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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Thursday, 19 September 2019
Division One (West) :  Fixtures & Results for August September
37 in list
Tuesday, 07 August 2012
1 0 Fairford Town v Old Woodstock Town
Cinder Lane
Attendance 37

Fairford Town -3 points
 A Baldwin  A Davies  I Blount
H: S.Hall  H.TRAAS  D.Green
0 2 Malmesbury Victoria v Wootton Bassett Town
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 100
 M Niemirski  T Cleasby  M Carter
 A: S.Terry  S.Yeardley  A.Packer  M.Barnes
Saturday, 11 August 2012
6 1 Brimscombe & Thrupp v Hook Norton
The Meadow
 D McMillan  N Waite  G Varley  B. King
H: M.beckingham  M.Green  L.PRITCHARD(3)  B.Snook  A: D.Watkin  L.PRITCHARD  J.Murrell
2 2 Carterton v Tytherington Rocks
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 41
 O Denne  J Wood  A Davies  M. Jenkins
H: OG  L.WATKINS  A: J.WHITE(2)  J.MacDonagh  A.Perry
3 3 Cricklade Town v North Leigh Reserves
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 72
 J Graham  R Sayers  P Middlecote  P. Turner
H: D.HUGHES  R.Thomas(2)  A: J.Fullerton(2)  T.WEEDON  D.HUGHES  T.WEEDON
4 0 Letcombe v New College Swindon
Letcombe Sports Ground
Attendance 52
 P Day  G Stonham  G Markey
H: A.Bruce(3)  A.Pendell  A.Bruce  R.STANNERS
4 2 Lydney Town v Lambourn Sports
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 73
 R Beveridge  P Daly  S. Cook
H: D.Clarke  J.Liddington  P.MACKLIN  A.Price  A: R.Benham(2)  P.MACKLIN  A.Drake
3 2 Purton v Malmesbury Victoria
The Red House
Attendance 115
 J Ainscow  P Smith  T Sharkey  D. Commander (A)
H: R.Crocker(2)  J.Miller  A: A.Packer(2)  J.Cowley  A.Packer
Tuesday, 14 August 2012
0 3 Clanfield v Old Woodstock Town
Radcot Road
Attendance 37
 O Denne  R Partlett  IO Christodoulou
 A: D.Bone  D.Green  D.Monk  J.Simmonds  D.Bone
2 3 Cricklade Town v Hook Norton
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 55
 N Fisher  T Cleasby  J Smith
H: J.Allan  A.Povey  A: M.DENNIS  C.Tillcock  J.Wyatt  A.O' Bree  C.Tillcock
0 2 Malmesbury Victoria v Fairford Town
Flying Monk Ground
Attendance 37
 R Smith  K Barnett  P Daly
 A: N.Gambling  S.Pocock  C.MILLS  A.Taylor
2 3 New College Swindon v Lydney Town
Swindon Supermarine FC
7:45 PM

Attendance 37
 A Armstrong  M Evans  B Harris  C. Rogers
3 1 North Leigh Reserves v Purton
Eynsham Hall Park
Attendance 25
 S Piret  A. Dewar  J Edmunds  P. Faulkner
H: J.Cormack  J.Fullerton(2)  A: S.AVENELL  R.Keylock  R.Child
2 2 Wootton Bassett Town v Lambourn Sports
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 58
 Craig Boyles  P Middlecote  S. Cook
H: M.Barnes(2)  A: R.Benham  A.Drake  M.Barnes  M.Pedder
Wednesday, 15 August 2012
1 5 Letcombe v Carterton
Letcombe Sports Ground
Attendance 44
 G Kornasiewicz  S Anderson  S Jacques
H: L.Gifford  A: L.Brownhill  M.DEURDEN  C.Mills  OG  G.Seacole  L.Gifford  L.Brownhill
0 6 Tytherington Rocks v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Hardwicke Playing Field
6:30 PM

