Club secretaries: you can now update your team colours and contact details, your teamsheet appearances, starting line-up and substitutes, goalscorers, red/yellow cards, star player, referee marks and more.... directly on football.mitoo (if your league allows this).

Click on LogIn, enter your name and enter the short password (see below *). Click on the OK button.

Scroll down on the Home page and you will see a yellow and beige menu side by side.

In the beige Team Reports menu choose your club from the drop down, enter your club password (see below *) and click on the OK button.

You can choose to See Player Registrations, to See Disciplinary Analysis, to See Appearance Record and, if allowed, the Player Re Registration Form (.PDF)

You can also click on the or icon

Tick the players who played, including substitutes and also those subs who were named but who did not play.

Enter the goals for those who scored. Tick 'Own Goal' first if necessary.

Tick the columns for red/yellow cards (if sent off for two yellows, tick the red; if sent off with straight red after a yellow card, tick both yellow and red).

Tick just ONE star player. You can also enter marks for the referee and, if you are the away team, for hospitality. You can also enter the score if necessary and brief private comments about the game.

When finished click on the OK button. To undo anything just untick it and click on OK button.

Please note that once the Registration Secretary has checked your input against the paperwork for a game and OK'd it then you will no longer be able to change anything for that game.

* The short password is only three characters long. The club password is much longer and changes at the start of every new season.

If you are the Club Secretary and need these passwords then get in touch with your own league. (Click on Home and then on Contacts)