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Oxford Mail Girls Football League
2008-2009 Season
Thursday, 19 July 2018
Club Information
Swindon Town U10

Under 10 South Division
Under 10 League Cup
North View Primary School Venue Information
Please immediately advise the Fixture Secretary of any changes
Home Pitch Availability
Date Venue Pitch Status
Saturday, 27 September 2008 North View Primary School 1 OK
Saturday, 04 October 2008 North View Primary School 1 OK
Saturday, 06 December 2008 North View Primary School 1 OK
Saturday, 28 February 2009 North View Primary School 1 OK
Saturday, 25 April 2009 North View Primary School 1 OK
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  Abingdon Youth U14 (WITHDRAWN)
  Banbury United U12A
  Bardwell Blues U13
  Bardwell U10
  Bardwell U14 (11)
  Benson United U14 (11)
  Bloxham U14 (11)
  Bloxham U16
  Carterton U10
  Carterton U11
  Carterton U12B
  Carterton U14 (11)
  Carterton U16
  Chalgrove Cavaliers U12B
  Chinnor Blue U12B
  Chinnor Red U12A
  Chinnor U10
  Chinnor U11
  Chinnor U13
  Chinnor U16
  Cholsey Bluebirds U12A
  Cholsey Bluebirds U14 (9)
  Didcot Casuals U10
  Didcot Casuals U11
  Didcot Casuals U12B
  Didcot Casuals U13
  Ducklington U12A
  Ducklington U14 (11)
  Hagbourne United U16
  Highworth Town U14 (9)
  Kennington U12B
  Kennington U14 (9)
  Kidlington Tigers U14 (11)
  Kidlington U10
  Kidlington U12A
  Kidlington U14 (11)
  Kidlington U16
  Marston Saints Angels U11
  Marston Saints Angels U12A
  Marston Saints Angels U13
  Marston Saints Angels U14 (11)
  North Leigh U13
  North Leigh U16
  Oxford Bluebirds U11
  Oxford Bluebirds U13
  Oxford Bluebirds U14 (9)
  Oxford City U10
  Oxford City U14 (9)
  Oxford City U16
  Oxford Irish U16
  Radley U14 (9)
  St Edmunds U12A
  St Edmunds U16
  Summertown Stars U10
  Summertown Stars U12B
  Summertown Stars U14 (9)
  Swindon Spitfires U10
  Swindon Spitfires U11
  Swindon Supermarine U16
  Swindon Town U10
  Swindon Town U11
  Tower Hill Vixens Red U14 (11)
  Tower Hill Vixens U10
  Tower Hill Vixens U11
  Tower Hill Vixens U12B
  Wantage U11
  Wychwood U14 (9)
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