match Report
 N. Owen  N. Smith  A. Woollard
H: J.Darlow  A: G.Brinkman  S.Lochhead  L.Taylor
Saturday, 10 April 2010
0 0 Cogenhoe United v Desborough Town
Attendance 51

Match Report
 D. Pike  J. Wetherall  P. Stewart
3 0 Daventry Town v St Ives Town
Attendance 183

Match Report
 W. Bright  A. Mpofu  D. Hanna
H: A.Confue  R.Dunkley  R.Howell
1 5 Long Buckby v St Neots Town
Attendance 72

Match Report
 D. King  N. Goddard  A. Norton
H: C.Kelly  A: D.French  D.Jacob  A.Jones  L.Webb  S.Wyllie
2 1 Newport Pagnell Town v Blackstones
Attendance 57

Match Report
 I. Wilson  L. Kowalewski  G. Nowak
H: D.Dykes  T.Hill  A: A.Vieira
2 1 Northampton Spencer v Holbeach United
Attendance 51

Match Report
 E. Clark  F. Houghton  F. Fowler
H: A.Campbell  A.Sharpe  A: A.Beck
0 1 Rothwell Corinthians v Boston Town
Attendance 31

Match Report
 P. Dobbs  P. Evans  C. Keats
 A: G.Bell
0 0 Sleaford Town v Raunds Town
Attendance 86

Match Report
 P. Goodacre  r. Shortland  D. Wright
1 1 Stotfold v Bourne Town
Attendance 74

Match Report
 M. Wetherall  R. Stephen  J. Brown
H: S.Lochhead  A: L.Orrey
2 0 Wellingborough Town 2004 v Deeping Rangers
Attendance 102

Match Report
 M. Gospel  J. Jacobs  M. White
H: S.Cross  M.Redding
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
2 3 Blackstones v Desborough Town
Attendance 36

Match Report
 P. Mcvey  A. Bates  R. Camm
H: D.Glover  OG  A: D.Kitching(2)  J.Middleton
0 5 Bourne Town v Daventry Town
Attendance 65

Match Report
 J. Thorold  K. Fawcett  S. Edwards
 A: T.Berwick  A.Confue  R.Dunkley(2)  T.James
0 2 Rothwell Corinthians v Raunds Town
Attendance 82

Match Report
 J. Smith  K. Atkins  J. McGoldrick
 A: D.Townsend  A.Toyne
2 1 St Ives Town v Long Buckby
Attendance 90

Match Report
 M. Wardell  R. Stephen  G. Rabatin
H: O.Foster  D.Moyes  A: M.Hewitt
0 1 Stotfold v Boston Town
Attendance 72

Match Report
 S. Barry  J. Crook  A. Dhariwal
 A: G.Bell
Thursday, 15 April 2010
1 0 St Ives Town v Yaxley
Attendance 101

Match Report
 I. Wilson  N. Arthur  J. Brown
H: W.Fordham
Saturday, 17 April 2010
3 1 Blackstones v Rothwell Corinthians
Attendance 61

Match Report
 D. Avent  C. Giles  C. Hardy
H: A.Boome  A.Vieira(2)  A: E.Okoguale
2 3 Daventry Town v Sleaford Town
Attendance 317

Match Report
 D. Jarrett  G. Gurney  G. Roche
H: T.Berwick  R.Howell  A: T.Ajimoko  R.Oliver  S.Wilson
0 2 Daventry United v Boston Town
Attendance 25

Match Report
 G. Kinnear  E. Enyedi  M. Colburn
 A: J.Rowan(2)
2 1 Deeping Rangers v Desborough Town
Attendance 92

Match Report
 T. Sharrock  A. Griffiths  J. Amess
H: M.Griffiths(2)  A: D.Wheeler
0 2 Holbeach United v Cogenhoe United
Attendance 80

Match Report
 W. Bright  B. Stevens  M. Lake
 A: B.Baines  D.Frid
3 1 Northampton Spencer v Stotfold
Attendance 58

Match Report
 G. Viccars  S. Tweedale  S. Wills
H: A.Hancock(2)  C.Hayes  A: S.Lochhead
0 4 Raunds Town v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 73

