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East Midlands Counties Football League
Member of the National League System
2008-2009 Season
Thursday, 28 October 2021
Premier Division :  October Fixtures & Results for November December
43 in list
Saturday, 01 November 2008
0 1 Blackwell Miners Welfare v Gedling Miners Welfare
Primrose Hill Sports Ground
Attendance 45
 P. Astle  P. Scriven  C. Patel
 A: B.Middleton
4 0 Borrowash Victoria v Bardon Hill Sports
Robinsons Construction Bowl
Attendance 70
 P. Clarke  A. Howson  M. Cassidy
H: T.Leighton  A.Mottershead  J.Pawley  R.Spencer
2 1 Ellistown v St Andrews
Terrace Road
Attendance 50
 S. Willoughby  I. Westaby  C. Hammond
H: L.Colkin  R.Johnson  A: T.Sansome  J.Richards
4 0 Gedling Town v Ibstock United
Riverside Stadium
Attendance 60
 R. Townsend  M. Cole  P. Holmes
H: G.Epps  R.Gill(2)  A.Large
1 2 Hinckley Downes v Holwell Sports
The Green King Stadium
Attendance 50
 M. Gupta  P. Hamshere  P. Mugglestone
H: N.Bancroft  A: I.Bitmead  S.Mooney
0 4 Holbrook Miners Welfare v Barrow Town
The Welfare Ground (Holbrook)
Attendance 37
 C. Cox  D. Parkin  C. Parkin
 A: A.Warner(3)  D.Wilson
3 1 Kirby Muxloe v Greenwood Meadows
Kirby Muxloe Sports Ground
Attendance 32
 C. Blake  T. Murfin  R. Mercer
H: M.Schulz(3)  A: A.Whitt
1 2 Radford v Heanor Town
Selhurst Street
Attendance 52
 S. Boswell  E. Pidduck  P. Reynolds
H: R.Bowen  A: P.Sneath  M.Timson
Tuesday, 04 November 2008
2 3 Kirby Muxloe v Gedling Town
Kirby Muxloe Sports Ground
Attendance 72

KO 7.45pm
 S. Garner  D. Frost  S. Mcconnell
H: J.Mason  S.Verrall  A: R.Gill  R.Johnson  A.Large
Saturday, 08 November 2008
0 2 Bardon Hill Sports v Dunkirk
Bardon Close
Attendance 47
 M. Scriven  Stewart Walker  C. Hammond
 A: T.Baker  P.Massingham
0 1 Gedling Town v Barrow Town
Riverside Stadium
Attendance 62
 S. Royston  A. Harland  M. Marshall
 A: OG
3 3 Greenwood Meadows v Ellistown
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 33
 A. Rowbotham
H: N.Croft-Robinson  K.Walker  M.White  A: S.Antcliffe  L.Colkin  R.Johnson
2 0 Heanor Town v Borrowash Victoria
The Town Ground
Attendance 83
 P. Dixon
H: L.Garner(2)
1 0 Ibstock United v Graham St Prims
The Welfare Ground (Ibstock)
Attendance 36
 L. Snodden  S. Hill  A. Purvis
H: M.Betts
3 3 Kirby Muxloe v Gedling Miners Welfare
Kirby Muxloe Sports Ground
Attendance 59
 S. Ayres  Stephen King  D. Webb
H: J.Mason  C.Pietrzyk  S.Verrall  A: S.Dalmedo  H.Ramadan  D.Rennicks
3 2 Radford v Hinckley Downes
Selhurst Street
Attendance 41
 R. Brand
H: A.Gregory  A.Mandiang  D.Taylor  A: J.Taylor  S.Turner
1 3 St Andrews v Holwell Sports
Canal Street
Attendance 41
 I. Davies  S. Kings  R. Mercer
H: K.Robinson  A: S.Mooney  J.Simpson  A.Teare
Tuesday, 11 November 2008
2 0 Dunkirk v Ibstock United
Ron Steel Sports Ground
Attendance 45

KO 7.45pm
 S. Watts
H: P.Massingham  T.Smith
2 1 Hinckley Downes v Holbrook Miners Welfare
The Green King Stadium
Attendance 37

