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Spartan South Midlands Football League
Member of the National League System
2007-2008 Season
Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Division One :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
31 in list
Saturday, 06 October 2007
1 4 Arlesey Athletic v Sport London e Benfica
Attendance 25
H: A.Furness  A: C.Da Silva(2)  B.Modlane  A.Muse
1 4 Bedford Town Reserves v Haringey Borough
Attendance 22
H: C.Brinson  A: A.Adedeji  M.Ingle-Clark  D.Iroegbu(2)
3 2 Brache Sparta v Cranfield United
Attendance 8
H: L.Hayward  OG  D.Whitaker  A: M.Keogh  A.Shearer
2 1 Hoddesdon Town v Bedford
Attendance 55
H: L.Knight  A.Martin  A: G.Randall
2 4 Kentish Town v Cheshunt Reserves
Attendance 36
H: O.Barker  D.Dawson  A: L.Farrell(2)  J.Martin  S.Williams
Saturday, 13 October 2007
3 1 Amersham Town v Winslow United
Attendance 32
H: J.Eboji(2)  A.Nash-Barker  A: M.Wiltshire
1 2 Buckingham Athletic v Brache Sparta
Attendance 15
H: A.Hammond  A: M.Brown  D.Whitaker
0 0 Cheshunt Reserves v New Bradwell St Peter
Attendance 77
1 5 Cranfield United v Ampthill Town
Attendance 25
H: M.Keogh  A: C.Lester  M.Munday  M.Owens(2)  K.Snaylan
1 1 Haringey Borough v Stony Stratford Town
Attendance 17
H: C.Obiji  A: B.Bellhouse
3 3 Harpenden Town v Royston Town
Attendance 12
H: B.Dawes(2)  C.Jones  A: D.McMurragh  G.Tibballs(2)
2 0 Hoddesdon Town v Bedford Town Reserves
Attendance 40
H: C.Hinton  R.Howard
2 3 Sun Postal Sports v Kentish Town
Attendance 3
H: J.Howes  A.Mills  A: J.Donoghue(2)  L.Scott
Tuesday, 16 October 2007
4 1 Amersham Town v Sun Postal Sports
Attendance 35
H: R.Baker  R.Higgs  R.Thomas(2)  A: S.Francis
4 0 Hoddesdon Town v Haringey Borough
Attendance 73
H: R.Howard  A.Martin  A.Tourlamaine(2)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
1 0 Ampthill Town v Harpenden Town
Attendance 35
H: M.Munday
3 2 Arlesey Athletic v Amersham Town
Attendance 26
H: W.Blows(2)  A.Furness  A: R.Thomas(2)
0 3 Bedford Town Reserves v Buckingham Athletic
Attendance 19
 A: S.Latham(2)  OG
2 4 Brache Sparta v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 12
H: D.Edwards  L.Hayward  A: R.Howard(2)  A.Martin  P.Ulatowski
4 2 Kentish Town v Haringey Borough
Attendance 34
H: J.Donoghue(3)  L.Scott  A: A.Adedeji  M.Maher
1 0 New Bradwell St Peter v Bedford
Attendance 52
H: B.Quill
4 4 Sport London e Benfica v Sun Postal Sports
Attendance 22
H: E.Da Silva(2)  H.Da Silva  V.Lomba  A: D.Lancaster(3)  S.Stedman
3 6 Winslow United v Cranfield United
Attendance 25
H: F.Iannone  G.Karwacinski  R.Wiffen  A: V.Diaz  G.Haywood  A.Shearer(3)  A.Wooding
Saturday, 27 October 2007
1 3 Amersham Town v Sport London e Benfica
Attendance 27
H: J.Eboji  A: D.Dgaio  R.Martins  N.Sang
1 3 Bedford v Ampthill Town
Attendance 34
H: C.Huckle  A: M.Munday  S.Reynolds  C.Townsend
1 2 Bedford Town Reserves v New Bradwell St Peter
Attendance 31
H: M.Allen  A: M.Downard  G.Tite
1 1 Cheshunt Reserves v Winslow United
Attendance 35
H: G.Geddes  A: F.Iannone
3 1 Cranfield United v Buckingham Athletic
Attendance 47
H: A.Shearer(3)  A: A.Smith
0 3 Haringey Borough v Harpenden Town
Attendance 28
 A: C.Gregory  R.Taaffe(2)
2 1 Kentish Town v Brache Sparta
Attendance 37
H: P.Butler  L.Scott  A: J.Dickson
2 4 Stony Stratford Town v Arlesey Athletic
Attendance 40
H: S.Carr  K.Williams  A: W.Blows  A.Furness(2)  T.Lock