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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2019-2020 Season
Saturday, 16 January 2021
Premier Division :  December Fixtures & Results for January February
15 in list
Saturday, 04 January 2020
2 2 Brentham v Clapton Community
Brentham Club
 S. Toki  A. Olaya Benitez-Cano  M. Jolley
H: E.Clements(2)  A: L.Owiredu  S.Stanley  D.Wright  J.Francis
2 4 C.B. Hounslow United Reserves v Hillingdon
Hounslow Sports Club
 R. Simon  M. Sellars  R. Gearing
H: A.Owolana  M.Williams Adu-Nyarko  A: G.Berry  T.Hayles(2)  A.Mohammed  A.Casey
2 4 Cricklewood Wanderers v Hilltop
Wembley FC
Note: Referee changed 26/12/19 (JN)
 C. Hartley  L. Tilbury  L. Morgan
H: A.Robert  I.Turay  A: A.Assoweh  L.Cusmaan  A.Mohamed  M.Panford  A.Mohamed
6 1 Larkspur Rovers v Indian Gymkhana Club
Lord Halsbury Playing Fields
 D. Lea  TBA1  TBA2
H: S.Fearon(3)  D.Gallagher - Manhica  J.Gourey(2)  A: P.Kang  B.Esprit  S.Atwal
0 2 Pitshanger Dynamo v NW London
Hanwell Town FC
 J. Young  N. Andrea  F. Al-Lamy
 A: A.Neto  G.Silva  D.Opoko Boateng  D.Almeida Goncalves
2 2 Sporting Hackney v Kensington Dragons
Mabley Green (4G)
NOTE.....CHANGE OF VENUE ( fix sec 3-1-20 )
 C. Henry  D. Augros  A. Forbes
H: G.Allen-Symmons  J.Tousent  A: J.Malone(2)  J.Gwilliams Akuwudike  J.Malone
Saturday, 11 January 2020
2 2 Clapton Community v PFC Victoria London
Wadham Lodge
 C. Henry  R. Jacobs  C. Love
H: J.Austin(2)  A: D.Ditchburn  B.Kijowski  J.Austin  P.Mierzwa
2 3 Hillingdon v Pitshanger Dynamo
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee changed 06/01/20 Andy Mirza on County Cup (JN)
 M. Swinburn  J. Yousif  L. Morgan
H: G.Berry  T.Hayles  A: N.Edwards(2)  L.Wretham  T.Herlihy  N.Edwards
0 4 Stonewall v Cricklewood Wanderers
Barn Elms Playing Fields
 J. Ohene  L. Tilbury  N. Saunders
 A: L.Jacques Emmanuel  K.Mitchell  I.Mongulu  K.Strzala  E.Addo Kufuor
Saturday, 25 January 2020
4 2 Cricklewood Wanderers v Indian Gymkhana Club
Wembley FC
Note: Note 2nd AR appointed 22/01/20 (JN)
 J. Yousif  J. Dear  F. Al-Lamy
H: L.Jacques Emmanuel  K.Mitchell  S.Olanipekun  I.Turay  A: P.Kang  J.Liddar  L.Jacques Emmanuel  H.Tharkeswar
5 1 Hilltop v Kensington Dragons
Middlesex Stadium
Note: AR1 appointed 22/01/20 (JN). Change of venue (JN) AR2 Appointed (AC) 23/1/20
 A. West  N. Bleakley  S. Pordes
H: L.Cusmaan(2)  S.Jumale  J.MUMBINY  I.SALIH  A: T.Blanco Boden  L.Cusmaan  T.Blanco Boden
5 2 London Samurai v Pitshanger Dynamo
Northwood FC
 A. Mirza  G. Barchetta  R. Wheeler
H: J.Hwang(3)  A.Murad  S.Oi  A: D.Jones  M.Tamou  J.Hwang  F.Racadio
3 5 NW London v Brentham
Hadley FC
Result from referee (JN)
 J. Noblemunn  D. Maragh  I. Gray
H: D.De Oliveira  S.Falah  G.Silva  A: T.O'Regan  E.Simmonds  J.Todd(2)  J.Townson  J.Praes  T.O'Regan
1 2 PFC Victoria London v Sporting Hackney
Feltham Community School
3:00 PM

Change of venue being played on 3G pitch (SCH)
 D. Jenic  L. Tilbury  D. Carter
H: M.Blasik  A: K.Bukleb  T.Springer  D.Kielbasa  K.Bukleb
2 6 Stonewall v Clapton Community
Barn Elms Playing Fields
Note: AR added 1455hrs 24/01/20 (JN)
 A. Matour  M. Partridge  Mutually Agreed
H: O.Rabie(2)  A: L.Owiredu(3)  S.Stanley(3)  O.Rabie  L.Owiredu