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West Herts Youth League
2018-2019 Season
Thursday, 27 January 2022
Club Information
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  Abbots Youth U10
  Abbots Youth U11 Red
  Abbots Youth U11 Yellow
  Abbots Youth U12 Blue
  Abbots Youth U12 Red
  Abbots Youth U13 Red
  Abbots Youth U14 Blue
  Abbots Youth U14 Red
  Abbots Youth U15 Yellow
  Abbots Youth U18 Blue
  Abbots Youth U18 Yellow
  Abbots Youth U7 Black
  Abbots Youth U7 Blue
  Abbots Youth U8 Blue
  Abbots Youth U8 Yellow
  Abbots Youth U9 Black
  Abbots Youth U9 Blue
  Aston Clinton U10 Colts
  Aston Clinton U11 Colts
  Aston Clinton U12 Cobras (WITHDRAWN)
  Aston Clinton U12 Colts
  Aston Clinton U12 Panthers (WITHDRAWN)
  Aston Clinton U12 Pumas
  Aston Clinton U13 Colts
  Aston Clinton U14 Colts
  Aston Clinton U15 Colts
  Aston Clinton U16 Colts
  Aston Clinton U18 Colts Black
  Aston Clinton U18 Colts Blue
  Aston Clinton U18 Youth (WITHDRAWN)
  Aston Clinton U7 Colts
  Aston Clinton U8 Cobras
  Aston Clinton U8 Colts
  Aston Clinton U9 Colts
  Bedmond Youth U10 Green
  Bedmond Youth U10 Red
  Bedmond Youth U11 Red
  Bedmond Youth U12
  Bedmond Youth U13 (WITHDRAWN)
  Bedmond Youth U7 Green
  Bedmond Youth U7 Red
  Bedmond Youth U8 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Orange
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Purple
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U10 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Black
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Orange
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Purple
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U11 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Black
  Berkhamsted Raiders U12 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U13 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U14 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U14 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U14 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U15 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U16 Black
  Berkhamsted Raiders U16 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U18 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U18 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Black
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Orange
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Purple
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U7 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Black
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Emeralds
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Grey
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Orange
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Purple
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U8 Yellow
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Blue
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Green
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Orange
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Purple
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Red
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 White
  Berkhamsted Raiders U9 Yellow
  Bovingdon U10 Thunder
  Bovingdon U12 Thunder
  Bovingdon U14 Lightning
  Bovingdon U15 Lightning
  Bovingdon U15 Storm
  Bovingdon U7 Turtles
  Bovingdon U8 Lightning
  Bovingdon U8 Thunder
  Bovingdon U9 Hurricanes
  Bovingdon U9 Rangers
  Bushey & Oxhey U10 Bobcats
  Bushey & Oxhey U10 Bulldogs
  Bushey & Oxhey U10 Rhinos
  Bushey & Oxhey U10 Stags
  Bushey & Oxhey U11 Piranhas
  Bushey & Oxhey U11 Scorpions
  Bushey & Oxhey U11 Vipers
  Bushey & Oxhey U12 Herons
  Bushey & Oxhey U12 Hornets
  Bushey & Oxhey U13 Cobras
  Bushey & Oxhey U13 Sharks
  Bushey & Oxhey U14 Cougars
  Bushey & Oxhey U14 Jaguars
  Bushey & Oxhey U14 Leopards (WITHDRAWN)
  Bushey & Oxhey U15 Wolves
  Bushey & Oxhey U16 Lions
