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Gray Hooper Holt LLP Mid Sussex Football League
Member of the National League System
2019-2020 Season
Saturday, 24 July 2021
Premier Division :  December Fixtures & Results for January February
17 in list
Saturday, 04 January 2020
1 1 Cuckfield Rangers v Charlwood
Whitemans Green (Pitch 2)
2:00 PM
 A. Cork  P. x Hatton  . x Club Assistant 2
H: J.Hyland  A: S.Payne  K.Lock
1 2 Eastbourne Rangers v Hollington United
Eastbourne Sports Park 3G
2:00 PM
 D. Brooker  A. x Plumb  D. x Tomlin
H: W.Gray  A: A.Jegorovs(2)  A.Jegorovs
0 1 Lindfield v Sporting Lindfield
Downlands Community School 3g
1:45 PM
 J. Doctrove  M. x Theobald  M. x Cox
 A: A.Pollard
Saturday, 11 January 2020
5 2 Lindfield v Charlwood
Downlands Community School 3g
1:45 PM
 S. Baker  M. x Theobald  W. x Dennis
H: K.Kutaa  A.Ternouth(2)  A.Walsh(2)  A: J.Ford  K.Lock  B.Herdman
0 2 Sporting Lindfield v Rotherfield
K2 Crawley 3G
2:05 PM

**Please Note Change of Venue**
 S. Ellis  M. x Cox  E. x Smith
 A: A.Callaghan(2)
1 0 Westfield v Cuckfield Rangers
The Parish Field
2:00 PM
 L. Wakefield  I. x Curry  P. x Marshall
H: J.Stapley
0 0 Willingdon Athletic v AFC Ringmer
Huggetts Lane
2:00 PM
 A. Cork  A. x Kennsett  . x Club Assistant 2
Saturday, 18 January 2020
2 0 Balcombe v Hollington United
Oathall Community College (3G)
1:45 PM

**Please note Change of Venue and kick off time**
 M. Forman  N. x Bates  D. x Tomlin
H: W.Howes  P.Johnston
5 0 Charlwood v Sporting Lindfield
Charlwood Rec
2:00 PM
 M. Jackson  W. x Dennis  M. x Cox
H: J.Liddell  K.Lock  A.Murphy(2)  M.Ward
5 0 Lindfield v Westfield
Downlands Community School 3g
1:45 PM

**Please Note Change of Venue and KO Time**
 N. Baker  M. x Theobald  . x Club Assistant 2
H: A.Brown  J.Cunningham(3)  C.Laird
Wednesday, 22 January 2020
1 0 AFC Ringmer v Rotherfield
Caburn Ground
7:45 PM
 P. Hart  . x Club Assistant 1  K. x Day
H: A.Burton
Saturday, 25 January 2020
2 1 Eastbourne Rangers v Charlwood
Eastbourne Sports Park 3G
 L. Wakefield  A. x Plumb  W. x Dennis
H: W.Gray  E.Poole  A: M.Ward  K.Funnell  M.Ward
2 0 Hollington United v AFC Ringmer
Gibbons Memorial Field
 B. Wootten  D. x Tomlin  . x Club Assistant 2
H: L.Greig  A.Jegorovs  C.Clark
3 0 Lindfield v Cuckfield Rangers
Downlands Community School 3g
1:45 PM
 M. Jackson  J. x Cunningham  M. x Breading
H: J.Cunningham(2)  L.Paskins  J.Hyland
2 6 Rotherfield v Balcombe
Rotherfield Recreation Ground
 D. Bartholomeusz  . x Club Assistant 1  E. x Kidd
H: H.Chittenden  M.Peevor  A: E.Hoar  W.Howes(2)  E.Murrills(3)  J.Herdman
3 2 Sporting Lindfield v Willingdon Athletic
Whitemans Green
 M. Forman  M. x Cox  A. x Kennsett
H: M.Coghlan  OG  A.Pollard  A: J.Albert  J.Graham  J.Simmons  J.Ryder
1 0 Westfield v Forest Row
The Parish Field
 B. Myers  I. x Curry  . x Club Assistant 2
H: J.Stapley