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Surrey Elite Intermediate Football League
Member of the National League System
2018-2019 Season
Saturday, 23 January 2021
Intermediate Division :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
20 in list
Saturday, 06 October 2018
0 1 AFC Spelthorne Sports v Battersea Ironsides
Spelthorne Sports Club
 M. Read
 A: R.Cheetham  K.Smith
4 0 Chessington KC v Ripley Village
Tolworth Court Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
 E. Delaney
H: R.Jones  C.Miller  M.Sterne(2)  M.Willett
0 4 Farleigh Rovers v West End Village
Parsonage Field
 C. Wood
 A: D.Akerman(2)  J.Bolton  T.Holdstock
1 0 Horsley v Staines Lammas
Toms Field Horsley
 J. Crichlow
H: T.Henzi
3 2 Spartans Youth v AFC Cubo
Carville Hall Park North
 M. Westlake
H: L.Holness(3)  A: OG  H.Tulip
3 2 Westside v Merrow
Mayfield Stadium
 A. Goodrich
H: S.Simpson  T.Webster(2)  A: L.Simmonds(2)  L.Simmonds
4 1 Worcester Park v N P L
Skinners Field
 A. Goodwin
H: C.Chaney  A.Dignan  T.Johnson  OG  A: W.Cain
Saturday, 13 October 2018
0 1 Merrow v Battersea Ironsides
The Urnfield
 G. Tomsett
 A: E.Cardona  N.Stillwell
2 2 N P L v Westside
NPL Sports Club
 M. Read
H: E.Munday(2)  A: D.Lacey  C.Orris
0 0 Ripley Village v AFC Spelthorne Sports
The Green
 A. Goodwin
 M.Brown  O.Davison
2 2 Staines Lammas v AFC Cubo
The Lucan Pavilion
 I. Bryant
H: C.Haughton  S.Light  A: R.Davies  T.De La Haye  P.Baker
0 3 West End Village v Royal Holloway Old Boys
West End Recreation Ground
 M. Feast
 A: Z.Abdullah(2)  O.Patterson
0 0 Worcester Park v Farleigh Rovers
Skinners Field
 N. Patterson
Saturday, 20 October 2018
4 1 Battersea Ironsides v Royal Holloway Old Boys
Battersea Ironsides Sports Club
 A. Goodrich
H: P.Bussetti  N.Gilbert  A.Griffiths  OG  A: D.Mitchell
1 2 Farleigh Rovers v Merrow
Parsonage Field
 J. Crichlow
H: N.Hull  A: K.Pillay  L.Simmonds  L.Simmonds
7 2 N P L v West End Village
NPL Sports Club
 M. Coughlan
H: W.Cain  G.Howard(4)  E.Munday  L.O'Neill  A: K.Wilkie(2)
0 2 Ripley Village v Staines Lammas
The Green
 M. Read
 A: M.Adams(2)  M.Willett  M.Adams
Saturday, 27 October 2018
4 3 AFC Cubo v Royal Holloway Old Boys
Southfields Academy (3G)
 E. Delaney
H: O.Perkins  M.Torr(2)  H.Tulip  A: R.Attreed  P.Gilmour  A.Hamilton
1 2 Westside v AFC Spelthorne Sports
Mayfield Stadium
 A. Goodrich
H: J.Harris  A: J.Murphy  L.Richards  L.Richards
2 7 Worcester Park v Horsley
Skinners Field
 D. Childs
H: C.Hayward  T.John  A: T.Henzi(2)  T.Sidaoui(2)  J.Spencer(2)  L.Willoughby