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Spartan South Midlands Football League
Member of the National League System
2007-2008 Season
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
Division One :  November Fixtures & Results for December January
35 in list
Saturday, 01 December 2007
0 5 Bedford v Sport London e Benfica
Attendance 13
 A: G.Braganca  C.Da Silva(3)  D.Dgaio
0 3 Bedford Town Reserves v Ampthill Town
Attendance 22
 A: S.Reynolds(2)  R.Tucker
3 2 Buckingham Athletic v Winslow United
Attendance 24
H: A.Hammond  S.Latham  OG  A: R.Wiffen(2)
5 3 Cheshunt Reserves v Sun Postal Sports
Attendance 54
H: G.Geddes  G.Gregoriou(2)  J.Martin  T.Obi  A: A.Avis  D.Lancaster  L.Reid
2 3 Harpenden Town v Brache Sparta
Attendance 10
H: B.Dawes(2)  A: E.Leslie  OG  D.Swan
0 0 Royston Town v Cranfield United
Attendance 31
Saturday, 08 December 2007
3 2 Cranfield United v Kentish Town
Attendance 31
H: A.Shearer(2)  A.Wooding  A: B.Newall  L.Scott
1 1 Hoddesdon Town v Winslow United
Attendance 33
H: N.Newbury  A: R.Wiffen
7 0 Royston Town v Amersham Town
Attendance 59
H: M.Babbage  L.Robins  G.Tibballs  M.Turl  W.Turl(3)
Tuesday, 11 December 2007
4 1 Royston Town v Ampthill Town
Attendance 46
H: C.Hammond(3)  L.Robins  A: C.Moss
Saturday, 15 December 2007
4 0 Ampthill Town v Arlesey Athletic
Attendance 30
H: C.Lester  M.Quinn  S.Reynolds  M.Wells
1 2 Bedford v Bedford Town Reserves
Attendance 23
H: J.Layne  A: J.Guiney(2)
5 1 Haringey Borough v Brache Sparta
Attendance 20
H: R.Obinna(3)  A.Stokes  M.Thompson  A: D.Howard
0 0 Harpenden Town v Buckingham Athletic
Attendance 8
3 1 Kentish Town v Sun Postal Sports
Attendance 21
H: J.Donoghue  A.Meerza  L.Scott  A: D.Lancaster
3 0 New Bradwell St Peter v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 30
H: D.Cole  M.Lee
1 2 Sport London e Benfica v Royston Town
Attendance 27
H: H.Da Silva  A: D.Cain  C.Hammond
3 1 Stony Stratford Town v Cheshunt Reserves
Attendance 33
H: A.Castagnetti  D.Dykes  B.Hill  A: G.Geddes
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
2 3 Stony Stratford Town v Royston Town
Attendance 35
H: D.Dykes(2)  A: C.Hammond(2)  L.Robins
Saturday, 22 December 2007
1 2 Amersham Town v Harpenden Town
Attendance 15
H: A.Ajayi  A: B.Dawes(2)
7 1 Ampthill Town v Sun Postal Sports
Attendance 29
H: C.Lester  OG  S.Reynolds(2)  M.Wells(3)  A: J.Thornley
2 2 Arlesey Athletic v Stony Stratford Town
Attendance 30
H: A.Furness  OG  A: D.Dykes  M.Gibson
0 4 Brache Sparta v New Bradwell St Peter
Attendance 6
 A: D.Cole  L.Coulter  G.Tite(2)
3 3 Buckingham Athletic v Haringey Borough
Attendance 37
H: A.Bennett  OG  R.Simons  A: R.Hardy  C.Obiji  R.Obinna
0 2 Cheshunt Reserves v Bedford
Attendance 34
 A: K.Alleyne(2)
0 1 Cranfield United v Bedford Town Reserves
Attendance 49
 A: M.Allen
3 2 Hoddesdon Town v Sport London e Benfica
Attendance 40
H: A.Martin  P.Ulatowski(2)  A: C.Da Silva(2)
8 0 Royston Town v Winslow United
Attendance 52
H: C.Edwards  C.Hammond(6)  L.Robins
Saturday, 29 December 2007
2 1 Bedford v Amersham Town
Attendance 26
H: P.Lawrence  M.Reed  A: A.Ajayi
2 3 Bedford Town Reserves v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 26
H: M.Allen  P.Drewe  A: R.Howard  A.Martin  P.Ulatowski
3 1 Harpenden Town v Arlesey Athletic
Attendance 11
H: D.Jeffries  T.Knock  G.Smith  A: T.Lock
2 2 New Bradwell St Peter v Ampthill Town
Attendance 55
H: R.Stimpson  E.Wheatley  A: S.Reynolds(2)
1 0 Stony Stratford Town v Buckingham Athletic
Attendance 55
H: S.Carr
4 0 Sun Postal Sports v Cranfield United
Attendance 10
H: A.Avis  D.Lancaster(2)  B.Poulton
2 0 Winslow United v Brache Sparta
Attendance 25
H: C.Haywood  A.Lawes