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    Brentham FC – Volunteer Coach Wanted         Cuffley Scorpions U13's - Goalkeeper Wanted         Stonewall FC v Wilberforce Wanderers - Wembley Stadium 30th November @ 7:45 p.m.         Chipperfield Corinthians Youth FC - Players Wanted         Hatfield Comets U13's - Players Wanted         Cricklewood Wanderers Girls - Players Wanted in School Years 9 - 10         Cheshunt Youth Blacks U13 - Looking for Players         Watford Youth U15's - Centre Back Wanted         Chelsea Rovers FC - Friendlies Wanted Every Sunday         Evergreen FC U16's - Players Wanted         Oxhey Jets U18's - Goalkeeper and Outfield Players Wanted         Sarratt Rebels U10's - New Team, One More Player Wanted         Old Wimbledonins FC - Players Wanted, All Standards         NCF Elites London - Goalkeepers Wanted         Harvesters South U18 - Goalkeeper Wanted         Kinsbourne Youth FC U13's - Players Wanted         Standon & Puckeridge Hares - U12 Players Wanted         Hoddesdon Town U16's Blues - Players Wanted         Herons YFC - Players Wanted         Waltham Cross Youth U14's - Players Required         Chorleywood Hurricanes U15's - Looking for Players         Everett Rovers U16's - Goalkeeper and Striker Required         Bishops Stortford U13's – Goalkeeper and Players Wanted         Refresh FC - Looking for New Players for the 2018/19 Saturday League Season         Shenzi FC - Players Wanted         Abbots Youth U14 Reds - Players and Goalkeeper Wanted         Cuffley Scorpions U13's - Players Wanted         Tottenham Hale Rangers - Players Wanted         Centenary Park FC - Players Wanted    
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Mid Herts Rural Minors League
2017-2018 Season
Thursday, 15 November 2018
Club Information
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  AFC Walkern Migs U15
  AFC Walkern U10
  AFC Walkern U11
  AFC Walkern Whites U15
  Barnet Azzurri Storms U16
  Barnet Azzurri U 9
  Barnet Azzurri U10
  Barnet Azzurri U11
  Barnet Azzurri U12
  Bedwell Rangers Spartans U13
  Bedwell Rangers U10
  Bedwell Rangers U11
  Bengeo Tigers Bengals U17
  Bengeo Tigers Siberians U15
  Bengeo Tigers Siberians U16
  Bengeo Tigers U 7
  Bengeo Tigers U 8
  Bengeo Tigers U 9
  Bengeo Tigers U10
  Bengeo Tigers U11
  Bengeo Tigers U12
  Bengeo Tigers U13
  Bengeo Tigers U14
  Broxbourne Borough Youth Blues U13
  Broxbourne Borough Youth Blues U14
  Broxbourne Borough Youth Blues U16
  Broxbourne Borough Youth Royals U13
  Broxbourne Borough Youth Royals U15
  Broxbourne Borough Youth U 7
  Broxbourne Borough Youth U 8
  Broxbourne Borough Youth U 9
  Broxbourne Borough Youth U10
  Broxbourne Borough Youth U11
  Broxbourne United U 9
  BSCFC (Youth) Athletic U14
  BSCFC (Youth) Athletic U15
  BSCFC (Youth) Athletic U16 (WITHDRAWN)
  BSCFC (Youth) Rangers U15
  BSCFC (Youth) Rovers U13
  BSCFC (Youth) Rovers U14
  BSCFC (Youth) Rovers U16
  BSCFC (Youth) Town U13
  BSCFC (Youth) Town U14
  BSCFC (Youth) Town U16
  BSCFC (Youth) U 9
  BSCFC (Youth) U10
  BSCFC (Youth) U11
  BSCFC (Youth) U12
  BSCFC (Youth) United U13
  BSCFC (Youth) United U14
  BSCFC (Youth) United U17
  BSCFC (Youth) Wanderers U13
  BSCFC (Youth) Wanderers U14
  BSCFC (Youth) Wanderers U15 (FOLDED)
  Buntingford Cougars Blues U13
  Buntingford Cougars Blues U16
  Buntingford Cougars U12
  Buntingford Cougars U14
  Bury Rangers Blacks U13
  Bury Rangers Blacks U15
