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Thurlow Nunn League
Member of the National League System
2012-2013 Season
Tuesday, 18 January 2022
First Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
36 in list
Saturday, 01 September 2012
1 0 Saffron Walden Town v Brightlingsea Regent
Attendance 198
 G Laflin  D Cowell  T R Trevers
H: B.Green
3 1 Swaffham Town v Braintree Town Res
Attendance 53
 O. Davies  C Greenway  V J Petri
H: R.Harper  J.Jackson  A.Vincent  A: A.Hughes  M.Parkinson
2 3 Team Bury v Cambridge University Press
Attendance 52
 G Byrne  M D Burroughs  P. Case
H: C.Finch  R.Taylor  A: L.Clift  G.Molloy  L.Whitehead
3 0 Whitton United v Downham Town
Attendance 63
 T. Carter  P Frank  I. Moore
H: A.Clarke  C.Williams(2)  T.Bradlaugh
Tuesday, 04 September 2012
0 1 Great Yarmouth Town v Team Bury
Attendance 50
 S Kilbourn  J P Gibbons  J White
 A: S.Peters
Saturday, 08 September 2012
1 3 Braintree Town Res v March Town United
Attendance 51
 D. Welham  R. Baker  J. Withams
H: A.Hughes  A: S.Anderson  L.Thompson(2)
2 1 Brightlingsea Regent v Swaffham Town
Attendance 35
 A J Pope  G Hetherington  S Yule
H: J.Holman  A.Sauka  A: J.Jackson  J.Holman  J.Redhead
0 2 Debenham LC v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 66
 T Hancock  P. R. Allen  D Seccombe
 A: J.Abbott  S.Leys
1 1 Fakenham Town v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 46
 R Palmer  P.A. Bannister  P O'Connor
H: L.Somerton  A: C.Jennings  B.Boyce
3 4 Great Yarmouth Town v Cambridge University Press
Attendance 60
 O Morris-Sanders  J Fisher-Stevenson  N A Woodward
H: C.Jones  C.McAra  I.Mills  A: L.Clift(3)  L.Whitehead
4 1 Newmarket Town v Team Bury
Attendance 64
 W Hardie  G Crofts  J Crofts
H: S.Bugg(3)  A.Rutter  A: L.Wales
2 3 Whitton United v Halstead Town
Attendance 92
 S Essex  J. Buda  S Lewis
H: K.Nita  C.Williams  A: R.Crush  R.Farley-Hearn  D.Sakal  C.Williams
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
0 4 Downham Town v Fakenham Town
Attendance 95
 W Hardie  P. R. Allen  P O'Connor
 A: B.Boyce  L.Somerton  J.Tricks(2)  S.Garner
1 2 Team Bury v Debenham LC
Attendance 68
 G Yellop  J White  N A Woodward
H: J.Yaxley  A: B.Bowler  J.Seccombe
Saturday, 15 September 2012
2 1 Braintree Town Res v Debenham LC
Attendance 66
 S. Gillman  W L Townsend  J. Withams
H: A.Hampson  A.Hughes  A: B.Green  L.Clark
1 2 Cornard United v March Town United
Attendance 25
 J A Pope  D.J. Bigg  I Gammage
H: G.Newcombe  A: D.Emmington  S.Welcher  G.Morrison  D.Emmington
2 1 Great Yarmouth Town v Stowmarket Town
Attendance 57
 T Joyce  W Case  R Martin
H: D.Scriven(2)  A: A.Webster
Tuesday, 18 September 2012
3 0 Fakenham Town v March Town United
Attendance 38
 G Laflin  M D Burroughs  I.K. Copping
H: S.Garner  K.Plumb(2)  K.Plumb  S.Welcher
Saturday, 22 September 2012
8 2 Cambridge University Press v Team Bury
Attendance 42
 S. Gillman  D.J. Bigg  I George
H: A.Blandford(2)  L.Clift(2)  G.Molloy  R.Paterson  J.Watson(2)  A: A.Gathercole  R.Taylor
1 4 Debenham LC v Downham Town
Attendance 48
 M. Coxall  P. Case  G R Grimwood
H: J.Heathcote  A: M.Calvert  M.Castellan  J.Goult  S.Hanslip
7 0 Halstead Town v Cornard United
Attendance 79
 G Byrne  D Packer  K Succamore
H: R.Farley-Hearn(3)  N.Farthing  J.Palmer  D.Sakal  C.Storie  R.Farley-Hearn  E.Butcher
0 4 Ipswich Wanderers v Brightlingsea Regent
Attendance 45
 D. Cook  J Haynes  P Molloy
 A: J.Gould  P.Kelly  A.Sauka  L.Whittaker  A.Sauka
2 1 Long Melford v Swaffham Town
Attendance 46
 G Laflin  M D Burroughs  I.K. Copping
H: L.Simpson  A.Skeggs  A: J.Jackson  J.Redhead
1 2 March Town United v Great Yarmouth Town
Attendance 75
 T. Carter  J Fox  D Iles
H: L.Thompson  A: J.Bryanton  T.Markham
4 4 Newmarket Town v Fakenham Town
Attendance 250
 O. Davies  I D Friend  K Grimwood
H: S.Bugg  L.Butcher(2)  A.Turner  A: B.Boyce(3)  J.Tricks  B.Boyce
1 7 Stowmarket Town v Whitton United
Attendance 47
 G Moir  I. Moore  D. Newton
H: C.Gray  A: T.Bradlaugh(3)  N.Nogueira  C.Williams(3)  C.Williams
Tuesday, 25 September 2012
1 2 Saffron Walden Town v Newmarket Town
Attendance 219
 G Daish  M.J. Foster  I George
H: C.Reid  A: P.Betson  M.Bonner
Saturday, 29 September 2012
3 0 Braintree Town Res v Long Melford
Attendance 54
 O. Davies  G Hart  Bob Salmon
H: J.Coxall  A.Hampson  OG  J.Turner
1 2 Brightlingsea Regent v March Town United
Attendance 34
 G Moir  J Fisher-Stevenson  J McManus
H: L.Whittaker  A: S.Anderson  R.Masters  R.Salter  J.Saunders
0 4 Cornard United v Ipswich Wanderers
Attendance 27
 S Essex  D.J. Bigg  A. Copsey
 A: B.Golding(2)  M.Howells  L.Smith  W.Pannell
2 1 Debenham LC v Halstead Town
Attendance 66
 C Horsman  D Cowell  S Tovey
H: E.Cussons  J.Heathcote  A: L.Hurkett
1 1 Downham Town v Saffron Walden Town
Attendance 34
 R Palmer  P.A. Bannister  G Crofts
H: M.Dye  A: J.Crane
2 0 Fakenham Town v Stowmarket Town
3:00 PM

Attendance 32
 T Hancock  P. R. Allen  M.J. Foster
H: B.Boyce(2)
2 3 Great Yarmouth Town v Newmarket Town
Attendance 55
 A Gray  D. Fairhurst  N A Woodward
H: T.Markham  J.Watts  A: M.Bonner  L.Butcher  A.Sannah
0 3 Swaffham Town v Cambridge University Press
Attendance 45
 M. Coxall  J Fox  P Kent
 A: G.Molloy(2)  L.Upcott  M.Parkinson
4 1 Whitton United v Team Bury
Attendance 79
 T Joyce  M Drewry  J P Gibbons
H: M.Moore  N.Nogueira(2)  C.Williams  A: L.Wales  N.Nogueira