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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Wednesday, 08 July 2020
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
43 in list
Saturday, 01 September 2012
3 2 Binfield v Flackwell Heath
Stubbs Lane
Attendance 101
 E Turner  G Manyange  F Devine
H: J.Johnson  J.MILLAR(2)  A: L.Cordice  S.MACLELLAN  J.MILLAR  Z.GILL
3 4 Highmoor Ibis v Wantage Town
Palmer Park Stadium
Attendance 47
 M Wheeler  R Hey  C Chard  J. Chappell
H: L.FERDINAND(2)  A.Theophanides  A: R.Claydon(2)  A.Joyce  T.Rowe  M.Parker  R.Claydon
1 3 Kidlington v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Yarnton Road
Attendance 88
 C Williams  J Wassall  G Coster
H: S.Fincher  A: C.EAGLE  L.Lee  C.Wateridge  M.Dixon  J.Rushby
5 3 Oxford City Nomads v Holyport
Court Place Farm Stadium
Attendance 37
 M Niemirski  H Moore  B Timms
H: C.Forbes  D.Harris  A.Lovegrove  M.MARTIN  A.Styles  A: M.Rolfe  G.Roque  J.West  A.Styles  A.KIRBY
0 1 Reading Town v Ardley United
Scours Lane
Attendance 35
 B Williamson  A. Hill  R Solomon  S. Smith (A)
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
0 1 Abingdon Town v Binfield
Culham Road
Attendance 21
 C Kidd  A Burns  M Evans  K. Fry (A)
 A: C.Davies  R.Hamling  D.Wing
3 2 Flackwell Heath v Oxford City Nomads
Wilks Park
Attendance 39
 B Doudican  G Manyange  S Reading
H: J.BROWN  J.CASE  L.Cordice  A: A.Lovegrove  J.Mundy  M.Glynn  C.Forbes
1 1 Holyport v Ardley United
Summerleaze Village
Attendance 44
 S Hawkes  J Sumner  S Nile  S. Smith (A)
H: M.Rolfe  A: A.Richmond  D.Rapley  D.Beckett
4 2 Marlow v Newbury
Alfred Davis Ground
Attendance 101
 P O'Hare  M. Cofie  I Bath  R. Ansell
H: B.GLADWIN  M.MEALING(2)  J.Piercy  A: R.Spence(2)  B.GLADWIN  R.Spence
3 0 Wantage Town v Kidlington
Alfredian Park
Attendance 52
 P Humphrey  G Bielby  T Sharkey  D. Hutchinson
H: P.Alder  R.Claydon  M.Threlfall  G.Jones  D.Leggett
4 1 Wokingham & Emmbrook v Reading Town
Larges Lane
 C Christodoulou  S Anderson  C Chard  P. Hitt
H: M.Jones(2)  L.Lee  E.Rushforth  A: C.Joseph  M.Jones  R.WHITTINGHAM
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
1 2 Shrivenham v Cheltenham Saracens
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 62
 D McMillan  P Cobby  T Cleasby  D. Appleby
H: N.Fowler  A: E.KENNEDY  E.MOORE  J.Goodenough  E.KENNEDY
Saturday, 08 September 2012
3 2 Ardley United v Shrivenham
The Playing Fields Ardley
Attendance 46
 S Maynard  L Scott  R Alexander
H: S.Bridges  S.Howkins  A.Richmond  A: B.GILL  S.Scanlon  S.Bridges  S.Scanlon
2 0 Flackwell Heath v Abingdon Town
Wilks Park
Attendance 32
 Craig Boyles  B Proffitt  R Cross
H: J.CASE  L.Cordice  J.Pritchard  R.Hamling
1 3 Highmoor Ibis v Thame United
Palmer Park Stadium
Attendance 26
 A Hickman  A Burns  W Ottaway
H: D.ROMEO  A: S.Barr  E.Hercules  M.Meredith  S.Small-King  S.Barr
1 8 Kidlington v Binfield
Yarnton Road
Attendance 83
 K Howick  S Reading  E Turner
H: B.Omand  A: C.Davies  J.Havermans  J.Johnson  J.MILLAR(3)  G.Sargeant(2)  S.Fincher  R.Millward
1 1 Newbury v Oxford City Nomads
Faraday Road
Attendance 70
 D Jacecko  I Vallance  R Partlett
H: B.Elmore  A: M.MARTIN  A.Bayliss  H.Beer
2 4 Reading Town v Cheltenham Saracens
Scours Lane
Attendance 37
 J Vallance  A. Hill  D Foulks
H: S.KELLEHER  A.Valchev  A: E.KENNEDY(2)  E.MOORE  L.Sheehan  N.Silver  E.KENNEDY
1 1 Slimbridge v Wokingham & Emmbrook
Wisloe Road
Attendance 42
 N Templey  K Barnett  A Baker
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
4 1 Marlow v Highmoor Ibis
Alfred Davis Ground
Attendance 90
 D Simpson  J Sumner  C Boyles  D. Commander (A)