KO 7.45pm
 A. Parker
H: C.Bradshaw  P.Warrington  A: R.Harrison
Saturday, 15 November 2008
2 3 Bardon Hill Sports v Radford
Bardon Close
Attendance 45
 S. Willoughby  T. Simmons  B. Toon
H: S.Davies  S.Saunt  A: D.Osborne  OG  C.Waddeley
0 2 Barrow Town v St Andrews
Riverside Park
Attendance 45
 J. Johnson  P. Hamshere  S. Hill
 A: J.Richards(2)  J.Mee
7 0 Borrowash Victoria v Greenwood Meadows
Robinsons Construction Bowl
Attendance 65
 D. Henfrey  C. Parkin  J. Brooks
H: T.Betteridge  J.De Reus  C.North(3)  R.Spencer(2)
3 1 Gedling Miners Welfare v Blackwell Miners Welfare
Plains Social Club
Attendance 56
 C. Cox  P. Holmes  S. Sheffield
H: B.Middleton  A.Moran(2)  A: R.Wall  M.Phillips
0 2 Gedling Town v Ellistown
Riverside Stadium
Attendance 61
 S. Swain  L. Jones  E. Pidduck
 A: L.Dawkins  J.Miller
1 1 Holbrook Miners Welfare v Graham St Prims
The Welfare Ground (Holbrook)
Attendance 42
 D. Ince  A. Perczynski  P. Reynolds
H: S.Kellogg  A: A.Lillie
2 2 Holwell Sports v Kirby Muxloe
Welby Road
Attendance 90
 R. Jackson  Stephen King  M. Pickering
H: G.Keast  D.Saddington  A: M.Aston  J.Mason
0 3 Ibstock United v Hinckley Downes
The Welfare Ground (Ibstock)
Attendance 38
 P. Astle  D. Withers  C. Hammond
 A: B.Adams(2)  P.Warrington
Saturday, 22 November 2008
2 2 Borrowash Victoria v Radford
Robinsons Construction Bowl
Attendance 65
 A. Pashley
H: T.Leighton  A.Mottershead  A: A.Gregory(2)
5 1 Ellistown v Graham St Prims
Terrace Road
Attendance 41
 G. Maskell  J. Copson  Abbas Khan
H: R.Johnson(2)  D.Kitching  R.Masters  J.Miller  A: L.Fox
0 2 Greenwood Meadows v Barrow Town
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 75
 D. Hunt  M. Cole  A. Harland
 A: M.Sherlock  A.Warner
1 0 Heanor Town v Holwell Sports
The Town Ground
Attendance 65
 K. Marchant  L. Jones  C. Hunter
H: G.Wells
2 0 Holbrook Miners Welfare v Dunkirk
The Welfare Ground (Holbrook)
Attendance 31
 S. Richardson  M. Marshall  C. Parkin
H: J.Ashdown  OG
1 1 Ibstock United v Gedling Town
The Welfare Ground (Ibstock)
Attendance 55
 S. Willoughby  S. Hill  L. Fletcher
H: B.Weir  A: A.Large
3 1 Kirby Muxloe v Blackwell Miners Welfare
Kirby Muxloe Sports Ground
Attendance 25
 W. Pearce  G. Chapman  A. Cera
H: J.Mason  C.McCathie  M.Schulz  A: A.Hone  N.Hewer
Monday, 24 November 2008
1 1 Hinckley Downes v Bardon Hill Sports
The Green King Stadium
Attendance 57

KO 7.45pm
 M. Lever  Stephen King  R. Goddard
H: B.Adams  A: L.Dawson
Saturday, 29 November 2008
1 4 Bardon Hill Sports v Gedling Town
Bardon Close
Attendance 32
 N. Hopton  R. Caygill  A. Cera
H: L.Dawson  A: G.Epps(2)  R.Gill  L.White
0 2 Barrow Town v Holbrook Miners Welfare
Riverside Park
Attendance 45
 S. Moore  S. Kings  N. Imison
 A: K.Demiah  R.Harrison
0 2 Blackwell Miners Welfare v Borrowash Victoria
Primrose Hill Sports Ground
Attendance 45
 P. Booker  C. Parkin  M. Pickering
 A: T.Leighton  C.North  M.Herrett
3 5 Gedling Miners Welfare v St Andrews
Plains Social Club
Attendance 75
 P. Dixon
H: M.Littlewood  B.Middleton  B.Peel  A: L.Natzel  A.Preston  K.Robinson(2)  M.Warner
1 4 Graham St Prims v Dunkirk
Asterdale Sports Ground
Attendance 39
 M. Senior
H: D.Hind  A: A.Bascombe  J.Carder  T.Smith(2)
0 3 Greenwood Meadows v Kirby Muxloe
Lenton Lane Ground
Attendance 40
 K. Guise  E. Pidduck  M. Marshall
 A: J.Mason  J.Pitsillides  M.Schulz
4 1 Hinckley Downes v Ellistown
The Green King Stadium
Attendance 76
 D. Reeves  P. Hamshere  A. Purvis
H: B.Adams(3)  C.Nugent  A: R.Johnson
0 2 Radford v Holwell Sports
Selhurst Street
Attendance 58
 A. Seward  D. Henson  P. Holmes
 A: S.Mooney  M.Stevenson