Match Report
 M. Hopton  D. King  P. Desmond
 A: D.Dykes(2)  D.Lynch  V.Shrieves
6 2 St Ives Town v Bourne Town
Attendance 131

Match Report
 N. Owen  K. Yezek  K. Topping
H: J.Blackwell  O.Foster  D.Newman  D.Rogers(2)  C.Washington  A: A.Jackson  C.Parr
1 0 St Neots Town v Long Buckby
Attendance 251

Match Report
 P. McVey  J. Crook  I. Huckle
H: J.Mitchell
Wednesday, 21 April 2010
0 3 Deeping Rangers v Daventry Town
Attendance 149

Match Report
 M. Hopton  A. Bates  M. Bruntlett
 A: T.Berwick(2)  R.Howell
Thursday, 22 April 2010
1 2 Cogenhoe United v Wellingborough Town 2004
Attendance 77

Match Report
 G. Viccars  L. Kowalewski  P. Stradling
H: J.Russell  A: T.Liversedge(2)
2 0 Long Buckby v St Ives Town
Attendance 38

Match Report
 J. Smith  M. Lake  S. Glendenning
H: B.Foster  D.Holman
Saturday, 24 April 2010
1 0 Blackstones v Wellingborough Town 2004
Attendance 71

Match Report
 W. Chalmers  M. White  M. Ward
H: E.Holmes
3 0 Boston Town v St Ives Town
Attendance 54

Match Report
 M. Connolly  m. Watson  D. Hanna
H: G.Bull  L.Ogden  M.Price
1 3 Daventry United v Newport Pagnell Town
Attendance 40

Match Report
 D. Avent  T. Martin  J. Crook
H: L.Vince  A: R.Armstrong  D.Dykes  D.Lynch
1 3 Holbeach United v Daventry Town
Attendance 72

Match Report
 P. Dobbs  N. Thorold  A. Johnson
H: J.Allen  A: T.Berwick  R.Howell  N.Stacey
2 2 Northampton Spencer v Deeping Rangers
Attendance 52

Match Report
 S. Chenney  J. Wetherall  A. Bullimore
H: L.Haycock  A.Sharpe  A: A.Stevens  M.Stevenson
0 3 Rothwell Corinthians v Bourne Town
Attendance 30

Match Report
 S. Barry  P. Stradling  P. Desmond
 A: L.Orrey  C.Parr  N.Stainfield
2 2 Sleaford Town v Long Buckby
Attendance 108

Match Report
 N. Owen  C. Senance  P. Hayes
H: R.Oliver  G.Walters  A: B.Foster  G.Ling
1 2 Yaxley v St Neots Town
Attendance 69

Match Report
 D. Pike  A. Denton  D. Stones
H: R.Hailstone  A: D.French  J.Gent
Tuesday, 27 April 2010
0 4 Blackstones v Daventry Town
Attendance 102

Match Report
 P. Goodacre  V. Price  m. Watson
 A: T.Berwick(2)  A.Gregory  OG
5 0 Newport Pagnell Town v Desborough Town
Attendance 57

Match Report
 D. Kight  J. Horsley  K. Atkins
H: D.Lynch(3)  V.Shrieves  R.Tapp
1 1 St Ives Town v Rothwell Corinthians
Attendance 82

Match Report
 P. McVey  A. Woollard  P. Osborne
H: M.Bannister  A: T.Farden
4 2 Stewarts & Lloyds Corby v Boston Town
Attendance 20

Match Report
 W. Chalmers  J. Wetherall  B. Stevens
H: M.Byrne(2)  D.Sheridan  J.Thompson  A: O.Pinner  J.Rowan
4 0 Stotfold v Daventry United
Attendance 56

Match Report
 W. Bright  . TBA  P. Kelly
H: G.Brinkman  S.Brown  P.Garrett  S.Lochhead
3 2 Yaxley v Long Buckby
Attendance 47

Match Report
 H. Fulcher  N. Manolescu  R. Camm
H: J.Darlow  L.Leckie  O.Odain  A: F.Koriya  G.Ling
Thursday, 29 April 2010
0 1 St Ives Town v Stewarts & Lloyds Corby
Attendance 59

Match Report
 M. Wetherall  A. Dhariwal  A. Mpofu
 A: M.Byrne