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Chiltern Youth League
2007-2008 Season
Friday, 19 August 2022
Club Information
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  61FC U18
  AFC Dunstable U11
  AFC Dunstable U12
  AFC Dunstable U13
  AFC Dunstable U14
  AFC Dunstable U16
  AFC Kempston Colts U11
  AFC Kempston Colts U12A
  AFC Kempston Colts U12B
  AFC Kempston Colts U13
  AFC Kempston Colts U14A
  AFC Kempston Colts U14B
  AFC Kempston Colts U15A
  AFC Kempston Colts U15B
  AFC Kempston Colts U16A
  AFC Kempston Town U18
  AFC Luton U12
  AFC Luton U15
  AFC Shillington U12A
  AFC Shillington U12B
  AFC Shillington U13
  AFC Shillington U15
  AFC Shillington U16
  AFC Shillington U18
  Airport Social U13
  Ampthill Town U11
  Ampthill Town U12
  Ampthill Town U13
  Ampthill Town U14
  Ampthill Town U15
  Ampthill Town U16
  Ampthill Town U18A
  Ampthill Town U18B
  Aylesbury Athletic U12
  Barnfield Colts U11
  Barnfield Colts U12
  Barnfield Colts U13A
  Barnfield Colts U13B
  Barnfield Colts U14A
  Barnfield Colts U15A
  Barnfield Colts U15B
  Barnfield Colts U16
  Barnfield Colts U18
  Barton Rovers U11A
  Barton Rovers U11B
  Barton Rovers U12
  Barton Rovers U12A
  Barton Rovers U12B
  Barton Rovers U12C
  Barton Rovers U15
  Barton Rovers U16
  Barton Rovers U18A
  Barton Rovers U18B
  Bedford Col Grasshopper U16
  Bedford FC U11
  Bedford FC U12A
  Bedford FC U12B
  Bedford FC U13
  Bedford FC U14A
  Bedford FC U14B
  Bedford FC U15
  Bedford FC U18
  Bedford Panthers U12
  Bedford Panthers U13
  Bedford Panthers U14
  Bedford Park Rangers U12
  Bedford Park Rangers U13A
  Bedford Park Rangers U13B
  Bedford Park Rangers U14
  Bedford Park Rangers U15
  Bedford Park Rangers U16A
  Bedford Park Rangers U16B
  Bedford Park Rangers U16C
  Bedford Town Colts U11
  Bedford Town Colts U12
  Bedford Town U12
  Bedford Town U13
  Bedford Town U14
  Bedford Town U15
  Bedford Town U16
  Beecroft U14
  Bramingham U14
  Brickhill Wanderers U12A
  Brickhill Wanderers U12B
  Brickhill Wanderers U12C
  Brickhill Wanderers U13A
  Brickhill Wanderers U13B
  Brickhill Wanderers U14A (WITHDRAWN)
  Brickhill Wanderers U14B
  Brickhill Wanderers U15A
  Brickhill Wanderers U15B
  Brickhill Wanderers U16
  Brook End Colts U15
  Bushmead Rovers U12A
  Bushmead Rovers U12B
  Bushmead Rovers U13
  Bushmead Rovers U14
  Bushmead Rovers U18A
  Bushmead Rovers U18B
  Bushmead Wanderers U12
  Bushmead Wanderers U13
  Bushmead Wanderers U14
  Bushmead Wanderers U15A
  Bushmead Wanderers U15B
  Cablemaster U18
  Caddington U11
  Caddington U12
  Caddington U13A
  Caddington U13B (WITHDRAWN)
  Caddington U16
  Caldecote U12
  Caldecote U13
  Caldecote U15
  Caldecote U16
  Celtic U12
  Celtic U14
  Celtic U15A
  Celtic U16
  Central Milton Keynes U14
  Clapham Colts U11
  Clapham Colts U12
  Clapham Colts U13
  Clapham Colts U14
  Clifton U11
  Club Lewsey U18
  Crawley Green U11A
  Crawley Green U11B
  Crawley Green U11C
  Crawley Green U12A
  Crawley Green U12B
  Crawley Green U13
  Crawley Green U14A
  Crawley Green U14B
  Crawley Green U15A
  Crawley Green U15B
  Crawley Green U16A
  Crawley Green U16B
  Crawley Green U18
  Dunstable Colts U13
  Dunstable Colts U15
  Dunstable Colts U18
  Dunstable St Marys U16
  Dunstable Town Icknield U14A
  Dunstable Town Icknield U14B
  Dunstable Town Icknield U15
  Dunstable Town Icknield U16
  Dunstable Town U12A
  Dunstable Town U12B
  Dunstable Town U13A
  Dunstable Town U13B
