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Surrey South Eastern Combination
2017-2018 Season
Friday, 16 April 2021
Intermediate Division 1 :  Fixtures & Results for September October
16 in list
Saturday, 09 September 2017
1 5 A.M.Y v Wandgas Sport
Alexandra Recreation Ground
 C. Mckoy
H: M.Tahir  A: W.Cathcart(2)  J.Eastwood  R.Guest  T.Henderson  J.Eastwood
1 2 Forestdale v Hanworth Sports
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
3:00 PM
 C. Fessey
H: D.Pajic  A: D.Whyman(2)  D.Pajic
0 5 Old Plymouthians v Old Rutlishians
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 D. Johnston
 A: C.Beard  M.Beard  Z.Graham(2)  N.Raggett  C.Vernon
Saturday, 16 September 2017
2 1 Ashtead v Forestdale
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 D. Rowland
H: J.Cook(2)  A: D.Pajic  J.Elbishlawi  D.Pajic
2 1 LDN South West v Old Plymouthians
Barn Elms
 P. Rogers
H: O.Eyong  N.Santos  A: E.Wood  N.Santos
0 1 Old Rutlishians v Hanworth Sports
Old Rutlishians Association
 A. Goodrich
 A: M.Almida
3 2 West Fulham v Wandgas Sport
Weston Green Sports Ground
 P. Legg
H: D.Boothe  B.Graham  T.Harper  A: W.Cathcart  R.Guest  D.Boothe  R.Guest
4 2 Westminster Casuals v Bermondsey Town
Tolworth Court Sports Ground (Pitch 4)
 D. Hepburn
H: J.Cardy  B.Lee  OG  E.Smith  A: D.West  N.Zarifi  E.Smith
Saturday, 23 September 2017
0 10 Forestdale v West Fulham
Croydon Postal Sports Ground (Pitch 3)
3:00 PM
 D. Sanford
 A: D.Boothe  S.Chute  T.Harper(2)  D.Lewis(2)  R.Mcdowell  D.Paul  S.Powel  C.Thomas  C.Thomas
5 4 LDN South West v A.M.Y
Barn Elms
 N. Patterson
H: T.Charnock  O.Eyong  OG  S.Staunton(2)  A: K.Ahmed  M.Nayee(3)  S.Staunton
4 0 Old Plymouthians v Ashtead
Wallington Sports & Social Club (Pitch 2)
 B. Stopani
H: A.Cross(2)  P.Geary  J.Leveramore  N.Rushton
3 3 Wandgas Sport v Westminster Casuals
Wandgas Sports Club
 A. Homatas
H: A.Cathcart(2)  J.Wilson  A: D.Claeys  B.Lee(2)  J.Wilson  R.Simmons
Saturday, 30 September 2017
4 0 A.M.Y v Forestdale
Alexandra Recreation Ground
 N. Patterson
H: I.Ahmed(2)  K.Ahmed  M.Nayee  U.Bhatti
0 3 Ashtead v Hanworth Sports
Ashtead Recreation Ground
 D. Sanford
 A: M.Almida(2)  J.Guncalves  J.Miles
2 1 Old Plymouthians v West Fulham
Wallington Sports & Social Club
 J. Catley
H: L.Saville  S.Stevens  A: T.Harper  L.Tabanar
2 0 Old Rutlishians v Wandgas Sport
Old Rutlishians Association
change of ref
 A. Goodrich
H: M.Beard  D.Gurney  A.Cathcart