  Bury Rangers Blacks U16
  Bury Rangers Blacks U17
  Bury Rangers Reds U13
  Bury Rangers Reds U14
  Bury Rangers Reds U15
  Bury Rangers Reds U16
  Bury Rangers Reds U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  Bury Rangers Stripes U15
  Bury Rangers U 7
  Bury Rangers U 8
  Bury Rangers U 9
  Bury Rangers U10
  Bury Rangers U11
  Bury Rangers U12
  Bury Rangers Whites U13
  Bury Rangers Whites U14
  Bury Rangers Whites U15
  Bury Rangers Whites U16
  Chars Youth Blue U14
  Chars Youth U 7
  Chars Youth U 8
  Chars Youth U 9
  Chars Youth U10
  Chars Youth U11
  Chars Youth U12
  Chars Youth U13
  Chars Youth U14
  Chars Youth U15
  Chase Side Youth Blues U15
  Chase Side Youth U 8
  Chase Side Youth U11
  Chase Side Youth U12
  Chase Side Youth U13 (WITHDRAWN)
  Chase Side Youth U17
  Cheshunt Youth Ambers U17
  Cheshunt Youth Black U13
  Cheshunt Youth Blacks U16
  Cheshunt Youth Blacks U18
  Cheshunt Youth U 7
  Cheshunt Youth U 8
  Cheshunt Youth U 9
  Cheshunt Youth U10
  Cheshunt Youth U11
  Cheshunt Youth U12
  Clodan Youth U 7
  Clodan Youth U 8
  Clodan Youth U 9
  Clodan Youth U10
  Clodan Youth U11
  Codicote Youth Reds U15 (WITHDRAWN)
  Codicote Youth Reds U16
  Codicote Youth Reds U17
  Codicote Youth U 8
  Codicote Youth U 9
  Codicote Youth U10
  Cuffley Youth Blacks U16
  Cuffley Youth Blues U16
  Cuffley Youth Cobras U13
  Cuffley Youth Hawks U14
  Cuffley Youth Jets Blacks U15
  Cuffley Youth Jets Raiders U15
  Cuffley Youth Jets Whites U15
  Cuffley Youth Royals U16
  Cuffley Youth U 8
  Cuffley Youth U 9
  Cuffley Youth U10
  Cuffley Youth U11
  Cuffley Youth U12
  Cuffley Youth Vipers Blues U13
  Cuffley Youth Vipers Maroons U13
  East Herts Youth U 7
  East Herts Youth U 8
  East Herts Youth U12
  East Herts Youth U13
  East Herts Youth U16
  Elite Feet Southgate Lions U14
  Elite Feet Southgate Pumas U13
  Elite Feet U 7
  Elite Feet U 8
  Elite Feet U 9
  Elite Feet U10
  Elite Feet U11
  Elite Feet U12
  Enfield Youth Blues U16
  Enfield Youth U 8
  Enfield Youth U 9
  Enfield Youth U10
  Enfield Youth U11
  Enfield Youth U12
  Enfield Youth U13
  Enfield Youth U14
  Enfield Youth U16
  Frontiers Youth Jaguars U16
  Frontiers Youth Panthers U15
  Frontiers Youth Panthers U16
  Frontiers Youth Pumas U17
  Frontiers Youth U 7
  Frontiers Youth U 8
  Frontiers Youth U 9
  Frontiers Youth U10
  Frontiers Youth U11
  Frontiers Youth U12
  Hares Youth Black U16
  Hares Youth U11
  Hares Youth U15
  Harlow Town Youth Hawks U15
  Harlow Town Youth Hawks U18
  Harlow Town Youth Kestrels U13
  Harlow Town Youth U 7
  Harlow Town Youth U 8
  Harlow Town Youth U 9
  Harlow Town Youth U10
  Harlow Town Youth U11
  Harlow Town Youth U12
  Hatfield Comet Youth U 8
  Hatfield Comet Youth U11
  Hatfield Comet Youth U12
  Hatfield Comet Youth U14
  Hatfield Town Youth U 8
  Hatfield Town Youth U12
  Hatfield Town Youth U14
  Hatfield Town Youth U16
  Hertford Heath Juniors U 9
  Hertford Heath Juniors U12
  Hertford Heath Juniors U13
  Hertford Heath U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hertford Town Blues U14
  Hertford Town Harts U13
  Hertford Town Stags U14
  Hertford Town Stags U15
  Hertford Town U 7
  Hertford Town U 8
  Hertford Town U 9
  Hertford Town U10
  Hertford Town U11
  Hertford Town U12
  Hertford Town Woodside U14
  Hitchin Town Youth Harriers U16 (FOLDED)
  Hitchin Town Youth Reds U14 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hitchin Town Youth U12
