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Spartan South Midlands Football League
Member of the National League System
2013-2014 Season
Sunday, 21 April 2019
Premier Division :  Fixtures & Results for August September
49 in list
Saturday, 10 August 2013
0 1 Ampthill Town v St Margaretsbury
Attendance 75
 M. Heavey  J. Morris  M. Ball
 A: D.Edmee  G.Ridgway
1 1 Biggleswade United v London Colney
Attendance 63
 N. Churcher  T. Albon  C. Scott
H: T.Grant  A: M.Newman  J.Peters  M.Paradise
2 2 Cockfosters v AFC Dunstable
Attendance 71
 P. Nagy  P. Panayiotou  D. George
H: A.Ali  M.Woolley  A: B.Christie(2)
3 0 Hanwell Town v Berkhamsted
Attendance 89
 M. Tweed  G. Pope  P. Jago
H: W.Healey(2)  T.Kennedy
5 3 Harefield United v Hadley
Attendance 50
 S. Lewis  J. Chidley  T. Weight
H: R.Cannon(3)  D.Fleming  M.Hashi  A: C.Goode  T.Milton  K.Smith
2 4 Hertford Town v Hatfield Town
Attendance 148
 J. Wynne  M. Bright  T. Gregory
H: B.Fraser  T.Wade  A: S.Little  A.Murad(2)  J.Welch  N.Cheek
0 4 Holmer Green v Colney Heath
Attendance 58
 S. Pater  M. Meadows  S. Brewer
 A: J.Humbert  D.Parkinson  M.Standen  M.Standen  R.Tackley
2 1 Leverstock Green v London Lions
Attendance 59
 J. Mannix  R. Pardoe  P. Hazel
H: S.King(2)  A: B.Ellis  R.Engleman
2 0 London Tigers v Oxhey Jets
Attendance 31
 R. Trinder  A. Stevens  S. Cudner
H: J.dos Santos(2)  J.dos Santos  L.Beardsworth
2 1 Stotfold v Hillingdon Borough
Attendance 61
 A. Loe  D. Jones (MK43)  S. Denton
H: M.Clark  R.Nicholl  A: R.Laney  R.Byron
1 3 Tring Athletic v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 82
 D. Cohen  C. Kitson  G. Thomas
H: D.Salmon  A: T.Hatherly(2)  D.Pigden  T.Hatherly
Tuesday, 13 August 2013
3 1 Berkhamsted v Harefield United
Attendance 94
 W. Finnie  S. Cavanagh  V. Sharan
H: J.Frederick  J.Gavin  A.McCarthy  A: T.Howe
2 1 Biggleswade United v St Margaretsbury
Attendance 61
 R. Chamberlain  R. Ward  C. Miller
H: A.Baker  T.Cookman  A: R.Light  L.Jones
1 2 Cockfosters v Tring Athletic
Attendance 65
 G. Mathias  S. Reuter  A. Batten
H: A.Pepera  A: G.Deer  G.Hall
1 2 Colney Heath v Hadley
Attendance 72
 P. Acierno  J. Chidley  J. Nettleton
H: J.Beck  A: C.Goode  T.Milton
1 2 Hatfield Town v London Tigers
Attendance 27
 J. Mannix  C. Flack  M. De La Fuente
H: B.Cobb  A: J.dos Santos  L.Ricardo dos Santos  B.Cobb  D.Movelidze
2 1 Hertford Town v Stotfold
Attendance 101
 M. Tweed  A. Stevens  K. Moore
H: C.Smith  M.Summers  A: R.Young
1 4 Hillingdon Borough v Hanwell Town
Attendance 71
 M. Richards  I. Breeze  M. Meadows
H: R.Byron  A: E.Casey  W.Healey  C.Mills  K.Watson  R.Byron
1 2 London Colney v Ampthill Town
Attendance 57
 D. Richardson  J. Earll  T. Whay
H: M.Newman  A: D.Watson(2)  S.Clarke-Mardel
2 4 Oxhey Jets v Holmer Green
7:30 PM

