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Toolstation Western Football League
Member of the National League System
2008-2009 Season
Sunday, 26 May 2019
Premier Division :  Fixtures & Results for August September
47 in list
Saturday, 09 August 2008
3 3 Barnstaple Town v Bristol Manor Farm
Mill Road
Attendance 125

 S. Annis  S. Berner  A. Hopkins
H: M.Deakin(2)  L.Irish  A: B.Murray  C.Rutter(2)  M.Deakin  C.Rutter
0 1 Bishop Sutton v Dawlish Town
Attendance 65
 M. Russell  R. Cockle  J. Hooper
 A: C.Cliff-Brown  C.Cliff-Brown
2 0 Bitton v Street
Bitton Recreation Ground
Attendance 78

 A. Matthews  D. Rees  M. Powell
H: L.Maloney  J.Welling
0 1 Brislington v Melksham Town
Ironmould Lane
Attendance 58

 A. Newell  R. Tanner  C. Young
 A: D.Thompson  T.Winter
1 1 Calne Town v Wellington
Bremhill View
 P. Lavelle  P. Buckeridge  C. Burton
H: G.Armstrong  A: S.Kingston
1 0 Corsham Town v Chard Town
Attendance 138

 A. Nunn  M. Niemirski  S. Tobin
H: B.Woodford  C.Fullam  D.Hutchings
1 2 Devizes Town v Ilfracombe Town
Nursteed Road
Attendance 69

 M. Rushton  C. Miles  B. Francis
H: A.Giles  A: M.Clunie  D.Robinson  K.Baggaley
1 2 Radstock Town v Bideford
Southfields Recreation Ground
Attendance 57
 M. Derrien  R. Torczuk  D. Ballam
H: C.Wilson  A: S.Lewis  R.Veale  D.Foy
1 2 Sherborne Town v Welton Rovers
The Terrace Playing Field
Attendance 109

 J. Amey  R. Magrath  D. Howard
H: M.Caines  A: D.Evans(2)  M.Rowlands
1 1 Willand Rovers v Hallen
Silver Street
Attendance 77

 R. Corp  M. Curtis  G. Harris
H: G.McAuley  A: M.Reid  D.Baily  A.Davis
Monday, 11 August 2008
1 1 Melksham Town v Bitton
The Conigre
Attendance 108
 I. Parsons  R. Smith  N. Norris
H: G.Tindle  A: M.Reynolds
Tuesday, 12 August 2008
4 1 Bristol Manor Farm v Corsham Town
The Creek
Attendance 66
 A. Shilston  A. Jenkins  A. Newell
H: B.Hiscox(3)  J.Pugsley  A: B.Woodford  B.Hiscox  L.McFarlane
0 3 Chard Town v Radstock Town
Dening Sports Field
Attendance 82
 T. Lawrence  D. Milton  A. Cloak
 A: T.Plummer  T.Whitcliffe  C.Wilson  T.Plummer
3 2 Dawlish Town v Sherborne Town
Sandy Lane
Attendance 82
 P. Milton  A. Quin  S. Nute
H: J.Bushin(2)  A.Lynch  A: T.Cunningham  N.Jacobs  L.Moseley
1 2 Ilfracombe Town v Barnstaple Town
Marlborough Park
Attendance 238
 M. Oldaker  M. Edworthy  P. Heywood
H: L.Taswell  A: L.Irish  D.Tapp  J.Mayne
0 0 Street v Brislington
The Tannery Ground
Attendance 84
 R. Gillard  C. Brokenshaw  T. Richardson
2 1 Welton Rovers v Bishop Sutton
West Clews
Attendance 105
 R. Vaughan  R. Price  M. Powell
H: C.Astley  D.Evans  A: S.Payne  N.Beaverstock
Wednesday, 13 August 2008
2 1 Frome Town v Devizes Town
Frome Town Badgers Hill
Attendance 133
 P. Brown  S. Brown  R. Cockle
H: A.Lapham  M.Salter  A: D.Sloan  J.Gomes
1 3 Hallen v Wellington
Hallen Centre
Attendance 52
 M. Russell  A. Hunter  M. Halford
H: P.Griffiths  A: C.Herrod  S.Kingston  A.Robertson  R.Weston
Tuesday, 19 August 2008
2 1 Brislington v Welton Rovers
Ironmould Lane
Attendance 67
 A. Williams  D. Rees  S. Cook
H: R.Church  K.Mountford  A: D.Blake  J.Peart  A.Brain
0 5 Corsham Town v Hallen
Attendance 105
 P. Rees  A. Cripps  K. Barnett
 A: A.Beecham(3)  A.Davis(2)  D.Ranger  G.Brimson
Wednesday, 20 August 2008
2 0 Sherborne Town v Willand Rovers
The Terrace Playing Field
Attendance 97
 P. Brown  N. Whitfield  A. Jacobs
H: M.Caines  J.Thompson  R.Jee
Saturday, 23 August 2008
2 2 Bideford v Bishop Sutton
The Sports Ground
Attendance 146

 K. Knowles  A. Cloak  L. Cousins
H: N.Bettiss  R.Gough  A: S.Bone  A.Farrell  A.Tyers
2 0 Bristol Manor Farm v Wellington
The Creek
Attendance 59

