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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2017-2018 Season
Saturday, 04 April 2020
Premier Division :  August Fixtures & Results for September October
27 in list
Saturday, 02 September 2017
3 3 FC Assyria v Cricklewood Wanderers
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch #1)
 D. Ossei-Owusu  K. Rea  L. Tilbury
H: B.Butt  A.Isaac  E.Simon  A: A.Emeh  A.Flanore  J.Rocca  M.Al Ahdal
0 1 Hillingdon v Stonewall
Brunel University Sports Complex
Note: Referee changed 1210hrs 29/8/17 Paul Savva injured (JN)
 D. Jenic  M. Jenic  Marko Jenic
 A: J.Lemonius  L.Rose  L.Williams
1 1 Kensington Dragons v Tottenham Hale Rangers
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
 W. Cannon  J. Cannon  T. O'Kane
H: J.Shirley  A: C.Ebonnie
3 2 Sporting Hackney v South Kilburn
Hackney Marshes
 M. McPherson  E. McKenzie  C. Henry
H: A.Alonso(2)  P.Barry  A: D.Boothe(2)  A.Alonso
Tuesday, 05 September 2017
1 1 British Airways v Pitshanger Dynamo
Ashford Town (Middlx) FC
7:45 PM
 A. Cox  M. Sennett  M. Plumridge
H: J.Kalejaiye  A: T.Cummings  J.Dyson  N.Campbell
Saturday, 09 September 2017
2 0 Brentham v Kensington Dragons
Brentham Club
 J. Yousif  F. Mansour  C. Wordsworth
H: E.Clements  J.Townson  Z.Smart  T.Camara
6 4 British Airways v Hillingdon
Ashford Town (Middlx) FC
Note: AR1 changed 1445hrs 8/9/17 Mark Sennett moved to another fixture (JN)
 R. Simon  S. Gregory  A. Matour
H: C.Baah(3)  J.Haynes  J.Kalejaiye(2)  A: F.Altomare(2)  F.Haynes(2)  L.Nobes  N.Yearwood
7 1 FC Assyria v Stonewall
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch 4)
Note: Referee changed 1435hrs 8/9/17 Mark Sellars unavailable (JN)
 M. Sennett  V. Sawenko  M. Plumridge
H: B.Butt(5)  A.Isaac  J.McCluskey  A: N.Nakhli
3 2 Sporting Hackney v Lampton Park
Hackney Marshes
 C. Henry  E. McKenzie  C. Love
H: P.Barry  S.Edwards  S.Jones  A: F.Mir  OG  P.Barry
2 0 Tottenham Hale Rangers v Indian Gymkhana Club
Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
Note: AR changed 0940hrs 9/9/17 Dave Thomas injured (JN)
 D. Ossei-Owusu  M. McPherson  G. Smith
H: A.Habib  I.Raducanu  M.Gill
Saturday, 16 September 2017
2 0 Cricklewood Wanderers v Stonewall
Wembley FC
Note: AR2 appointed 2315hrs 13/9/17 (JN)
 N. Glavin  K. Rea  TBA
H: M.Al Ahdal  A.Ali  A.Ali  J.Stanghon
2 1 Hillingdon v C.B. Hounslow United Reserves
Brunel University Sports Complex
 D. Jenic  M. Jenic  Marko Jenic
H: F.Altomare  F.Haynes  A: M.Peters  T.Coffey
0 4 Kensington Dragons v Indian Gymkhana Club
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
Note: AR2 appointed 2140hrs 14/9/17 (JN)
 F. Mansour  D. Mansour  N. Saunders
 A: P.Kang(2)  S.Sharma(2)  I.Amaegbe  A.Sidhu
2 1 Lampton Park v Brentham
Note; Referee changed 2315hrs 13/9/17 Mark Sennett on County Cup
 J. Casey  L. Morgan  K. Paya
H: F.Mir  S.Raheman  A: J.Gohil  S.Raheman  L.Hayward
2 1 South Kilburn v British Airways
Osterley Sports Club
 R. Reid  J. Yousif  A. Tooma
H: E.Scarlett(2)  A: A.Nosike
3 2 Sporting Hackney v FC Assyria
Hackney Marshes
 S. Aina  G. Smith  M. Taiwo
H: A.Alonso  P.Barry  J.Green  A: B.Butt  M.Hiskail  N.Brown
4 4 Tottenham Hale Rangers v Pitshanger Dynamo
Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
 D. Thomas  J. Miller  Mutually Agreed
H: M.Boukari  A.Habib  I.Raducanu(2)  A: C.Boyce(2)  T.Cummings  D.Jones  C.Boyce
Saturday, 23 September 2017
3 0 Brentham v Pitshanger Dynamo
Brentham Club
Note: Referee changed 1345hrs 20/9/17 Mark Sellars unavailable (JN) AR2 appointed 1525hrs 20/9/17 (JN)
 S. Aina  J. Miller  O. Hamouda
H: D.Malcolm-Adams  J.Todd  J.Townson  R.Smith  D.Jones
0 1 C.B. Hounslow United Reserves v Stonewall
CB Hounslow Sports Club
Note: AR1 appointed 1435hrs 20/9/17 (JN)
 M. Swinburn  S. Toki  TBA2
 A: J.Lemonius  J.Frost
2 1 Indian Gymkhana Club v Hillingdon
Indian Gymkhana Sports Club
Note: AR2 appointed 1310hrs 22/9/17 (JN)
 R. Simon  G. Pope  P. Jago
H: S.Mahli  A.Sidhu  A: M.Smith  A.Sidhu  F.Haynes
0 10 Kensington Dragons v FC Assyria
Linford Christie Stadium (Pitch 4)
 M. Thompson  D. Jenic  M. Jenic
 A: B.Butt(6)  G.Isaac(4)  A.Da Silva  B.Butt
2 3 Sporting Hackney v British Airways
Hackney Marshes
Note: Referee changed and 2 AR's appointed 1420hrs 21/9/17 (JN)
 D. Thomas  A. Zekri  R. Jacobs
H: J.Green  O.Robertson  A: A.Jones  J.Morten  A.Nosike  C.Bennett
1 0 Tottenham Hale Rangers v Lampton Park
Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
Note: AR1 changed 2145hrs 19/9/17 Steven Walsh on FA Vase (JN)
 J. Noblemunn  M. Taiwo  F. Al-lamy
H: I.Raducanu
Saturday, 30 September 2017
2 2 Lampton Park v Stonewall
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch 4)
Note: Ar2 appointed 1025hrs 28/9/17 (JN)
 N. Glavin  A. Cox  A. Matour
H: J.Deville  J.Winter  A: D.Edward  G.Volis  G.Volis
0 4 Pitshanger Dynamo v FC Assyria
Hanwell Town FC
 D. Lea  K. Rea  TBA2
 A: B.Butt(2)  G.Isaac(2)  N.Campbell  A.Joseph
0 3 South Kilburn v Brentham
Osterley Sports Club (Pitch #1)
 V. Sawenko  A. West  TBA
 A: R.Aitken  J.Gohil  D.Keenan  L.Hayward
1 2 Tottenham Hale Rangers v British Airways
Fredrick Knight Sports Ground
Note: AR changed 1205hrs 25/9/17 (JN)
 S. Aina  R. Jacobs  G. Batsa
H: C.Ebonnie  A: A.Nosike  H.Pasma  H.Pasma