  Bushey & Oxhey U16 Tigers
  Bushey & Oxhey U18 Dragons
  Bushey & Oxhey U18 Youth
  Bushey & Oxhey U7 Bears
  Bushey & Oxhey U7 Eagles
  Bushey & Oxhey U7 Hawks
  Bushey & Oxhey U8 Broncos
  Bushey & Oxhey U8 Jackals
  Bushey & Oxhey U8 Pumas
  Bushey & Oxhey U9 Kestrels
  Bushey & Oxhey U9 Pythons
  Cassiobury Rangers U10 Blues
  Cassiobury Rangers U10 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U12 Blues
  Cassiobury Rangers U13 Blues
  Cassiobury Rangers U14 Clarets
  Cassiobury Rangers U16 Blues
  Cassiobury Rangers U18 Leopards
  Cassiobury Rangers U8 Blue
  Cassiobury Rangers U9 Clarets
  Chipperfield U10
  Chipperfield U11
  Chipperfield U12
  Chipperfield U13
  Chipperfield U8 Black
  Chipperfield U8 Red
  Chipperfield U9
  Chorleywood U10 Lions
  Chorleywood U10 Stags
  Chorleywood U11 Marlins
  Chorleywood U11 Piranhas
  Chorleywood U11 Sharks
  Chorleywood U12 Eagles
  Chorleywood U12 Harriers
  Chorleywood U12 Hawks
  Chorleywood U13 Dragons
  Chorleywood U13 Griffins
  Chorleywood U14 Chiefs
  Chorleywood U14 Pumas
  Chorleywood U15 Hurricanes
  Chorleywood U15 Thunder
  Chorleywood U16 Pythons
  Chorleywood U16 Vipers
  Chorleywood U18 Archers
  Chorleywood U18 Hurricane
  Chorleywood U18 Lightning
  Chorleywood U18 Thunder
  Chorleywood U7 Aces
  Chorleywood U7 Comets
  Chorleywood U7 Raiders
  Chorleywood U7 Rockets
  Chorleywood U8 Leopards
  Chorleywood U8 Lions
  Chorleywood U8 Panthers
  Chorleywood U8 Pumas
  Chorleywood U9 Cyclone
  Chorleywood U9 Hurricane
  Chorleywood U9 Storm
  Chorleywood U9 Tornado
  Croxley Green U10 Emerald
  Croxley Green U10 White
  Croxley Green U11 Emerald
  Croxley Green U12 Emerald
  Croxley Green U12 White
  Croxley Green U12 Yellow
  Croxley Green U15 White
  Croxley Green U16 White
  Croxley Green U18 Emerald
  Croxley Green U18 White
  Croxley White / Hemel Red / Sun Sports Yellow
  EB Lions U16
  EB Lions U8
  Echoes U10 Amber
  Echoes U10 Orange
  Echoes U11 Amber
  Echoes U11 Orange
  Echoes U12
  Echoes U13
  Echoes U15 Amber
  Echoes U15 Orange
  Echoes U8 Amber
  Echoes U8 Blue
  Echoes U8 Orange
  Echoes U9
  Echoes U9 Amber
  Everett Rovers U10 Blue
  Everett Rovers U10 Yellow
  Everett Rovers U12 Black
  Everett Rovers U12 Blue
  Everett Rovers U12 Yellow
  Everett Rovers U13 Red
  Everett Rovers U15
  Everett Rovers U16
  Everett Rovers U18 Blue
  Everett Rovers U18 Yellow (WITHDRAWN)
  Everett Rovers U7 Black
  Everett Rovers U7 Blue
  Everett Rovers U7 Red
  Everett Rovers U7 Yellow
  Everett Rovers U8 Black
  Everett Rovers U8 Blue
  Everett Rovers U9 Black
  Everett Rovers U9 Blue
  Everett Rovers U9 Yellow
  Evergreen Youth U10 Cobras
  Evergreen Youth U10 Crocodiles
  Evergreen Youth U10 Sharks
  Evergreen Youth U10 Tigers
  Evergreen Youth U11 Eagles
  Evergreen Youth U11 Falcons
  Evergreen Youth U11 Hawks
  Evergreen Youth U12 Eagles
  Evergreen Youth U13 Jackals
  Evergreen Youth U13 Jaguars
  Evergreen Youth U13 Wolves
  Evergreen Youth U14 Colts
  Evergreen Youth U14 Youth
  Evergreen Youth U15 Youth
  Evergreen Youth U16 Youth
  Evergreen Youth U18 Colts
  Evergreen Youth U7 Eagles
  Evergreen Youth U7 Tigers
  Evergreen Youth U8 Dragons Blue
  Evergreen Youth U8 Dragons Red
  Evergreen Youth U8 Eagles
  Evergreen Youth U8 Sharks
  Evergreen Youth U9 Eagles
  Evergreen Youth U9 Falcons
  Evergreen Youth U9 Hawks
  Evergreen Youth U9 Tigers
  FC Hemel U11
  FC Hemel U12
  FC Hemel U13
  FC Hemel U15
  FC Hemel U16
  FC Hemel U9
  Gadeside Rangers U12
  Gadeside Rangers U15 Black
  Garston Boys U11
  Garston Boys U18
  Harpenden Colts U09 Rhinos
  Harpenden Colts U10 Jaguars
  Harpenden Colts U10 Lions
  Harpenden Colts U10 Panthers
  Harpenden Colts U10 Pumas
  Harpenden Colts U10 Tigers
  Harpenden Colts U11 Bucaneers
  Harpenden Colts U11 Eagles
  Harpenden Colts U11 Raiders
  Harpenden Colts U11 Saints
  Harpenden Colts U11 Titans
  Harpenden Colts U11 Vikings
  Harpenden Colts U12 Jaguars
