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Brentwood Sunday Football League
2006-2007 Season
Monday, 08 March 2021
Senior Division :  October Fixtures & Results for November December
13 in list
Sunday, 05 November 2006
3 1 Bentley v Harold Hill
Hartswood (Pitch 2)
H: D.Hickson  C.Poole(2)  A: R.Key
4 2 Great Danes v Heath Park 'A'
Warley Playing Fields
H: H.Chalky(2)  M.Rooney(2)  A: A.Rigby(2)
H - Havering NALGO v Romford Royal [ Home Win was awarded ]
Gays Field
POSTPONED - Romford Royal no team
2 1 Quilters v Thorndon Park
Hannakins Farm
H: M.Mint(2)  A: D.Joyce
Sunday, 12 November 2006
3 4 Great Danes v Harold Hill
Warley Playing Fields
H: C.Ings  M.Rooney(2)  A: D.Carroll(2)  J.Lewis  F.McArdle
Sunday, 19 November 2006
5 3 Byron Red Star v Romford Royal
Sawyers Hall College of Science & Technology
H: R.Lellow(2)  T.Livingstone  A.Martin  B.Riley  A: A.Finnegan  P.Perry(2)
1 4 Great Danes v Bentley
Warley Playing Fields
H: OG  A: D.Hickson  C.Poole(2)  L.Walker
2 5 Heath Park 'A' v Thorndon Park
Hartswood (Pitch 2)
H: E.Hathorn(2)  A: J.Benson(2)  J.Biggs  R.McCarthy(2)
4 1 Quilters v Harold Hill
Hannakins Farm
H: S.Chappell  M.Mint  M.Nunn(2)  A: R.Russell
Sunday, 26 November 2006
3 4 Great Danes v Havering NALGO
Warley Playing Fields
H: C.Ings  M.Rooney  K.Watson  A: D.Francis  R.Harman  C.Loveridge(2)
3 1 Heath Park 'A' v Byron Red Star
Hartswood (Pitch 2)
H: E.Hathorn  R.Moret  A.Rigby  A: A.Martin
3 10 Romford Royal v Harold Hill
Albermarle Youth House
H: J.Douglas  OG  A.Sunnucks  A: M.Doyle(5)  T.Everett  P.Golby  R.Key  L.McDowell(2)
0 4 Thorndon Park v Bentley
Warley Playing Fields (Pitch 3)
 A: J.Emson  C.Poole  R.Sammons  D.Walker