  Hoddesdon Town Blacks U14
  Hoddesdon Town Blacks U17
  Hoddesdon Town Blacks U18 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hoddesdon Town Blues U15 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hoddesdon Town Reds U17
  Hoddesdon Town U 7
  Hoddesdon Town U 8
  Hoddesdon Town U 9
  Hoddesdon Town U10
  Hoddesdon Town U11
  Hoddesdon Town U12
  Hoddesdon Town Whites U14 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hoddesdon Town Whites U15
  Hurst Drive Youth U 7 (folded)
  Hurst Drive Youth U 8
  Hurst Drive Youth U 9
  Hurst Drive Youth U10
  Hurst Drive Youth U11 (WITHDRAWN)
  Hurst Drive Youth U13
  King George Pythons U14
  King George U 8
  King George U10
  King George U11
  King George Vipers U14
  Knebworth Youth U 7
  Knebworth Youth U 8
  Knebworth Youth U 9
  Knebworth Youth U10
  Knebworth Youth U11
  Knebworth Youth U12
  Lemsford Youth Lions U13
  Lemsford Youth Lions U15
  Lemsford Youth Panthers U15
  Lemsford Youth Phoenix U14
  Lemsford Youth Pumas U13
  Lemsford Youth Tigers U13 (FOLDED)
  Lemsford Youth Tigers U15
  Lemsford Youth Tigers U17
  Lemsford Youth U 8
  Lemsford Youth U 9
  Lemsford Youth U10
  Lemsford Youth U11
  Lemsford Youth U12
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles Aqua U14
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles Blacks U13
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles Blues U14
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles Elite U17
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles Orange U13
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles U 9
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles U10
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles U11
  Letchworth Garden City Eagles U12
  Lings Elite U18
  Link Royals U14
  Nazeing Youth U 8
  Nazeing Youth U 9
  Nazeing Youth U11
  Newhall Rangers U13
  Norsemen Blues U15
  Norsemen U 9
  Norsemen U10
  Norsemen U12
  Omonia Youth Green U15
  Panshanger Lions U14
  Panshanger Lions U15
  Panshanger Panthers U13
  Panshanger Panthers U15
  Panshanger Pumas U14
  Panshanger Tigers U13
  Panshanger U 7
  Panshanger U 8
  Panshanger U 9
  Panshanger U10
  Panshanger U11
  Panshanger U12
  Paringdon Youth Lions U13
  Paringdon Youth Lions U14
  Paringdon Youth Tigers U14
  Paringdon Youth Tigers U15
  Paringdon Youth U 9
  Paringdon Youth U10
  Paringdon Youth U11
  Paringdon Youth U12
  Parsloe Athletic Clarets U17
  Parsloe Athletic U 8
  Parsloe Athletic U 9
  Parsloe Athletic U10
  Parsloe Athletic U11
  Parsloe Athletic U14
  Parsloe Athletic U15
  Potters Bar Crusaders Knights U13
  Potters Bar Crusaders Knights U15
  Potters Bar Crusaders U 7
  Potters Bar Crusaders U 8
  Potters Bar Crusaders U 9
  Potters Bar Crusaders U10
  Potters Bar Crusaders U11
  Potters Bar Crusaders U12
  Potters Bar Crusaders U14
  Potters Bar Crusaders U17
  Potters Bar Town U12
  Potters Bar United Blacks U13
  Potters Bar United Blacks U14
  Potters Bar United Blacks U16
  Potters Bar United Blacks U17
  Potters Bar United Blacks U18
  Potters Bar United Stripes U18
  Potters Bar United U 7
  Potters Bar United U 8
  Potters Bar United U 9
  Potters Bar United U10
  Potters Bar United U11
  Potters Bar United U12
  Potters Bar United Whites U15
  Pro Direct Academy BXB Black U16
  Pro Direct Academy BXB Grey U14 (FOLDED)
  Pro Direct Academy BXB Grey U16
