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UHLSPORT Hellenic League
Member of the National League System
2007-2008 Season
Friday, 24 May 2019
Premier Division :  February Fixtures & Results for March April
65 in list
Saturday, 01 March 2008
0 0 Harrow Hill v Bicester Town
Larksfield Road
Attendance 20
 D Leach  N Wailte  M Powell
 S.Buckland  B.Williams
0 2 Hook Norton v Shortwood United
The Bourne
Attendance 55
 B Christie  K Fry  D Hughes
 A: C.Davis  A.Hoskins  L.Harris  J.Singh
3 0 Lydney Town v Kidlington
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 42
 S Smith  N Saverton  P Cobby
H: M.Allen  P.Macklin(2)  D.Clarke  J.Deabill
1 1 Milton United v AFC Wallingford
Milton Heights
Attendance 45

AFC Wallingford -1 point
 J Sayer  M Carter  D Fisher
H: C.Moone  A: S.Weston  J.Johnson  C.Evans
1 5 Shrivenham v North Leigh
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 64
 M Donlan  J Cox  A Davies
H: T.Bohane  A: K.Dodds  B.Reardon  M.Simms(3)  T.Bohane  M.Simms
1 2 Wantage Town v Highworth Town
Alfredian Park
Attendance 42
 G Connolly  J Howse  S Reading
H: D.Keen  A: M.Belcher  M.Wyatt  D.Keen  I.Gill
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
1 4 Abingdon Town v Hungerford Town
Culham Road
Attendance 45
 R J Dunn  C Ludlow  P Bateman
H: T.Larman  A: I.Concannon(2)  B.Fitch  J.Gosling  I.Smith  I.Concannon
5 1 Badshot Lea v AFC Wallingford
Cherrywood Road Stadium
Attendance 42
 S Maynard  J Howse  A Whichelow
H: D.Blake  R.Goldney(2)  M.Griffiths  J.Hinchin  A: J.Harriott  D.Blake
2 0 Hook Norton v Highworth Town
The Bourne
Attendance 45
 R Cox  D Burns  R Partlett
H: B.Spiero  C.Standen  B.Spiero
1 1 Shortwood United v Milton United
Attendance 50
 M Treadwell  A Davies  R Dyer
H: J.Singh  A: A.Bailey  C.Davis  J.Johnson
Thursday, 06 March 2008
0 2 Lydney Town v Almondsbury Town
Attendance 83
 S Oakey  M Powell  C Gay
 A: P.Metheringham(2)  D.Bishop  P.Metheringham
Saturday, 08 March 2008
1 3 Ardley United v Shrivenham
The Playing Field
Attendance 47
 K Bushnell  John Farries  J Campbell
H: L.Gordon  A: M.Bennett  T.Bohane  D.King  I.Trott  T.Bohane
4 3 Badshot Lea v Pegasus Juniors
Cherrywood Road Stadium
Attendance 52
 B O'Toole  D Hughes  M Hall
H: R.Goldney(2)  M.Griffiths  OG  A: R.Aldrich  S.Gwynne  C.Mortlock  M.Smith  J.Morgan
0 1 Fairford Town v Bicester Town
Cinder Lane
Attendance 31
 P Humphrey  B Proffitt  R Sayers
 A: B.Williams  L.Clark  D.Leggett
1 3 Flackwell Heath v Witney United
Wilks Park
Attendance 40
 P O'Hare  Phil C Smith  J Bird
H: P.Reed  A: L.Brownhill  OG  G.Wickens  J.Montgomery  V.Byfield
0 0 Highworth Town v Carterton
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 76
 J Roskelly  M Carter  P Laggett
 I.Gill  J.Butt
2 1 Hook Norton v AFC Wallingford
The Bourne
Attendance 62
 S Smith  D Burns  M Hawkes
H: B.Elkington  P.Moulder  A: S.Weston  B.Elkington  M.Weir
3 0 Hungerford Town v Harrow Hill
Bulpit Lane
Attendance 65
 J Sayer  R. Hillier-Smith  J Mason
H: I.Concannon  J.Gosling(2)  L.Brewer  D.Adams
2 2 Kidlington v Milton United
Yarnton Road
Attendance 66
 K Norris  A Bunn  D Foulks
H: J.Deabill  E.McGovern  A: P.Davis  C.Moone  S.Benbow  C.Griffiths
2 4 North Leigh v Shortwood United
Eynsham Hall Sports Park
Attendance 49
 M Niemirski  P Cobby  M Powell
H: B.Reardon  M.Simms  A: S.Badham  M.Bennett  C.Davis  J.Singh  S.Futcher  B.Nigwa
6 0 Wantage Town v Lydney Town
Alfredian Park
Attendance 48
 A Piggott  D Pinchen  T Sharkey
H: G.Hartley  M.Horsell(2)  D.Keen  E.Langford  OG  M.Horsell  S.Elliott
