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Cherry Red Books Middlesex County Football League
Member of the National League System
2011-2012 Season
Tuesday, 03 August 2021
Premier Division :  March Fixtures & Results for April May
28 in list
Saturday, 07 April 2012
1 2 Broadfields United v FC Romania
Middlesex Stadium (Hillingdon FC)
 D. Reeve  S. Aina  R. Gilchrist
H: M.Fearon  A: S.Pitaru  A.Sirbu
0 3 FC Deportivo Galicia v Kodak (Harrow)
Osterley Sports Club
ref abandoned the game near the end off f/t VH result sec score at the time was 0 - 3.......DISCIP DECISION
 M. Young  D. Hookway  S. Yu (Yth)
 A: P.Neale  B.Tacon(2)  B.Tacon
0 3 Singh Sabha Slough v Interwood
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
NOTE....CHANGE OF OPPONENTS ( fix sec 12-3-12 )
 G. Kent  J. Yousif  B. Gill
 A: U.Adeniji  R.Hervel(2)  M.Duffy
6 0 Southall v Sloane
Hanwell Town FC
 M. Smith  J. Keane  N. Saunders
H: D.Daniel(2)  N.Gilbert(2)  D.James  R.Sylvester
2 4 Sporting Hackney v Willesden Constantine
Hackney Marshes
 H. Dhillon  J. Francourt  A. Tonev
H: M.Krivansk  A.McQuade  A: J.Campbell  A.Marshall(3)
3 0 Springfield v North Kensington
Wadham Lodge
 D. Thomas  A. Monk  A. Dennis
H: D.Crosdale  C.Goldson  M.Harris  D.Crosdale
0 6 West Essex v Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H)
Hackney Marshes
 J. Noblemunn  D. Fenner  C. Fernandes
 A: J.Jadeja  A.Kaloti  P.Kang  S.Liddar  Z.Sabti  G.Sandhu  J.Jadeja
Monday, 09 April 2012
4 0 Hounslow Wanderers v Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H)
Osterley Sports Club
12:00 PM

 J. Noblemunn  S. Aina  M. Jacobs
H: F.Otshudi(3)  M.Wilkinson  F.Otshudi
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
3 1 Broadfields United v Hillingdon
Middlesex Stadium (Hillingdon FC)
Nigel Hickes injured referee changed 9/4/12 (JN)
 G. Kent  M. Jacobs  R. Gilchrist
H: E.Cassey(2)  L.Jegatheeswaran  A: C.Moss
2 1 Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H) v FC Deportivo Galicia
Imperial College Sports Ground
Joseph Yousif unavailable, referee changed 9/4/12 (JN) Simon Cudner closed date 1st AR changed 9/4/12 (JN)
 S. Aina  J. Coverley  S. Yu (Yth)
H: J.Jadeja  T.Lowe  A: J.Cambeiro  N.Aboo
9 0 Southall v Kodak (Harrow)
Hanwell Town FC
 J. Noblemunn  J. Keane  M. Smith
H: D.Daniel(2)  M.Denton  N.Gilbert  D.James(5)  A.Groves
Saturday, 14 April 2012
2 1 FC Romania v FC Deportivo Galicia
Score Community Centre (3G)
Change of 2nd AR 11/4/12 (JN)
 A. Dennis  J. Noblemunn  D. Fenner
H: I.Bortas(2)  A: L.Campbell Arranz  G.Bahamonde
0 0 Hillingdon v Sporting Hackney
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 M. Sellars  D. Lea  D. Low
3 0 Singh Sabha Slough v Kodak (Harrow)
Kodak Sports Ground
2:30 PM

 S. Williams  R. Hazell  R. Gilchrist
H: K.Bria  D.Markman  M.Randhawa  A.Groves
4 1 Sloane v North Kensington
Hackney Marshes
 J. Francourt  A. Monk  C. Fernandes
H: S.Aalit(3)  A.Zagajewski  A: M.Mkoloma
1 3 Willesden Constantine v Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H)
Alperton Sports Ground
 V. Sawenko  N. Hickes  N. Fyfield
H: A.Marshall  A: M.Gill  J.Jadeja  A.Kaloti  A.Kaloti
Wednesday, 18 April 2012
1 1 Broadfields United v Kodak (Harrow)
Middlesex Stadium (Hillingdon FC)
 J. Keane  M. Smith  J. Yousif
 A: C.Brenchley  C.Brenchley
4 2 Southall v North Kensington
Hanwell Town FC
 S. Stoyanov  S. Aina  N. Fyfield
H: M.Brar  D.Daniel  M.Gulfer  J.Meta  A: M.Meremikwu  M.Mkoloma
Saturday, 21 April 2012
3 1 Hillingdon v Springfield
Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
 G. Kent  M. Rodriguez  A. Babakhanlou
H: T.Herlihy  J.Shepherd  L.Sparks  A: D.Crosdale  L.Sparks  G.Meadows
5 1 Interwood v North Kensington
Wadham Lodge
 J. Noblemunn  A. Monk  J. Francourt
H: U.Adeniji(2)  T.Ajala  K.Krans  S.Lee  A: M.Meremikwu  L.Yiga
0 3 Kodak (Harrow) v FC Romania
Kodak Sports Ground
 D. Jenic  D. Hartley  M. Jenic
 A: F.Pelecaci  S.Pitaru  D.Talpau  A.Mason
3 6 Singh Sabha Slough v FC Deportivo Galicia
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
 C. Potter  D. Reeve  N. Saunders
H: D.Markman  H.Soor(2)  A: N.Aboo  J.Andon  J.Cambeiro(3)  L.Campbell Arranz  J.Cambeiro
1 2 Sporting Hackney v Indian Gymkhana (S.S.H)
Hackney Marshes
 S. Aina  A. Tonev  J. Hyde
H: M.Sharpe  A: M.Gill  Z.Sabti
1 2 West Essex v Broadfields United
Hackney Marshes
 A. Dennis  H. Dhillon  G. Smith
H: D.Jolley  A: M.Fearon  S.Fearon
Saturday, 28 April 2012
4 0 North Kensington v West Essex
Vale Farm Sports Ground (Pitch 2)
3:00 PM

Andrey Lashchikov closed date referee changed 24/4/12 (JN)
 S. Aina  N. Hickes  N. Saunders
H: N.Mensah  M.Meremikwu(2)  N.Simon
H - Singh Sabha Slough v Springfield [ Home Win was awarded ]
Eton Wick Football and Social Club
NOTE.......AWAY TEAM UNABLE TO FIELD A SIDE ( fix sec 28-4-12 )
0 1 Sporting Hackney v Hounslow Wanderers
Hackney Marshes
 J. Morris  C. Fernandes  J. Hyde
 A: M.Wilkinson  G.Degun
Monday, 30 April 2012
10 1 Interwood v Springfield
Wadham Lodge
8:00 PM

Result from referee 1/5/12 (JN)
 J. Noblemunn  C. Fernandes  J. Francourt
H: T.Ajala(4)  M.Doyle  K.Krans(4)  S.Lee  A: R.Thomas  T.Ajala  G.Meadows