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Watford Friendly League
2016-2017 Season
Tuesday, 07 July 2020
U18 - Red Division :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
15 in list
Sunday, 02 October 2016
3 0 Alexandra Park U18 North v Borehamwood Youth U18 Knights
H: E.Cunningham  N.Woodfield(2)  E.Cunningham  J.Chandler
2 5 Belstone FC U18 v Alexandra Park U18 Youth
 M. Balser
H: S.Adekola  B.Austen  A: C.Ariwa  T.Beggerow(3)  T.Waine  F.McIntosh
4 1 Edgware Town U18 Red v Hadley Wood & Wingate U18 Eagles
 N. Nicolaou
H: A.Arnaldi  E.McGovern(2)  C.Russell  A: D.Nouroozi-Shambayati  C.Frangeskides  L.Di Paola
2 3 Olympiacos Youth U18 v Panathinaikos U18
 S. McGovern
H: A.Kokoktsis  S.Savva  A: N.Michael  Z.Uribarri(2)  J.Harvey  K.Constantinou
Sunday, 09 October 2016
5 2 Edgware Town U18 Red v Belstone FC U18
 D. David
H: E.McGovern(3)  C.Russell(2)  A: S.Adekola  Z.Berg  E.McGovern  M.Storey
Sunday, 16 October 2016
5 1 Alexandra Park U18 Youth v Olympiacos Youth U18
H: C.Ariwa(2)  T.Beggerow(2)  J.Francis  A: R.Heatley  E.Knight  J.Panayiotis
4 0 Edgware Town U18 Red v Alexandra Park U18 North
H: E.McGovern(3)  C.Russell  M.Edwards  E.Cunningham
6 4 Panathinaikos U18 v Belstone FC U18
H: F.Duncan  N.Michael  N.Nyumah(3)  Z.Uribarri  A: C.Grimes(2)  B.Nohr(2)  N.Nyumah  C.Grimes
5 0 Whetstone Wdrs U18 Panthers v Hadley Wood & Wingate U18 Eagles
H: Z.Doumou  A.Gwynnette  M.Walker  A.Yiasoumi(2)  M.Walker  E.Forrest-McDonagh
Sunday, 23 October 2016
2 3 Belstone FC U18 v Olympiacos Youth U18
 S. Ansher
H: B.Austen  R.Dalton  A: M.Kyriacou  J.Sadiku  S.Savva  S.Adekola  J.Sadiku
2 1 Hadley Wood & Wingate U18 Eagles v Borehamwood Youth U18 Knights
 M. Balser
H: T.Gaga  D.Griffin  A: F.Levin  E.Kipa
7 5 Panathinaikos U18 v Edgware Town U18 Red
 S. McGovern
H: A.Ctori  F.Duncan(2)  E.Ntumba  N.Nyumah(2)  Z.Uribarri  A: A.Arnaldi(3)  A.Guidi  E.McGovern  O.Ogunbayo  A.Arnaldi
Sunday, 30 October 2016
3 3 Alexandra Park U18 North v Whetstone Wdrs U18 Panthers
 S. McGovern
H: R.Beckford  C.Ove-Loncraine  A.Todd  A: Z.Doumou  A.Williams(2)  P.Verity  A.Williams
3 2 Olympiacos Youth U18 v Hadley Wood & Wingate U18 Eagles
 N. Nicolaou
H: D.Adebayo  A.Antoniou  A.Kokoktsis  A: D.Griffin(2)  D.Adebayo  D.Griffin
5 5 Panathinaikos U18 v Alexandra Park U18 Youth
H: N.Michael  E.Ntumba  N.Nyumah(2)  Z.Uribarri  A: B.Case(2)  F.McIntosh  F.Steel  T.Waine  N.Nyumah  G.Colley