Tuesday, 11 March 2008
4 3 Hungerford Town v Witney United
Bulpit Lane
Attendance 75
 S Francis  D Burns  J Cox
H: B.Fitch(2)  J.Gosling  N.McCrae  A: D.Smith  G.Wickens(2)  J.Gosling  G.Wickens
1 1 North Leigh v Almondsbury Town
Eynsham Hall Sports Park
Attendance 83
 P O'Hare  G Saunders  T Sharkey
H: J.Mortimer-Jones  A: P.Fowler  S.Huxley  S.Winter
4 1 Wantage Town v Harrow Hill
Alfredian Park
Attendance 32
 M Treadwell  K Fry  D Reed
H: G.Hartley(2)  D.Keen(2)  A: S.Buckland  S.Buckland
Wednesday, 12 March 2008
1 0 Shrivenham v Abingdon Town
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 48
 E Turner  M Carter  B Mercer
H: M.Bennett  T.Bohane  R.Webb
Saturday, 15 March 2008
1 2 Abingdon Town v Pegasus Juniors
Culham Road
Attendance 45
 A Cripps  L. Harris  A Butler
H: T.Larman  A: B.Price(2)  J.Thomas  B.Price
1 3 AFC Wallingford v Kidlington
Wallingford Sports Park
Attendance 34
 R J Dunn  S Fulford  J Livingston
H: J.Harriott  A: M.Baker  J.Deabill  M.Williams  C.Evans  M.Williams
2 2 Bicester Town v Highworth Town
Bicester Sports ground
Attendance 45
 B Christie  S Shannon  R Soloman
H: OG  D.Phipps  A: P.Corcoran(2)  D.Phipps  T.Dingle
0 0 Carterton v Hook Norton
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 20
 K Howick  D Pinchen  P Laggett
 J.Butt  R.Meadows
2 3 Hungerford Town v North Leigh
Bulpit Lane
Attendance 103
 R Hey  C Chard  C Kidd
H: L.Brewer  G.Edney  A: P.Cooper  A.McCabe  B.Reardon  L.Brewer  S.Huxley
3 2 Milton United v Ardley United
Milton Heights
Attendance 52
 G Connolly  C Boyles  S P Smith
H: A.Bailey  G.Jones  M.Shelton  A: L.Gordon  C.Hill  W.Harbert  L.Gordon
3 1 Shrivenham v Wantage Town
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 54
 M Niemirski  D Woodcock  M Wild
H: T.Bohane(2)  D.Thomas  A: P.Day  T.Fila  P.Day
1 0 Witney United v Almondsbury Town
Marriotts Stadium
Attendance 146
 S Maynard  J Wood  M Timbrell
H: G.Wickens  G.Wickens  M.Mapstone
Tuesday, 18 March 2008
1 5 AFC Wallingford v Fairford Town
Wallingford Sports Park
Attendance 27
 R Cox  M Evans  B Billingham
H: OG  A: S.Bennett  B.Gill(2)  A.Snook(2)  J.Debanks  B.Gill
2 4 Carterton v Shortwood United
Kilkenny Lane
Attendance 22
 S Maynard  A Davies  D Foulks
H: D.Bostock  J.Butt  A: M.Bennett  J.Bevan  J.Cant  W.Steadman  J.Butt  M.Bath
0 3 Lydney Town v Highworth Town
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 47
 K Norris  M Carter  C Baker
 A: P.Hall  D.Hilder  OG  J.Macklin  G.Hill
1 1 Wantage Town v Bicester Town
Alfredian Park
Attendance 42
 S Wales  K Turnbull  L Turnbull
H: G.Hartley  A: A.Styles  D.Allen  T.McNamara
3 0 Witney United v Harrow Hill
Marriotts Stadium
Attendance 86
 B Christie  D Edmunds  B Proffitt
H: A.Marriott  G.Wickens(2)  J.Mills  S.Morgan
Saturday, 22 March 2008
0 1 Almondsbury Town v North Leigh
Oakland Park
Attendance 120
 G Connolly  A Davies  I Whelan
 A: B.Reardon  K.Ingram  S.Huxley
2 0 Badshot Lea v Ardley United
Cherrywood Road Stadium
Attendance 46
 A Piggott  Phil C Smith  P Bateman
H: D.Blake  M.Griffiths  D.Blake  A.Richmond
1 2 Bicester Town v Abingdon Town
Bicester Sports ground
Attendance 52
 S Hobbs  R Cross  D Reed
H: D.Phipps  A: T.Larman  A.Wells  A.Styles  I.Smith
1 4 Fairford Town v Carterton
Cinder Lane
Attendance 42
 J Lyon  D Hughes  S Wilkes
H: M.Boucher  A: M.Duerden  D.Rodgers(3)  L.Clark  D.Rodgers
2 1 Highworth Town v AFC Wallingford
Elms Recreation Ground
Attendance 93
 B Christie  I Ashley  R Partlett
H: P.Corcoran(2)  A: S.Weston  G.Hill  S.Weston