Attendance 68
 L. Grimsey  B. Gale  D. Clement
H: S.Armstrong  M.Deamer  A: T.Fifield  R.Tackley  K.Webb(2)  A.Brennan  N.Howell
Wednesday, 14 August 2013
3 1 AFC Dunstable v London Lions
Attendance 42
 J. Killen  P. Mihalache  P. Hazel
H: B.Christie(2)  C.Francis  A: H.Hatchwell  A.Bolle
Tuesday, 20 August 2013
5 1 Ampthill Town v Leverstock Green
Attendance 59
 J. Aldous  J. Fowler (NN12)  M. De La Fuente
H: P.Draycott  C.Lester(2)  D.Watson(2)  A: M.Campbell  J.Bushiri
0 4 Hillingdon Borough v Hertford Town
Attendance 44
 P. Parkins  P. Panayiotou  S. Reuter
 A: A.Anstead  B.Fraser  S.Ruff  C.Smith  S.Sharples
Saturday, 24 August 2013
3 0 AFC Dunstable v London Colney
Attendance 42
 T. Barnes  J. Chidley  T. Weight
H: B.Christie(2)  K.Lincoln  M.Newman
2 1 Berkhamsted v Ampthill Town
Attendance 87
 M. Richards  J. Morris  M. Meadows
H: D.Griggs  J.Towell  A: D.Watson  E.Canham
1 1 Biggleswade United v Cockfosters
Attendance 71
 M. Stevens  A. Butler  A. Hinde
H: J.Eboji  A: A.Ali  S.Richardson
3 1 Colney Heath v Harefield United
Attendance 73
 I. Corner  P. Panayiotou  D. Simpson
H: A.Clarke  M.Standen  D.Staples  A: R.Cannon
2 1 Hadley v Hertford Town
Attendance 50
 D. Fenner  G. Evetts  R. Hillier-Smith
H: C.Goode  R.Quattromini  A: A.Anstead
3 1 Hanwell Town v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 50
 J. Killen  G. Hart  B. Nevin
H: C.Duffy  W.Healey(2)  A: D.Pigden  A.Bostock
2 1 Hatfield Town v Stotfold
Attendance 28
 L. Walshe  M. Evans  S. Brewer
H: J.Adeoye  C.Isiri  A: J.Cleghorn  N.Cheek
2 0 Hillingdon Borough v Holmer Green
Attendance 38
 D. Steele  A. Steele  C. Scott
H: R.Laney(2)  G.Edwards
1 2 Leverstock Green v St Margaretsbury
Attendance 25
 G. Mathias  D. Aylott  R. Shacklock
H: C.Deadman  A: L.Roberts  O.Sharman  C.Deadman
1 3 London Tigers v London Lions
Attendance 22
 A. Stevens  J. Reeder  T. George
H: J.dos Santos  A: T.Gold  M.Sacks  D.Soutar  J.Adim  M.Sacks
1 1 Oxhey Jets v Tring Athletic
Attendance 52
 A. Loe  V. Neale  S. O'Neil
H: L.Beardsworth  A: J.Sunderland  P.Turner
Tuesday, 27 August 2013
3 1 Cockfosters v Leverstock Green
Attendance 61
 M. Heavey  D. Coe  D. Clement
H: P.Marks  E.Protain(2)  A: S.King
2 1 Colney Heath v Biggleswade United
Attendance 62
 M. Barnes  S. Cavanagh  P. Hazel
H: M.Standen(2)  A: S.Murray  A.Stewart
4 0 Hanwell Town v Hillingdon Borough
Attendance 87
 P. Evans  B. Gale  J. Fowler (HA7)
H: C.Diorgu  T.Duffy  L.Ochoa  K.Watson  R.Laney
5 1 Harefield United v London Colney
Attendance 43
 R. Whitaker  M. Evans  J. Feldman
H: D.Fleming(3)  H.Howell  M.Sargeant  A: J.Warner
1 1 Holmer Green v Hertford Town
7:45 PM

Attendance 53
 M. Richards  D. Brennan  T. Gregory
H: R.Forbes  A: A.Anstead
2 5 London Tigers v Hoddesdon Town
Attendance 24
 D. Fenner  T. Whay  P. Melvin
H: T.Cariba  B.Kellici  A: B.Andreos(2)  R.Carroll  M.Gradosielski  T.Hatherly  R.Carroll
0 5 Oxhey Jets v AFC Dunstable
7:30 PM

Attendance 59
 S. Pater  A. Farrelly  J. Anand
 A: J.Baldry  B.Christie(3)  J.Cooper  A.Brennan
0 2 St Margaretsbury v Berkhamsted
Attendance 32
 S. Lewis  A. McCree  G. Hart
 A: C.Calcutt(2)  C.Calcutt
0 1 Stotfold v Hadley
Attendance 69
 C. Chittenden  R. Ward  G. Blackmore
 A: K.Smith
2 1 Tring Athletic v Hatfield Town
Attendance 57
 I. Corner  K. Haywood  I. Stewart
H: G.Deer  M.Skinner  A: D.Pett  J.Welch
Wednesday, 28 August 2013
1 5 London Lions v Ampthill Town
Attendance 15
 C. Reid  V. Neale  P. Wilkinson
H: B.Ellis  A: S.Flux  C.Lester  G.Ridgway  D.Watson(2)
Saturday, 31 August 2013
4 1 AFC Dunstable v Leverstock Green
Attendance 61
 D. Fenner  S. O'Connor  J. Chidley
H: R.Harker  K.Lincoln  C.Massay(2)  A: A.Mannion  A.Aimakhu
1 2 Colney Heath v Hanwell Town
Attendance 89
 W. Pare  P. Hazel  A. Stevens
H: M.Standen  A: W.Healey(2)
1 1 London Lions v Holmer Green
Attendance 30
 C. Chittenden  T. George  I. Brown
H: M.Hahn  A: S.Eales
3 1 Oxhey Jets v Hatfield Town
Attendance 48
 P. Parkins  A. Steele  A. Butler
H: L.Beardsworth  T.O'Mara  OG  A: D.Bradford  A.Brennan