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Association of Provincial Football Supporters' Clubs in London
2016-2017 Season
Thursday, 22 March 2018
Division Two :  September Fixtures & Results for October November
7 in list
Sunday, 16 October 2016
3 6 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City
Riverside Lands
H: J.Mallett(2)  J.Puddle  A: S.Blake  M.Crichlow  J.Hankey  A.Katuin  B.O'Halloren(2)  J.Puddle  M.Crichlow
7 0 Bristol City FSC v Exeter City Bauys
Riverside Lands
 D. Jenic
H: D.Bevan  H.Cushen  N.Dowoie  A.Frangoulis  J.Hutchinson  A.Leaman  A.Stock  C.Bussien
0 7 Shamrock Rovers v London Scottish
Hackney Marshes (Pitch 2)
 Hasan Yahiaoui
 A: R.D'Andrea  N.Dorgan  A.Duncan(2)  R.Hartley(2)  A.Twyman  A.Guiseley
Sunday, 23 October 2016
3 0 London Scottish v Bristol City FSC
Hurlingham Park
 M. Ivanov
H: R.D'Andrea  R.Hartley  A.Rennie
2 3 Panathinaikos UK v Aberdeen Strollers
Riverside Lands
2:00 PM
H: D.Evangelopoulos  G.Raftopoulos  D.Evangelopoulos
Sunday, 30 October 2016
7 2 Bristol City FSC v Blackburn Rovers
Riverside Lands
Attendance 2
H: J.C  T.C  J.Cunningham  A.Frangoulis  J.Hutchinson(2)  A.Stock  A: D.Appeah  T.Veerasami  J.Puddle
5 6 Exeter City Bauys v Shamrock Rovers
Riverside Lands
 Michael Stewart
H: J.Curtis  D.PAINTER(3)  J.Penty  A: T.Cotgrove(2)  S.Essa  P.Oliver  S.Osinowo  J.Stroud  D.PAINTER  M.Hyde