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Gray Hooper Holt LLP Mid Sussex Football League
Member of the National League System
2019-2020 Season
Monday, 01 March 2021
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
18 in list
Friday, 06 September 2019
2 1 AFC Ringmer v Westfield
Caburn Field
7:45 PM
 B. Pettit  G. x May  I. x Curry
H: A.Burton  S.Strutt  A: G.Cuddington
Saturday, 07 September 2019
2 4 AFC Uckfield Town II v Charlwood
Victoria Pleasure Ground
2:00 PM
 A. Cork  J. x Vale  . x Club Assistant 2
H: A.Singh  M.Vale  A: J.Liddell  S.Payne(2)  M.Smith  M.Smith
5 1 Cuckfield Rangers v Hollington United
Whitemans Green (Pitch 2)
1:30 PM
 M. Parsons  M. x Breading  D. x Tomlin
H: G.Corke(2)  J.Hyland  L.Trotter(2)  A: A.McMinigal  L.Trotter  L.Greig
6 4 Forest Row v Eastbourne Rangers
Oakwood Park
2:00 PM
 R. Cherryman  . x Club Assistant 1  A. x Plumb
H: M.Burroughs(3)  G.Holah  A.Holden  T.Underwood  A: B.Jesson  E.Poole  L.Regan  R.Roberts  M.Burroughs
3 2 Rotherfield v Sporting Lindfield
Rotherfield Recreation Ground
1:30 PM
 R. Wells  E. x Smith  M. x Cox
H: P.Barnes(2)  R.Clibbens  A: D.Mothee  A.Pollard  P.Teague
4 3 Willingdon Athletic v Balcombe
Huggetts Lane
2:00 PM

Willingdon Athletic -3 points
 P. Coleman  . x Club Assistant 1  N. x Bates
H: S.Hickman Smith(2)  G.Manton  D.Weston  A: P.Gault  W.Howes  W.Ruzicka
Saturday, 14 September 2019
0 4 AFC Uckfield Town II v Forest Row
Victoria Pleasure Ground
1:30 PM
 M. Jackson  C. Sullivan  A. x Evans
 A: M.Burroughs(2)  G.Holah  T.Underwood  E.Benton
1 0 Balcombe v Lindfield
Hanbury Park Stadium
 A. Cork  E. x Kidd  J. x Cunningham
H: J.Herdman  J.Howes  P.Ciambriello
2 2 Cuckfield Rangers v Sporting Lindfield
Whitemans Green (Pitch 2)
 J. Doctrove  P. x Hatton  M. x Cox
H: A.Burberry  D.Houlders  A: A.Pollard  M.Thorn  J.Hyland  D.Philcox
0 2 Eastbourne Rangers v Willingdon Athletic
Eastbourne Sports Park 3G
1:30 PM
 G. Hamilton  A. x Plumb  A. x Kennsett
 A: J.Albert  A.Baker  B.Jesson
1 3 Hollington United v Charlwood
Gibbons Memorial Field
 R. Carron  D. x Tomlin  . x Club Assistant 2
H: A.Foster  A: B.Herdman  J.Liddell(2)  A.Corrigan  D.Richmond
1 1 Westfield v Rotherfield
The Parish Field
 D. MacDonald  I. x Curry  E. x Smith
H: J.Stapley  A: R.Clibbens  L.Beaton
Saturday, 21 September 2019
1 2 Balcombe v Rotherfield
Balcombe Recreation Ground
2:00 PM

Match was played at Balcombe Recreation ground as Hanbury Stadium not available. Agreed between both clubs.
 M. Parsons  E. x Kidd  K. x Day
H: T.Howes  A: B.Leete  M.Peevor  R.Clibbens
4 2 Charlwood v Willingdon Athletic
Charlwood Rec
2:00 PM
 R. Smallwood  W. x Dennis  A. x Kennsett
H: J.Ford  L.Forsdick  K.Lock  A.Murphy  A: J.Albert  S.Hickman Smith
3 3 Forest Row v Hollington United
Oakwood Park
2:00 PM
 M. Jackson  . x Substitutes  D. x Willis
H: G.Holah  A.Holden  T.Underwood  A: L.Greig  J.Hull  K.Moynes
5 3 Sporting Lindfield v AFC Uckfield Town II
Whitemans Green
2:00 PM
 S. Baker  M. x Cox  J. x Vale
H: T.Hughes  D.Mothee  A.Pollard  T.Shambrook  J.Simmons  A: D.Hartle  M.Vale(2)
Saturday, 28 September 2019
2 1 Hollington United v Eastbourne Rangers
Gibbons Memorial Field
2:00 PM
 R. Wells  D. x Tomlin  A. x Plumb
H: J.Tomlin(2)  A: J.Young
1 3 Sporting Lindfield v Westfield
Whitemans Green
2:00 PM
 S. Read  . x Club Assistant 1  I. x Curry
H: J.Simmons  A: R.Martellini  J.Sissens  J.Stapley