 E. Hunt  M. Chidley  A. Berrow
H: C.Rutter  J.Stephens  L.Ballard
4 1 Calne Town v Willand Rovers
Bremhill View
Attendance 53

 M. Rushton  P. Gurd  N. Strong
H: D.Lardner  J.Lye  R.Lye  OG  A: D.Baily
2 2 Chard Town v Devizes Town
Dening Sports Field
Attendance 69

 M. Oldaker  Q. Iskander  P. Lister
H: M.Corrick  G.Spiller  A: K.Bush  A.Giles  D.Hutchings
1 0 Dawlish Town v Brislington
Sandy Lane
Attendance 73

 C. Ward  I. Loader  A. Tinkler
H: J.Bushin  D.Harris  T.Godsell
1 0 Frome Town v Corsham Town
Frome Town Badgers Hill
Attendance 136

 M. Pottage  L. Hoskins  J. Walton
H: T.Colbourne  T.Colbourne  L.Fullam
0 4 Ilfracombe Town v Bitton
Marlborough Park
Attendance 84

 M. Whaley  D. Goard  C. Mann
 A: M.Meaker(2)  M.Reynolds(2)  S.Oliver  M.Reynolds
1 3 Melksham Town v Radstock Town
The Conigre
Attendance 40

 P. Rees  J. Whitehead  R. Hughes
H: D.Percival  A: L.Oakley(2)  D.Preece  T.Thompson
3 1 Street v Sherborne Town
The Tannery Ground
Attendance 94

 A. Newell  M. Veater  K. Williams
H: K.Palmer  D.Pearse(2)  A: M.Caines
1 1 Welton Rovers v Barnstaple Town
West Clews
Attendance 60

 T. Lawrence  C. Brokenshaw  M. Long
H: D.Evans  A: K.Squire  N.Beaverstock
Monday, 25 August 2008
2 1 Bitton v Calne Town
Bitton Recreation Ground
Attendance 90
 P. Rees  J. Maule  A. Raggett
H: M.Reynolds(2)  A: J.Lye  M.Reynolds
1 1 Melksham Town v Corsham Town
The Conigre
Attendance 145
 A. Bird  S. Pritchard  A. Hunt
H: S.Benison  A: A.Billett  A.Billett
1 2 Welton Rovers v Radstock Town
West Clews
Attendance 170
 A. Nunn  S. Morgan-Smith  A. Gibbons
H: D.Blake  A: J.Billing  I.Sarr  A.Jones
1 0 Willand Rovers v Street
Silver Street
Attendance 92
 A. Rodda  I. McGuffog  S. Berner
H: P.Pocock  D.Hambly
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
2 2 Brislington v Frome Town
Ironmould Lane
Attendance 90
 E. Hunt  M. Halford  A. Ricketts
H: T.Godsell  A.Hiroli  A: T.Colbourne  M.Salter  T.Godsell  D.Caslake
1 1 Bristol Manor Farm v Bishop Sutton
The Creek
Attendance 62
 K. Morris  D. Bryant  R. Tanner
H: L.Clarke  A: R.Dumphy  R.Dumphy
3 1 Dawlish Town v Ilfracombe Town
Sandy Lane
Attendance 61
 M. Philpott  W. Pearce  D. Brown
H: J.Bushin(2)  A.Lynch  A: J.Mayne  D.Harris  J.Mayne
Wednesday, 27 August 2008
0 1 Sherborne Town v Bideford
The Terrace Playing Field
Attendance 128
 R. Corp  D. Beament  R. Cobb
 A: J.Densham
Saturday, 30 August 2008
0 3 Barnstaple Town v Melksham Town
Mill Road
Attendance 110

 L. Swabey  L. Roberts  S. Nute
 A: N.Auckland  D.Thompson(2)
2 2 Bishop Sutton v Radstock Town
Attendance 42

 A. Newell  J. Branston  M. Hall
H: S.Bone  A.Farrell  A: O.Edwards(2)  D.Burborough  O.Edwards
1 0 Chard Town v Corsham Town
Dening Sports Field
Attendance 81

 E. Hunt  S. Glyde  A. Fricker
H: M.Scott  J.Clough  C.Fullam
6 0 Dawlish Town v Devizes Town
Sandy Lane
Attendance 63

 P. Heywood  M. Curtis  W. Harrison
H: J.Bushin(3)  G.Fisher  A.Lynch  K.Wills  J.Bushin
3 1 Hallen v Ilfracombe Town
Hallen Centre
Attendance 38

 B. Matthews  D. McEllin  S. Wales
H: D.Copeland(3)  A: J.Davey  D.Copeland  S.Huxtable
1 0 Sherborne Town v Wellington
The Terrace Playing Field
Attendance 91

 S. Annis  S. Paul  J. McCaffery
H: S.Jarman
1 3 Welton Rovers v Bristol Manor Farm
West Clews
Attendance 47

 P. Milton  G. Childs  P. Byfield
H: C.Lewis  A: L.Clarke  T.Dailly  P.Vice  L.Clarke