H: I.Davies(2)  B.GLADWIN  J.Piercy  A: J.FORDE SMALL  I.Davies  D.ROMEO
Saturday, 15 September 2012
2 1 Binfield v Reading Town
Stubbs Lane
Attendance 91
 K Tribe  R Ashman  J. Okole  D. Griffiths
H: J.Johnson  C.Whitty  A: K.Findlay  J.Johnson  N.Silver
8 1 Marlow v Abingdon Town
Alfred Davis Ground
Attendance 93
 D Simpson  S Anderson  D. Cox  P. Scott
H: I.Davies(2)  D.Lingwood  S.Mayberry  M.MEALING(3)  R.WITT  A: T.Larman  M.MEALING  W.McCabe
5 2 Oxford City Nomads v Ardley United
Court Place Farm Stadium
Attendance 69
 A Hunt  G Stonham  J Wood  K. Clarke
H: C.Forbes  A.Lovegrove(2)  M.MARTIN  OG  A: T.Bryan(2)  A.Lovegrove  J.White
2 1 Slimbridge v Flackwell Heath
Wisloe Road
Attendance 38
 D Jacecko  T Cleasby  N Waite
H: C.Fower  D.HOLLOWAY  A: A.Harman  L.HARDING  L.Cordice
Tuesday, 18 September 2012
5 1 Kidlington v Highworth Town
Yarnton Road
Attendance 37
 S Parbery  I Bath  K Fry  T. Munt
H: R.Curtin(3)  J.Deabill(2)  A: C.Flanagan
1 0 Newbury v Binfield
Faraday Road
Attendance 77
 G Key  R Partlett  D Commander  A. Taylor
H: B.McCready
2 2 Reading Town v Thame United
Scours Lane
Attendance 48
 I Lowe  P Booth  P Daly  P. Hitt
H: G.Lewis  T.Richardson  A: A.Rhodes  A.Stewart
1 2 Wantage Town v Holyport
Alfredian Park
Attendance 34
 L Davis  G Bielby  M. Cofie  D. Hutchinson
H: B.Chalmers  A: D.Rapley  J.West
1 1 Wokingham & Emmbrook v Ascot United
Larges Lane
Attendance 68
 P Andrews  J Barnett  S Anderson  D. Appleby
H: M.Jones  A: J.Smillie
Saturday, 22 September 2012
0 9 Abingdon Town v Highmoor Ibis
Culham Road
Attendance 21
 E Moore  J Wassall  R Hey
 A: L.FERDINAND(3)  C.Gallimore  I.GRIFFIN(2)  J.HENDERSON  M.Parker(2)  T.Larman  A.Theophanides
6 1 Ardley United v Wantage Town
The Playing Fields Ardley
Attendance 52
 K Tribe  D Warren  P Redmond
H: J.COSTELLO  J.EYRE  S.Howkins(4)  A: T.Rowe  S.Bridges  T.Rowe
3 1 Cheltenham Saracens v Ascot United
Petersfield Park
Attendance 36
 S Tobin  N Waite  R Sayers  P. Scott
H: E.MOORE(3)  A: B.Knight  B.Knight
0 1 Holyport v Newbury
Summerleaze Village
Attendance 45
 A Hunt  D Edwards  S Kamaldian
 A: K.Madden  J.Harding  K.Madden
3 1 Reading Town v Oxford City Nomads
Scours Lane
Attendance 58
 N Morrison  F Devine  C Howse
H: C.Joseph  G.Lewis(2)  A: A.Lovegrove  N.Silver  A.Lovegrove
1 4 Shrivenham v Marlow
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 62
 R Smith  P Smith  L Assistant
H: B.GILL  A: M.MEALING  M.Richardson(2)  G.Smith  J.FOWLER  M.Richardson
1 0 Slimbridge v Kidlington
Wisloe Road
Attendance 40
 M Niemirski  G Varley  P Middlecote
H: M.Roberts  S.Williams  M.Dixon
0 1 Thame United v Binfield
ASM Stadium - Meadow View Park
Attendance 81
 P Staynings  Local Referee  S Jacques  R. Ansell
 A: J.MILLAR  E.Hercules  D.Wing
0 0 Wokingham & Emmbrook v Highworth Town
Larges Lane
Attendance 55
 N MacKenzie  L Garrard  B Timms  P. Montague (A)
 S.Wanklyn  C.Flanagan
Saturday, 29 September 2012
1 2 Ardley United v Newbury
The Playing Fields Ardley
Attendance 41
 N Morrison  L Wiles  H Moore  P. Scott
H: S.Howkins  A: H.Goodger(2)  S.Howkins  B.McCready
2 3 Binfield v Oxford City Nomads
Stubbs Lane
Attendance 69
 J Vallance  J Sumner  S Webb  D. Griffiths
H: C.Davies(2)  A: R.Barney  L.JOYCE  A.Lovegrove  P.Shone  L.Gabbidon
0 5 Highmoor Ibis v Cheltenham Saracens
Palmer Park Stadium
Attendance 20
 M Sennett  A Emery  W Mufiri
0 3 Highworth Town v Reading Town
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 66
 D Sallis  B Timms  P Booth  M. Jenkins
 A: G.Lewis  T.Richardson(2)  B.CLARKE  N.Silver
2 0 Marlow v Slimbridge
Alfred Davis Ground
Attendance 108
 S Lee  R Solomon  D Edwards  T. Munt