  Harpenden Colts U12 Leopards
  Harpenden Colts U12 Lions
  Harpenden Colts U12 Pumas
  Harpenden Colts U12 Tigers
  Harpenden Colts U13 Harriers
  Harpenden Colts U13 Hornets
  Harpenden Colts U13 Hurricanes
  Harpenden Colts U13 Jets
  Harpenden Colts U13 Mustangs
  Harpenden Colts U14 Cyclones
  Harpenden Colts U14 Lightning
  Harpenden Colts U14 Thunder
  Harpenden Colts U14 Tornadoes
  Harpenden Colts U14 Typhoons
  Harpenden Colts U15 Eagles
  Harpenden Colts U15 Falcons
  Harpenden Colts U15 Hawks
  Harpenden Colts U15 Hurricanes
  Harpenden Colts U16 Falcons
  Harpenden Colts U16 Magpies
  Harpenden Colts U16 Tornadoes
  Harpenden Colts U18 Blues
  Harpenden Colts U18 Hawks
  Harpenden Colts U18 Jaguars
  Harpenden Colts U18 Lions
  Harpenden Colts U18 Sporting
  Harpenden Colts U18 Whitecaps
  Harpenden Colts U8 Cowboys
  Harpenden Colts U8 Foxes
  Harpenden Colts U8 Leopards
  Harpenden Colts U8 Lions
  Harpenden Colts U8 Rockets
  Harpenden Colts U8 Tigers
  Harpenden Colts U8 Vikings
  Harpenden Colts U9 Cowboys
  Harpenden Colts U9 Foxes
  Harpenden Colts U9 Lions
  Harpenden Colts U9 Rhinos
  Harpenden Colts U9 Rockets
  Harpenden Colts U9 Tigers
  Harpenden Colts U9 Vikings
  Hemel Aces U10 Hornets
  Hemel Aces U10 Pumas
  Hemel Aces U10 Wasps
  Hemel Aces U11 Hornets
  Hemel Aces U11 Panthers
  Hemel Aces U11 Stingers
  Hemel Aces U11 Tigers
  Hemel Aces U11 Wasps
  Hemel Aces U12 Lions
  Hemel Aces U12 Tigers
  Hemel Aces U13 Lions
  Hemel Aces U13 Tigers
  Hemel Aces U18 Hornets
  Hemel Aces U7 Leopards
  Hemel Aces U7 Lions
  Hemel Aces U7 Panthers
  Hemel Aces U8 Hornets
  Hemel Aces U8 Scorpions
  Hemel Aces U8 Tigers
  Hemel Aces U8 Wasps
  Hemel Aces U9 Tigers
  Hemel Aces U9 Wasps
  Hemel Athletic U10
  Hemel Athletic U11
  Hemel Athletic U14 Blue
  Hemel Athletic U14 White (WITHDRAWN)
  Hemel Athletic U9 Blue
  Hemel Athletic U9 White
  Hemel Rovers U10
  Hemel Youth Red U12 / Sun Sports Yellow U12
  Hemel Youth U10 Blue
  Hemel Youth U10 Green
  Hemel Youth U10 Orange
  Hemel Youth U10 White
  Hemel Youth U10 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U11 Blue
  Hemel Youth U11 Green
  Hemel Youth U11 Red
  Hemel Youth U11 White
  Hemel Youth U11 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U12 Blue
  Hemel Youth U12 Green
  Hemel Youth U12 Red
  Hemel Youth U12 White
  Hemel Youth U13 Blue
  Hemel Youth U13 White
  Hemel Youth U13 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U14 White
  Hemel Youth U15 Red
  Hemel Youth U16 Red
  Hemel Youth U16 White
  Hemel Youth U16 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U18 Blue
  Hemel Youth U7 Blue
  Hemel Youth U7 Green
  Hemel Youth U7 Red
  Hemel Youth U7 White
  Hemel Youth U7 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U8 Blue
  Hemel Youth U8 Green
  Hemel Youth U8 Red
  Hemel Youth U8 White
  Hemel Youth U8 Yellow
  Hemel Youth U9 Blue
  Hemel Youth U9 Green
  Hemel Youth U9 Orange
  Hemel Youth U9 Red
  Hemel Youth U9 White
  Hemel Youth U9 Yellow
  Herons U11
  Herons U12
  Herons U15
  Herons U16
  Herons U8
  Herons U9
  Kings Langley U10 Red
  Kings Langley U11 Red
  Kings Langley U12 Blue
  Kings Langley U12 Red
  Kings Langley U13 Red
  Kings Langley U14 Blue
  Kings Langley U14 Red
  Kings Langley U15 Red
  Kings Langley U16 Blue
  Kings Langley U16 Red
  Kings Langley U7 Blue
  Kings Langley U7 Red
  Kings Langley U8 Blue
  Kings Langley U8 Green
  Kings Langley U8 Red
  Kings Langley U8 White
  Kings Langley U9 Blue
  Kings Langley U9 Red
  Kinsbourne Youth U13
  Langleybury U14
  Little Gaddesden U08
  Little Gaddesden U09
  Little Gaddesden U10
  Little Gaddesden U11
  Little Gaddesden U14
  Nascot Wood Rangers U10
  Nascot Wood Rangers U12
  Nascot Wood Rangers U13
  Nascot Wood Rangers U14
  Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Falcons
  Nascot Wood Rangers U9 Hawks
  Oxhey Jets U10 Rangers
  Oxhey Jets U11 Hornets
  Oxhey Jets U12
  Oxhey Jets U18