  Dunstable Town U14
  Dunstable Town U16
  E B Lions U11
  E B Lions U12
  Eastcotts U12
  EB Lions U14
  Elstow Abbey Colts U13
  Evolution Athletic U18
  Flamstead U11A
  Flamstead U11B
  Flamstead U13
  Flamstead U14
  Flitwick Eagles U11
  Flitwick Eagles U12
  Flitwick Eagles U13A
  Flitwick Eagles U13B
  Flitwick Eagles U14A
  Flitwick Eagles U14B
  Flitwick Eagles U15
  Flitwick Eagles U16A
  Flitwick Eagles U16B
  GNG Tigers U13
  H R Hatters U12
  Hadrian Old Boys U18B (WITHDRAWN)
  Harlington Juniors U11
  Harlington Juniors U13
  Harlington Juniors U16
  Hexton Colts U14
  Hexton Colts U16
  Hitchin Town U15
  Houghton Athletic U12
  Houghton Athletic U14
  Houghton Regis U11
  Houghton Regis U12A
  Houghton Regis U12B
  Houghton Regis U13
  Houghton Regis U14
  Houghton Regis U15
  Houghton Regis U18A
  Houghton Regis U18B
  Houghton Town U16
  Houghton Wanderers U12
  Houghton Wanderers U16
  Kempston Reds U16B
  Kempston WE U15 (WITHDRAWN)
  Kensworth Juniors U15
  L&D Hospital U14
  Langford U11
  Langford U12
  Langford U13
  Langford U14
  Langford U16
  Lea Sports Pirton U13
  Lea Sports Pirton U16
  Leighton Town U11A
  Leighton Town U11B
  Leighton Town U12
  Leighton Town U13
  Leighton Town U14
  Leighton Town U16
  Leighton Town U18
  Leighton United U11
  Leighton United U12
  Leighton United U13A
  Leighton United U13B
  Leighton United U14
  Leighton United U15A
  Leighton United U15B
  Leighton United U16
  Leighton United U18
  Lewsey Centre U15
  Lewsey Centre U16
  Lewsey Warriors U13
  Limbury Saints U16
  Luton Allstars U15
  Luton Borough U11
  Luton Borough U12A
  Luton Borough U12B
  Luton Borough U12C
  Luton Borough U13A
  Luton Borough U13B
  Luton Borough U14A
  Luton Borough U14B
  Luton Borough U15
  Luton Borough U16
  Luton Borough U18
  Luton Dynamos U11
  Luton Irish U18
  Luton Leagrave U11
  Luton Leagrave U13
  Luton United U11
  Luton United U12
  Luton United U14
  Luton United U18
  Markyate U12
  Markyate U15
  Markyate U16
  Markyate U18A
  Markyate U18B
  Marsh Farm U15
  Marsh Farm U16
  Maulden Magpies U15
  Memorial Park U11
  Memorial Park U12A
  Memorial Park U12B
  Mid Beds Tigers U14
  Mid Beds Tigers U15
  Oakley Rangers U11
  Oakley Rangers U12
  Oakley Rangers U13
  Renhold U18
  Sacred Heart U11
  Sacred Heart U12
  Sacred Heart U14
  Sandy Colts U12
  Shefford Saints U11A
  Shefford Saints U11B (WITHDRAWN)
  Shefford Saints U12A
  Shefford Saints U12B
  Shefford Saints U13
  Shefford Saints U14
  Shefford Saints U16A
  Shefford Saints U16B
  Shefford Saints U18
  Silsoe U18
  SKF U11
  SKF U12
  SKF U13A
  SKF U13B
  SKF U14
  SKF U15
  St Josephs U11
  St Josephs U12
  St Josephs U13
  St Josephs U14
  St Josephs U15
  St Josephs U16
  St Martins U11
  St Martins U15
  St Martins U16
  St Martins U18
  Stevenage Borough U12
  Stevenage Borough U14
  Stopsley Sports U14
  Stopsley Sports U16
  Studham U18
  Sundon Park Rangers U11
  Sundon Park Rangers U12A
  Sundon Park Rangers U12B
  Sundon Park Rangers U13A
  Sundon Park Rangers U13B
  Toddington Rovers U11A
  Toddington Rovers U11B
  Toddington Rovers U12
  Toddington Rovers U14
  Warden Hill Tigers U12
  Warden Hill Tigers U13
  Warden Hill Tigers U14
  Warden Hill Tigers U16
  Watling U14
  Watling U15
  Watling U16
  Westoning Recreation U12
  Westoning Recreation U14
  Woburn Lions U16
  Wootton Park Rangers U16
  Wymondley Park Firesharks U12
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