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U 7
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U 8
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U 9
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U10
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U11
  Pro Direct Academy BXB U12
  Pro Direct Academy BXB White U13
  Pro Direct Academy BXB White U14
  Pro Direct Academy BXB White U15 (FOLDED)
  Pro Touch SA Enfield U13
  Pymmes SFA U 7
  Pymmes SFA U 8
  Pymmes SFA U 9
  Pymmes SFA U10
  Pymmes SFA U17
  Rap Aid Youth Fit 2 Live U14
  Rap Aid Youth Lions U13
  Rap Aid Youth U10 (WITHDRAWN)
  Rap Aid Youth U12
  Real Stortford Falcons U17
  Real Stortford Lions U17
  Real Stortford Stars U17
  Risden Wood Colts U18
  Risden Wood Youth Colts U13
  Risden Wood Youth Colts U14
  Risden Wood Youth Hunters U14
  Risden Wood Youth U 7
  Risden Wood Youth U 8
  Risden Wood Youth U 9
  Risden Wood Youth U10
  Risden Wood Youth U11
  Risden Wood Youth U12
  Risden Wood Youth Warriors U14
  Royston Town Youth Eagles U15
  Royston Town Youth Eagles U18
  Royston Town Youth U10
  Royston Town Youth U11
  Ryan Youth Red U14
  Ryan Youth U10
  Ryan Youth U11
  Ryan Youth U12
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors Red U14
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors U 9
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors U12
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors U13
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors U15
  Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors U17
  Southbury Youth U16
  St Albans City U 8
  St Albans City U 9
  St Albans City U10
  St Albans City U11
  St Margaretsbury Eagles U13
  St Margaretsbury Eagles U14
  St Margaretsbury Eagles U15
  St Margaretsbury Hawks U13
  St Margaretsbury Hawks U15
  St Margaretsbury Hawks U16
  St Margaretsbury Red Kites U13
  St Margaretsbury U 7
  St Margaretsbury U 9
  St Margaretsbury U12
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Blacksox U15
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Boca U13
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Cobras U13
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Eagles U17
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Falcons U13
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Falcons U14
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Harriers U14
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Hawks U14
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Lions U15
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Pumas U15
  Stevenage Borough Juniors U 7
  Stevenage Borough Juniors U 9
  Stevenage Borough Juniors U10
  Stevenage Borough Juniors U11
  Stevenage Borough Juniors U12
  Stevenage Borough Juniors Vipers U13
  Sumners Youth Cobras U13
  Sumners Youth Cobras U14
  Sumners Youth Cobras U15
  Sumners Youth Pythons U13 (WITHDRAWN)
  Sumners Youth U 8
  Sumners Youth U 9
  Sumners Youth U10
  Sumners Youth U11
  Sumners Youth U12
  Sumners Youth Vipers U13
  Sumners Youth Vipers U14
  Sumners Youth Vipers U15
  Sumners Youth Vipers U17
  Sumners Youth Vipers U18
  Symonds Green U10
  Symonds Green U16
  Tottenhall U10
  Tottenhall U11 (WITHDRAWN)
  Tottenhall U12
  Tottenhall U14 (WITHDRAWN)
  Waltham Abbey Youth U13
  Waltham Abbey Youth U16
  Waltham Cross U12
  Waltham Cross U13
  Ware Lions Blacks U13
  Ware Lions Blacks U14
  Ware Lions Blacks U17
  Ware Lions Blacks U18