2 2 Hook Norton v Harrow Hill
The Bourne
Attendance 36
 M Donlan  C Ludlow  B Piggott
H: G.Hansell  B.Spiero  A: T.Burford  S.Davies  J.Davies  S.Davies
1 1 Lydney Town v Milton United
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 42
 K Bushnell  M Timbrell  M Hawkes
H: M.Allen  A: J.Johnson  M.Allen  D.Jones
1 1 Pegasus Juniors v Kidlington
Old School Lane
Attendance 36
 . L4 Loan Referee  J Mizzi  R Ashman
H: C.Mortlock  A: M.Baker  R.Harrison  D.Wise
2 5 Shortwood United v Hungerford Town
Attendance 75
 . L4 Loan Referee  S Arkwell  T Sharkey
H: J.Cant  B.Pugh  A: I.Concannon(2)  G.Edney(2)  J.Gosling  J.Cant  G.Edney
Monday, 24 March 2008
1 4 Abingdon Town v Kidlington
Attendance 75
 I Hamilton  J O'Neil  D Reed
H: A.Wells  A: J.Deabill(2)  D.Harris  S.Litten  D.Thomas  J.Deabill
3 4 AFC Wallingford v Bicester Town
Attendance 50
 K Bushnell  C Ludlow  B Whitty
H: B.Chalmers(2)  J.Debanks  A: D.Ames  P.Darch  D.Phillips  B.Williams  J.Weaver  D.Leggett
2 1 Almondsbury Town v Shortwood United
Attendance 101
 J Lyon  P Middlecote  C Gay
H: M.Mapstone  P.Metheringham  A: M.Green  B.Pope  L.Cornwall
2 4 Badshot Lea v Shrivenham
Attendance 46
 J Sayer  S Anderson  B Piggott
H: D.Blake  R.Westell  A: S.Avenell  T.Bohane(2)  D.Glover  D.Blake  T.Bohane
1 4 Flackwell Heath v Hungerford Town
Attendance 41
 P Hitt  C Chard  S Williams
H: M.Glynn  A: I.Concannon(3)  S.Terry  J.Montgomery  I.Concannon
0 2 Highworth Town v Witney United
Attendance 100
 B O'Toole  John Farries  T Sharkey
 A: P.Griffin  G.Wickens  D.Hilder  A.Younie
3 2 Lydney Town v Ardley United
Attendance 54
 I Timms  B Lovegrove  S Arkwell
H: D.Clarke(3)  A: A.Beckett  D.Mason  M.Timmins  A.Beckett
3 2 Milton United v Fairford Town
Milton Heights
Attendance 43
 S Francis  D Leach  S Parbery
H: P.Davis  J.Johnson(2)  A: P.Griffiths  P.Walker  J.Johnson  M.Boucher
4 4 North Leigh v Wantage Town
Attendance 65
 S Maynard  P Montgomery  S Fulford
H: J.Burnell  P.Cooper  J.Mortimer-Jones  M.Simms  A: P.Day  G.Hartley  M.Horsell  E.Langford  M.Simms  E.Langford
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
2 2 Harrow Hill v Pegasus Juniors
Larksfield Road
Attendance 40
 P Humphrey  J Cox  M Powell
H: J.Barton  S.Morgan  A: C.Hyde  B.Price  T.Burford  R.Aldrich
Saturday, 29 March 2008
0 1 Ardley United v Almondsbury Town
The Playing Field
Attendance 62
 E Turner  K Fry  K Turnbull
 A: P.Metheringham  D.Mason  P.Metheringham
5 1 Flackwell Heath v Milton United
Wilks Park
Attendance 42
 J Lyon  J Howse  P Dillon
H: R.Cannon  M.Glynn  N.Jack(3)  A: A.Bailey  N.Jack  C.Griffiths
9 0 Hungerford Town v AFC Wallingford
Bulpit Lane
Attendance 85
 S Wales  R Partlett  L Turnbull
H: C.Austin  T.Clark  I.Concannon(4)  G.Edney  J.Gosling  S.Terry  S.Terry  J.Shea
1 3 Kidlington v Highworth Town
Yarnton Road
Attendance 52
 A Piggott  D Woodcock  M Hawkes
H: M.Baker  A: P.Corcoran(2)  A.Joyce  M.Baker  G.Hill
2 1 Lydney Town v Abingdon Town
Lydney Recreation Ground
Attendance 72
 J Roskelly  T Sharkey  M Carter
H: M.Allen  M.Timmins  A: C.Bloomfield  M.Allen  J.Thomas
2 1 Pegasus Juniors v Wantage Town
Old School Lane
Attendance 48
 A Cripps  R Dyer  N Wailte
H: C.Hyde  L.Mussell  A: G.Hartley  C.Hyde  E.Langford
2 0 Shrivenham v Bicester Town
Shrivenham Recreation Ground
Attendance 51
 K Howick  D Pinchen  J Cox
H: J.Peters  M.Peters  T.Fila  D.Phipps
1 2 Witney United v North Leigh
Marriotts Stadium
Attendance 272
 M Treadwell  D Hughes  B Proffitt
H: G.Wickens  A: J.Burnell  J.Mortimer-Jones  J.Steedman  S.Huxley