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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2017-2018 Season
Tuesday, 19 June 2018
Junior Division 3 :  Fixtures & Results for September October
13 in list
Saturday, 09 September 2017
1 1 N P L Reserves v Shaftesbury Town 'A'
N P L Sports Club
 B. Smith
H: J.Coe  A: D.Phillpot  L.Gallitent  K.Foster
2 4 Old Boys Clapham v Oxted & District Reserves
Larkhall Park
 T. Shaw
H: J.Arasa Villar  J.Chun  A: s.Bartholmew  J.Heyburn(2)  H.Pearce
0 6 Rollers Athletic v Woodmansterne Hyde Reserves
Edenham High School
1:30 PM
 D. Abiodun
 A: O.McNally(2)  OG  D.Pepperrell(2)  B.Room  L.Williams  D.Pepperrell
3 0 Tooting Bec 'A' v Merton Social 'A'
Prince Georges Playing Fields
 G. Bird
H: C.Hill  G.Jones(2)  O.Gasim
Saturday, 16 September 2017
2 3 Merton Social 'A' v Rollers Athletic
King George's Park
Merton Social 'A' +3 points

Rollers Athletic -3 points

Rollers played an unregistered player 3 points deducted and then awarded to Merton Social
 S. Tuohy
H: A.Docwra  G.Webder  A: J.Gomes  R.Henry  R.Lockwood  G.Webder  R.Henry
3 2 Old Boys Clapham v Shaftesbury Town 'A'
Larkhall Park
 P. Agboula
H: J.Arasa Villar(2)  T.Godfrey  A: K.Granger(2)
3 2 Real Holmesdale v Tooting Bec 'A'
John Ruskin Playing Fields
 P. Curran
H: D.Cox  J.Dartnell(2)  A: L.Di Genna  D.Hermanstein  D.Payne  L.Di Genna
5 4 Sporting Kitz v Oxted & District Reserves
Tolworth Court Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
 M. Riches
H: M.Hyanes(4)  J.Loyza  A: J.Heyburn  B.Hoy  T.Hunt  H.Pearce
Saturday, 23 September 2017
2 0 Old Boys Clapham v Real Holmesdale
Larkhall Park
 E. White
H: J.Arasa Villar  M.Vyas  D.Fahy
3 1 Rollers Athletic v Wilf Kroucher
Edenham High School
1:30 PM
 P. Curran
H: N.Kala-Ogolo(2)  A.Saffarizadeh  A: G.kande  C.Chipulu  G.kande
0 3 Woodmansterne Hyde Reserves v Sporting Kitz
Woodmansterne Sports Club
3:00 PM
 G. Bird
 A: M.Hyanes  J.Loyza(2)  O.McNally
Saturday, 30 September 2017
6 2 N P L Reserves v Sporting Kitz
N P L Sports Club
1:00 PM
 A. Mohamud
H: J.Bennett(3)  N.Brook  C.Grady  A.Grant  A: J.Loyza  A.Reeves  J.Bennett
5 2 Oxted & District Reserves v Merton Social 'A'
Master Park
 P. Horne
H: M.barker  s.Bartholmew  B.Cracknell  H.Pearce  P.Seal  A: L.Coleman  I.Taylor  O.Gill