  Ware Lions U 7
  Ware Lions U 8
  Ware Lions U 9
  Ware Lions U10
  Ware Lions U11
  Ware Lions U12
  Ware Rangers Flamengo U15
  Ware Rangers Flamengo U16
  Ware Rangers U 7
  Ware Rangers U 9
  Ware Rangers U10
  Ware Rangers U11
  Ware Rangers U12
  Ware Youth Blues U13
  Ware Youth Blues U14
  Ware Youth Clarets U13
  Ware Youth Clarets U14
  Ware Youth Clarets U15 (folded)
  Ware Youth Clarets U18
  Ware Youth U 7
  Ware Youth U 8
  Ware Youth U 9
  Ware Youth U10
  Ware Youth U11
  Ware Youth U17
  Ware Youth Whites U15
  Watton Youth U 7
  Watton Youth U 8
  Watton Youth U 9
  Watton Youth U10
  Watton Youth U11
  Watton Youth U14
  Welwyn Garden City Youth Cyclones U14
  Welwyn Garden City Youth Tornadoes U13
  Welwyn Garden City Youth Typhoons U13
  Welwyn Garden City Youth Typhoons U14
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U 7
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U 8
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U 9
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U10
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U11
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U12
  Welwyn Garden City Youth U18
  Welwyn Garden City Youth Whirlwinds U14
  Welwyn Pegasus Azures U14
  Welwyn Pegasus Azures U16
  Welwyn Pegasus Cyans U13
  Welwyn Pegasus Cyans U16
  Welwyn Pegasus Royals U14
  Welwyn Pegasus Royals U15
  Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires U13
  Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires U16
  Welwyn Pegasus Sapphires U17
  Welwyn Pegasus Skys U15
  Welwyn Pegasus Skys U18
  Welwyn Pegasus U 7
  Welwyn Pegasus U 8
  Welwyn Pegasus U 9
  Welwyn Pegasus U10
  Welwyn Pegasus U11
  Welwyn Pegasus U12
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Pumas U13
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U13
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U14
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U15
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U16
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U17
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Sharks U18
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Tigers U13
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Tigers U14
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Tigers U15
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Tigers U16
  Wheathampstead Wanderers Tigers U18
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U 8
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U 9
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U10
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U11
  Wheathampstead Wanderers U12
  Whitewebbs Eagles Youth Green U14
  Whitewebbs Eagles Youth U 9
  Whitewebbs Eagles Youth U12
  Whitewebbs Eagles Youth U13
  Whitewebbs Eagles Youth Whites U14
  Wodson Park U 7
  Wodson Park U 8
  Wodson Park U11
  Wodson Park U12
  Wodson Park U13
  Wodson Park U14
  Wodson Park U15
  Wodson Park U16
  Wodson Park U18
  Wormley Rovers Youth Blacks U13
  Wormley Rovers Youth Blacks U14
  Wormley Rovers Youth Blacks U15
  Wormley Rovers Youth Reds U14
  Wormley Rovers Youth U 7
  Wormley Rovers Youth U 8
  Wormley Rovers Youth U 9
  Wormley Rovers Youth U10
  Wormley Rovers Youth U11
  Wormley Rovers Youth U12
  Wormley Rovers Youth U17
  Wormley Rovers Youth U18
  Wormley Rovers Youth Whites U13
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