Attendance 67
 D Jacecko  M Carter  P Cobby
 A: M.Green  b.jones(2)  L.PRITCHARD  B.Snook  d.woodfield  T.COLBOURNE  d.woodfield
Saturday, 18 August 2012
7 1 Brimscombe & Thrupp v North Leigh Reserves
The Meadow
Attendance 45
 P Day  S Arkwell  T Cleasby
H: M.beckingham  C.Cole  M.Green  L.PRITCHARD(2)  A.Snook  B.Snook  A: A.Saunders  B.PRICTOR  K.LEWIS
3 2 Carterton v Lambourn Sports
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 44
 V Torre  L Schirmacher  R Cross  B. King
H: L.Brownhill  M.DEURDEN  M.NORRIDGE  A: R.Benham  R.Guy  M.Hedges  J.Brizell
4 1 Clanfield v New College Swindon
Radcot Road
 J. Okole  S Anderson  M Huckin  J. Chappell
H: S.McKeon(2)  M.Odom(2)  A: G.WRONA  O.Oswin  N.BLACKFORD
3 4 Fairford Town v Wootton Bassett Town
Cinder Lane
Attendance 62
 R Beveridge  P Booth  A. Dewar
H: D.Bailey  N.Gambling  OG  A: M.Barnes  M.Bown  J.ELLIS  OG  D.Bailey  S.Terry
3 1 Lydney Town v Letcombe
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 77
 D McEllin  P Cobby  M Cardwell
H: D.Clarke  P.MACKLIN  J.MORGAN  A: A.Pendell  P.MACKLIN  A.Pendell
2 2 Old Woodstock Town v Purton
New Road
Attendance 32
 J Bird  J Wood  R Solomon
H: D.Bone  D.Green  A: S.AVENELL  D.Gee  B.Willoughby  A.Gooch
2 2 Tytherington Rocks v Hook Norton
Hardwicke Playing Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 77
 J Graham  I Blount  B Lovegrove
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
2 1 Fairford Town v Brimscombe & Thrupp
Cinder Lane
Attendance 41
 O Denne  R Partlett  P Cobby  P. Faulkner
H: D.Bailey  N.Gambling  A: L.PRITCHARD  B.Mitchell  L.PRITCHARD
4 1 Wootton Bassett Town v Clanfield
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 46
 N Fisher  D Warren  T Sharkey
H: M.Barnes(2)  L.Edmondson  S.Yeardley  A: S.Olphert  S.Terry  C.Blakely
Saturday, 25 August 2012
1 0 Brimscombe & Thrupp v New College Swindon
The Meadow
Attendance 75
 J Livingston  T Cleasby  J Wood
3 1 Carterton v Clanfield
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 25
 I Vallance  R Partlett  K Fry  M. Jenkins
H: M.DEURDEN  C.Mills  K.Redford  A: C.Blakely  M.DEURDEN  S.CALLEY
1 0 Cricklade Town v Lambourn Sports
Cricklade Leisure Centre
Attendance 56
 D Jacecko  C Howse  P Smith
H: R.Thomas  B.Carter  D.Gregorace
2 2 Letcombe v Hook Norton
Letcombe Sports Ground
Attendance 40
 J Bird  R Sayers  T Walton  J. Chappell
2 5 Lydney Town v Purton
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 60
 N Fisher  S Jacques  P Laggett  D. Commander (A)
H: N.Halford  A.Price  A: T.Cadden  J.Coole  D.Gee  A.Gooch  A.Paprocki  D.Clarke  J.Cowley
2 0 Old Woodstock Town v Fairford Town
New Road
Attendance 53
 J Graham  B Piggott  M Walker
H: D.Green  M.Nicholls  J.Quainton  C.McGHEE PARSONS
4 0 Tytherington Rocks v North Leigh Reserves
Hardwicke Playing Field
3:00 PM

Attendance 42
 J Ainscow  A Davies  I Blount
H: J.Bishop(2)  J.WHITE(2)  T.COLBOURNE  W.Smalldon
Monday, 27 August 2012
2 1 Clanfield v Fairford Town
Radcot Road
Attendance 35
 I Gelov  D Warren  D Woodcock  M. Jenkins
H: S.McKeon  B.Williams  A: N.Gambling  J.Simmonds  D.Bailey
2 0 Old Woodstock Town v Carterton
New Road
Attendance 38
 C Williams  B Timms  P Redmond  P. Scott
H: J.Lambert  J.Quainton  A.Robinson  B.Fitzmartin
2 3 Purton v Cricklade Town
The Red House
Attendance 92
 B Williamson  J Wood  P Laggett
H: S.AVENELL(2)  A: J.Allan(2)  D.HUGHES  J.Coole  A.Smith
Tuesday, 28 August 2012
2 1 Wootton Bassett Town v Tytherington Rocks
Gerard Buxton Sports Ground
Attendance 61
 A Armstrong  A Davies  B Lovegrove
H: M.Barnes(2)  A: J.WHITE  M.BENNETT  J.Wood
Wednesday, 29 August 2012
3 2 New College Swindon v Malmesbury Victoria
Swindon Supermarine FC
Attendance 61
 C Christodoulou  M Cardwell  B Harris