  Oxhey Jets U7
  Oxhey Jets U9
  Park St Village U13
  Park St Village U16
  Park St Village U18
  Potten End Youth U9
  Premierskills U10 Red
  Premierskills U13 Red
  Redbourn U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  Sandridge Rovers U10
  Sandridge Rovers U12
  Sandridge Rovers U13 Stormtroopers
  Sandridge Rovers U13 Tigers
  Sandridge Rovers U8 Centurions
  Sandridge Rovers U8 Terriers
  Sandridge Rovers U9
  Sarratt Rebels U10
  Sarratt Rebels U11
  Sarratt Rebels U12
  Sarratt Rebels U14
  Sarratt Rebels U15
  Sarratt Rebels U9
  St Albans City U12 Arrows
  St Albans City U12 Central
  St Albans City U12 Dragons
  St Albans City U12 South
  St Albans City U12 West
  St Albans City U13 Boreal
  St Albans City U13 Central
  St Albans City U13 Orient
  St Albans City U13 Victoria
  St Albans City U13 West
  St Albans City U14 South
  St Albans City U14 West
  St Albans City U15 Boreal
  St Albans City U15 South
  St Albans City U16 Central
  St Albans City U16 East
  St Albans City U16 North
  St Albans City U16 Orient
  St Albans City U16 West
  St Albans City U18 North
  St Albans City U18 Orient
  St Albans City U18 West
  St Albans Rangers U11 Tigers
  St Albans Rangers U12 Hawks
  St Albans Rangers U14 Harriers
  St Albans Rangers U14 Kites
  St Albans Rangers U15 Blue
  St Albans Rangers U8 Raptors
  St Albans Rangers U9 Falcons
  St Albans West/Kings Langley U13
  Sun Sports Youth U10 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U10 Yellow
  Sun Sports Youth U11 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U12 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U12 Yellow
  Sun Sports Youth U13 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U13 Yellow
  Sun Sports Youth U14 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U14 Yellow
  Sun Sports Youth U15 Blue
  Sun Sports Youth U15 Yellow
  Sun Sports Youth U16
  Sun Sports Youth U9 Yellow
  Tornado JSC U11
  Tornado JSC U16
  Totternhoe Youth U18
  Tring Tornadoes U13 Tigers
  Tring Tornadoes U13 Titans
  Tring Tornadoes U14 Eagles
  Tring Tornadoes U15 Leopards
  Tring Tornadoes U8 Jaguars
  Tring Tornadoes U8 Panthers
  Tring Tornadoes U8 Tigers
  Tring Tornadoes U9 Eagles
  Tring Tornadoes U9 Falcons
  Tring Tornadoes U9 Harriers
  Tring Tornadoes U9 Hawks
  Tring Tornadoes U9 Kestrels
  Watford Holding
  Watford Town U10 Tigers
  Watford Town U11 Black
  Watford Town U11 Red
  Watford Town U12
  Watford Town U13
  Watford Town U14
  Watford Town U7
  Watford Town U8
  Watford Town U9 Black
  Watford Town U9 Red
  Watford Youth Sports U10
  Watford Youth Sports U11 Red
  Watford Youth Sports U11 White
  Watford Youth Sports U12
  Watford Youth Sports U13
  Watford Youth Sports U14 Black
  Watford Youth Sports U14 White
  Watford Youth Sports U15
  Watford Youth Sports U16 Red
  Watford Youth Sports U16 White
  Watford Youth Sports U18
  Watford Youth Sports U7 (disbanded)
  Watford Youth Sports U8
  Watford Youth Sports U9
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Jaguars
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Pumas
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Sharks
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U12 Tigers
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U13 Pumas
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U13 Tigers
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Pumas
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Sharks
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U14 Tigers
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U15 Tigers
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U16 Sharks
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U16 Tigers
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Makos
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Sharks
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U18 Tigers
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