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Toolstation Western Football League
Member of the National League System
2008-2009 Season
Saturday, 06 June 2020
Premier Division :  December Fixtures & Results for January February
26 in list
Saturday, 03 January 2009
1 0 Dawlish Town v Melksham Town
Sandy Lane
Attendance 91
 S. Annis  P. Christmas  T. Burley
H: M.Micklewright  J.Kinsman
Tuesday, 13 January 2009
2 1 Brislington v Radstock Town
Ironmould Lane
Attendance 42
 P. Milton  A. Smith  J. Walton
H: R.Church  C.Rich  A: C.Wilson  A.Jones
4 4 Corsham Town v Frome Town
Attendance 181
 S. Robbins  S. Thomas  J. Maule
H: J.Ford  S.Gray  A.Heath(2)  A: S.Duggan  M.Rawlins(2)  M.Salter  A.Heath
Wednesday, 14 January 2009
1 0 Hallen v Melksham Town
Hallen Centre
Attendance 32
 E. Hunt  R. Cockle  R. Goodwin
H: J.Reynold
Saturday, 17 January 2009
2 1 Bristol Manor Farm v Sherborne Town
The Creek
Attendance 42

 K. Morris  A. Baker  M. Chidley
H: B.Hiscox  P.Vice  A: S.McDiad
1 2 Dawlish Town v Welton Rovers
Sandy Lane
Attendance 41

 M. Philpott  J. McCaffery  C. Stevens
H: C.Fenner  A: D.Blake  D.Boys  S.Laughton  N.Hudson
1 2 Devizes Town v Barnstaple Town
Nursteed Road
Attendance 51

 R. Corp  K. Williams  R. Torczuk
H: A.Giles  A: M.Deakin  K.Squire
2 0 Street v Ilfracombe Town
The Tannery Ground
Attendance 68

 P. Brown  G. Harris  P. Heywood
H: T.Clifford-Jones  K.Palmer  S.Oliver
1 3 Wellington v Frome Town
North Street
Attendance 107

H: S.Holland  A: J.Cheeseman  S.Duggan  M.Salter  I.Kennedy
5 2 Willand Rovers v Brislington
Silver Street
Attendance 67

 B. Huxtable  A. Cloak  L. Cousins
H: D.Baily  D.Jee  R.Norrish  D.Stamp  D.Steele  A: R.Church  C.Rich  R.Norrish
Saturday, 24 January 2009
3 0 Bideford v Corsham Town
The Sports Ground
Attendance 120

 M. West  S. Foster  D. Goard
H: R.Gough  E.Laight  S.Tolley  T.Smith
3 0 Bitton v Radstock Town
Bitton Recreation Ground
Attendance 108

 A. Matthews  A. Berrow  R. Goodwin
H: M.Cherry  M.Reynolds  M.Tilley  D.Hallett  E.Deans
4 4 Calne Town v Bristol Manor Farm
Bremhill View
Attendance 53

 M. Pottage  M. Niemirski  I. Trueman
H: D.King  J.Lye(2)  R.Lye  A: L.Clarke(2)  J.Lee  OG
1 4 Chard Town v Hallen
Dening Sports Field
Attendance 102

 M. Whaley  M. Curtis  G. Harris
H: J.Clough  A: A.Cook  R.Mowatt  R.Nelmes  M.Reid  M.Reid
2 2 Devizes Town v Street
Nursteed Road
Attendance 55

 P. Lavelle  C. Hopkins  P. Bartle
H: K.Bush  S.Percival  A: B.Amghar  J.Bisgrove
1 0 Frome Town v Barnstaple Town
Frome Town Badgers Hill
Attendance 166

 T. Lawrence  A. Gibbons  D. Milton
H: M.Rawlins  S.Bryant
2 1 Sherborne Town v Ilfracombe Town
The Terrace Playing Field
Attendance 73

 N. Brimming  S. Brown  C. Young
H: T.Cunningham  S.McDiad  A: M.Hedden  N.Bettiss
2 1 Wellington v Brislington
North Street
Attendance 65

 M. Derrien  G. Childs  T. Richardson
H: M.Francis  D.Stone  A: R.Church
Saturday, 31 January 2009
2 1 Barnstaple Town v Frome Town
Mill Road
Attendance 137

 P. Grenfell  A. Webster  C. Mann
H: J.Bradford  R.Middleton  A: M.Rawlins
1 1 Bideford v Street
The Sports Ground
Attendance 121

 M. Oldaker  J. McCaffery  S. Paul
H: D.Hawkings  A: J.Bisgrove
3 2 Bristol Manor Farm v Chard Town
The Creek
Attendance 55

 N. Brimming  A. Berrow  M. Powell
H: L.Clarke  B.Hiscox  J.Lee  A: L.Bailey  A.Piper
0 3 Dawlish Town v Bishop Sutton
Sandy Lane
Attendance 49

 A. Bromley  S. Berner  A. Hopkins
 A: L.Britton  R.Dumphy  T.Jacobs  M.O'Donnell  S.Bailey
1 0 Hallen v Calne Town
Hallen Centre
Attendance 42

 K. Morris  A. Baker  M. Chidley
H: T.Collett  R.Mowatt
0 4 Radstock Town v Brislington
Southfields Recreation Ground
Attendance 46

 P. Brown  A. Gibbons  M. Hall
 A: R.Church(2)  T.Godsell  C.Rich  I.Sarr
2 0 Welton Rovers v Sherborne Town
West Clews
Attendance 64

 M. Pottage  P. Collyer  J. Branston
H: J.Billing  A.Catley  A.Sheen
1 2 Willand Rovers v Bitton
Silver Street
Attendance 74

 R. Corp  L. Hoskins  A. Raggett
H: S.Hill  A: M.Cherry  M.Tilley  S.Croft  T.Warren