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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2018-2019 Season
Sunday, 31 May 2020
Intermediate Division 2 :  February Fixtures & Results for March April
34 in list
Saturday, 02 March 2019
0 6 AC Malden v Dover House Lions
Riverhill Sports Ground
 J. Besagni
 A: D.Mason(4)  W.McKay  C.Nichols  B.O'Malley  D.Mason
6 2 AFC Ewell v Ashtead
Nescot Sports Ground
 T. Bone
H: R.Gale(2)  A.Gibbs  C.Goppy  OG  A.Tanous  A: J.Cook  M.Edwards  R.Gale
4 2 Chelsea Rovers v Sporting 50
Tolworth Court Sports Ground
 R. Marus
H: A.Joeata  C.Londono  D.Medina-Londono(2)  A: D.Crozier  B.Seymour  C.Londono
0 1 Claygate Royals v AFC Walcountians
Nescot Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 T. Burton
 A: S.Grosser  J.O'Sullivan  J.Farthing
10 0 Dover House Lions v AC Malden
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 J. Besagni
H: R.Derose  R.Druce(5)  R.Hayes  D.Mason  W.McKay  C.Nichols  R.Druce  L.Salvador
3 1 Earlsfield United v Merton Social
Garratt Park
 P. Agboula
H: A.Austin  J.Freeman  S.Robb  A: J.Tovey  A.Ehrhardt  J.Tovey
2 1 Rygas v Oxted & District
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 S. Tyler
H: J.Kermode  J.Lenny  A: S.Clements  C.Donnellan
2 1 Sporting 50 v Chelsea Rovers
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 3)
 R. Marus
H: R.Jugden  B.Seymour  A: J.David Devia  J.David Devia
Saturday, 09 March 2019
0 7 AC Malden v Sporting 50
Riverhill Sports Ground
 D. Rowland
 A: O.Brindley  S.Johnson(2)  R.Jugden  M.Kingston(2)  T.Paulino  T.Marshall
2 1 AFC Walcountians v Ashtead
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 R. Brum
H: S.Grosser(2)  A: A.Scott  G.Wilkshire  G.Vardon
2 10 Ashtead v AFC Walcountians
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 R. Brum
H: M.James  G.Vardon  A: S.Grosser(6)  B.Macey  D.Obakin  L.Rodgers  R.Thomas  S.Grosser
4 0 Claygate Royals v Merton Social
Molesey Football Club (Pitch 2)
 P. Rogers
H: T.Bradley  N.Ford  A.Gough  S.Hardcombe  A.Gough
4 1 Dover House Lions v Chelsea Rovers
Roehampton Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 C. Williams
H: R.Druce(3)  D.Mason  A: D.Medina-Londono  R.Druce  J.David Devia
2 1 Kew Park Rangers v Rygas
Marble Hill Park
 T. Burton
H: F.Ortmatns  U.Umotong  A: L.Clements
0 4 Merton Social v Claygate Royals
Molesey Football Club
 P. Rogers
 A: L.Ewing(2)  S.Hardcombe  J.Pendill  A.Gough
Wednesday, 13 March 2019
4 1 AFC Ewell v Earlsfield United
Banstead Football Club
 M. Thomas
H: W.Chipperton  A.Gibbs(2)  S.Hodge  A: J.Norton  W.Chipperton  J.Norton
Saturday, 16 March 2019
2 6 AC Malden v Merton Social
Riverhill Sports Ground
 P. Horne
H: J.Bias(2)  A: D.Murray(2)  J.Okafor(2)  E.Suich(2)  M.Braben
1 4 Ashtead v Rygas
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 N. Patterson
H: M.Wallden  A: L.Clements  S.Thomas(3)  G.Vardon
0 6 Chelsea Rovers v AFC Walcountians
King's House Sports Ground
 M. Thomas
 A: S.Grosser  G.Harrington  N.Leonard(2)  OG  L.Rodgers  T.Mandimika  N.Leonard
3 1 Oxted & District v Kew Park Rangers
Master Park
 K. Horn
H: s.Bartholmew  O.Beck  I.Holmes  A: U.Umotong  N.Taylor
2 3 Sporting 50 v Earlsfield United
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 3)
 B. Browne
H: S.Johnson  M.Kingston  A: S.Robb  N.Whelan(2)  S.Robb
Saturday, 23 March 2019
10 1 AFC Ewell v AC Malden
Banstead Football Club
 D. Rowland
H: F.Balogun  M.Crawford  A.Gibbs(3)  C.Porter(2)  A.Tanous  M.Victor(2)  A: D.Clemennts  C.Porter  T.Marshall
6 1 AFC Walcountians v Oxted & District
Old Walcountians Sport Ground
 D. Johnston
H: L.Rodgers(2)  S.Scola(3)  R.Thomas  A: C.Stagg  S.Scola
3 0 Ashtead v Chelsea Rovers
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 P. Dowell
H: D.Amos  J.Cook  M.Edwards  A.Reeves
4 3 Dover House Lions v Claygate Royals
Roehampton Playing Fields (Pitch 2)
 R. Marus
H: L.Anastasov  N.Barnett(2)  R.Druce  A: S.Hardcombe(3)  L.Martinez  S.Hardcombe
4 0 Earlsfield United v Sporting 50
Garratt Park
 P. Rogers
H: G.Mountain  S.Robb  C.Walters Wright  N.Whelan  N.Whelan
0 3 Rygas v Merton Social
Riverhill Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
 D. Sanford
 A: D.Murray(3)  D.Murray
Wednesday, 27 March 2019
4 1 Earlsfield United v Oxted & District
Raynes Park Vale F C
8pm kick off
 M. Thomas
H: S.Robb(3)  N.Whelan  A: s.Bartholmew  S.Robb  J.Hughes
Saturday, 30 March 2019
3 5 AFC Ewell v Chelsea Rovers
Walton Excel
 D. Rowland
H: A.Tanous(2)  M.Victor  A: A.Jose Castano  D.Medina-Londono(4)  E.Ransom  D.Medina-Londono
5 1 AFC Walcountians v Merton Social
Old Walcountians Sport Ground
 M. Sullivan
H: S.Grosser  T.Melvin  S.Scola(2)  R.Thomas  A: K.Quinn  N.Leonard
3 1 Earlsfield United v AC Malden
Garratt Park
 J. Thompson
H: S.Folkes  S.Robb  N.Whelan  A: J.Gray  A.Austin  T.Dickson
1 6 Kew Park Rangers v Claygate Royals
Marble Hill Park
 J. Besagni
H: F.Ortmatns  A: J.Gough  S.Hardcombe(2)  P.Ley  J.McLaren(2)
1 2 Oxted & District v Dover House Lions
Master Park
 M. Hamilton
H: B.Hoy  A: D.Mason  J.Roberts  A.Hancock  C.West
H - Sporting 50 v Rygas [ Home Win was awarded ]
Goals Deckers Tolworth (Pitch 3)
Rygas unable to field a team