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Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2005-2006 Season
Monday, 01 March 2021
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
45 in list
Saturday, 03 September 2005
1 3 Bedfont v Merstham
Attendance 42
 Jim Paterson
H: D.Buckle  A: R.Davis(3)
0 1 Chessington & Hook United v Ash United
Attendance 69
 Ben Wright
 A: k.dallaway
0 3 Cove v Cobham
Attendance 32
 Rod Chatfield
 A: N.Andrews  S.Mesher  N.Tooley
1 2 Feltham v Godalming Town
Attendance 26
 David Roper  Kerry Turner
H: M.Taylor  A: S.Lydon  D.Newman
2 1 Frimley Green v Colliers Wood United
Attendance 18
 Graham Kendall
H: G.Purdy  M.Squires  A: T.Harper
0 3 Guildford United v Bedfont Green
Attendance 46
 Andy Roberts
 A: B.Buzzard  J.Williams(2)
1 2 Horley Town v Farnham Town
Attendance 52
 Roger Inions  Chris Jones
H: C.Weller  A: A.Haskell  R.Hodgson
5 2 Raynes Park Vale v North Greenford United
Attendance 43
 Richard Hailstone  Tony Usher  Geoff Palmer
H: j.earp  A.Emptage  g.knowlden  j.loyza  a.vine  A: c.broughton  D.Hughes
2 2 Sandhurst Town v Mole Valley Predators
Attendance 42
 Brian Fish  Andrew Beeney
H: M.Pratt  S.Stairs  A: J.Cornwall  A.McCollin
1 2 Westfield v Reading Town
Attendance 34
 David Jones
H: S.Reeves  A: J.Hollidge  O.Maskell
Tuesday, 06 September 2005
1 2 Ash United v Bedfont
Attendance 76
 Sam Hourigan  Richard Hailstone  Roger Inions
H: d.bartley  A: M.Postins  A.Willis
2 2 Chipstead v Chessington & Hook United
Attendance 56
 Craig Melinn
H: C.Barnes  l.cormack  A: D.Moorhouse  r.shoefield
2 3 Cobham v Colliers Wood United
Attendance 22
 Gavin Collins  Phillip Rush  Kerry Turner
H: S.Hehir  S.Mesher  A: f.flemming(2)  OG
0 0 Farnham Town v Sandhurst Town
Attendance 78
 Mark Ford
5 0 Godalming Town v Cove
Attendance 67
 David Jones  Keith Slaughter  Terry Pusey
H: D.Newman(2)  G.Stanley(2)  a.tchankou
2 0 Merstham v Guildford United
Attendance 75
 David Crick  Pasi Piepponen  Alan Watkins
H: j.carr  d.smith
2 0 Mole Valley Predators v Raynes Park Vale
Attendance 66
 Charles Breakspear
H: A.McCollin(2)
4 0 North Greenford United v Feltham
Attendance 96
 Gary Burton
H: K.Denny  J.Hill  G.Meakin(2)
2 1 Reading Town v Frimley Green
Attendance 44
 Andy Roberts  Steve Collins
H: G.Friel  O.Maskell  A: J.Munro
0 2 Westfield v Horley Town
Attendance 63
 Lee Collins
 A: J.Liddell  a.semjonovs
Saturday, 10 September 2005
0 0 Ash United v Merstham
Attendance 60
 Brian Fish  Rebecca Scott-Mullen  Lewis Gordon
2 2 Bedfont Green v Frimley Green
Attendance 10
 Richard Hailstone
H: A.Simmonds  J.Williams  A: J.Ruddock  s.shepherd
0 1 Cobham v Westfield
Attendance 20
 Craig Melinn  Richard Hailstone  Adrian Hudson
 A: G.Hawkins
4 0 Colliers Wood United v Feltham
Attendance 55
 David Crick  Kerry Turner  Pasi Piepponen
H: R.Bedj-Beds  a.finn  f.flemming(2)
3 2 Godalming Town v Sandhurst Town
Attendance 85
 Lee Collins
H: D.Newman(2)  a.tchankou  A: M.Anderson  D.Wilde
3 1 Horley Town v Raynes Park Vale
Attendance 67
 Roger Inions  Keith Slaughter
H: J.Davy  E.Lywood  OG  A: g.knowlden
3 4 Mole Valley Predators v Cove
Attendance 32
 Adam Macintyre
H: A.McCollin  J.Morrison  D.Woods  A: a.crittenden(2)  OG  d.turner
4 1 North Greenford United v Guildford United
Attendance 42
 Dave Sheldrake
H: J.Hill(3)  G.Meakin  A: M.Edwards
3 1 Reading Town v Farnham Town
Attendance 50
 Sam Hourigan
H: g.lewis(2)  OG  A: O.Pike
Tuesday, 13 September 2005
2 1 Chipstead v Guildford United
Attendance 59
 D Moran
H: W.Allen  T.Fennessy  A: C.Brooks pp
Saturday, 17 September 2005
3 0 Cove v Feltham
Attendance 37
 D Moran
H: a.crittenden  j.finnieston  d.turner
3 1 Frimley Green v Chipstead
Attendance 42
 Andy Connor
H: G.Purdy(2)  c.sweetman  A: K.Agyei
3 4 Guildford United v Horley Town
Attendance 42
 Mark Ford
H: M.Edwards(2)  M.Mercer  A: A.Cutis  J.Davy  a.semjonovs(2)
5 2 Merstham v Raynes Park Vale
Attendance 54
 Craig Melinn
H: j.carr(3)  R.Morgan  OG  A: OG  c.prendergast
1 1 North Greenford United v Chessington & Hook United
Attendance 43
 Paul Gorringe
H: P.Reed  A: r.shoefield
Saturday, 24 September 2005
0 1 Frimley Green v Merstham
Attendance 52
 Isaac Jempeji
 A: j.carr
3 2 Godalming Town v Colliers Wood United
Attendance 70
 Craig Melinn
H: D.Newman(3)  A: a.finn  f.flemming
0 2 Guildford United v Bedfont
Attendance 57
 Charles Breakspear
 A: A.Willis(2)
1 1 Horley Town v Ash United
Attendance 60
 Ian Kitchen  Phillip Paice  Peter Brooks
H: a.semjonovs  A: d.bartley
2 2 Mole Valley Predators v North Greenford United
Attendance 33
 Dave Cooper
H: R.Banyard  A.McCollin  A: J.Hill  k.scott
5 1 Raynes Park Vale v Cove
Attendance 32
 Jim Paterson
H: A.Emptage(2)  J.Sergant  m.skinner(2)  A: j.finnieston
5 2 Reading Town v Cobham
Attendance 40
 Barrie Funnell  Phillip Rush  Roger Inions
H: J.Hollidge(2)  J.Johnson  g.lewis  O.Maskell
2 0 Westfield v Bedfont Green
Attendance 33
 D Moran
H: S.Reeves  R.Stuart
Tuesday, 27 September 2005
5 1 North Greenford United v Sandhurst Town
 Jim Paterson  Tom Walton  Andrew Beeney
H: D.Lukeman(2)  G.Meakin  P.Reed  J.Richards  A: P.Mulvaney
Wednesday, 28 September 2005
0 2 Feltham v Chessington & Hook United
 Gavin Collins
 A: M.Bennett  r.burns